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D&D 5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford

Vairar grins at the approaching orcs and stands ready at the gate. Waiting for others to finish shooting he switches the spell he concentrates on.

"Elven host of the ages, winged elves of Aerdrie Faenya, we need help!"

As a response to his call, dozen of winged elves appear all around him and among the orcs outside.

OOC: wait until everyone shoots (using his bless still) and cast Spirit guardians catching most of the orcs at the door 3d8 at the start of the creatures turn, wis save for half DC 14
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Angis Honack
Floshin Estates/Main Gate roof
Round 4

Angis grunted as he took an arrow in the knee and ripped it out, tossing it aside as the ogress climbed onto the roof.

“Ah, come t’ dance, ugly?” the dwarven ranger said with a maniacal gleam in his eye. He cast a spell, heightening his awareness of his opponent’s openings and weaknesses (hunter’s mark) and drew both his axes, leaping up onto the hay bales to slash at the ogress, scoring a bloody line across her chest.


Bless: attacks and saves +1d4 (7r)
1d6 Inspiration die (96r)

Mounted Crossbow: +6 2d6+Dex 100/400
Bolts: 58
Bolts used: 3

Marauding gnolls (Ardeep Forest, noble hunting party hostage)
Orcs in the north (Harpshield Castle, Floshin Estate, Newfield)
Lizardfolk with steel weapons and armor (Rock Tower, Crom’s Hold)

Move: Leap up in front of the crossbow to engage the ogress.
Free Object Interaction: Draw both axes.
Action: Attack ogress
Battleaxe bless hunters mark: 1D20+1D4+5 = [6]+[1]+5 = 12
1D8+1D6+2 = [6]+[5]+2 = 13

Bonus Action: Cast Hunter’s Mark
Horde Breaker:
Reaction: Opportunity Attack
Hunter’s Mark (if needed): Ogress
Concentration: Hunter’s Mark

Initiative: +1
Perception: +5
Speed: 30
AC: 14/15 (dual wield)
HP: 41/49 HD: 5/5d10+2

Bolts: 51
Bolts used:
Handaxes: 2/2

1) 4/4 Absorb Elements, Cure Wounds, Hunter’s Mark
2) 2/2 Pass Without Trace
4/4 Boon of the Elk. Can cast Knock four times (without the loud sound) as an Action. Until he uses the last one, non-good aligned Fey count among his Favoured Enemies.

Vairar - elven cleric
Tommi - human rogue urban bounty hunter
Dandin - halfling bard guild merchant
Enseth - warforged war cleric shield guardian
Angis Honack - dwarven ranger outlander merchant
Titus - human Waterdhavian noble fighter
Lionel - halfling rogue folk hero
Escella - Human sorcerer


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: sorry, somehow I didn't get around to this :(
TL;DR: orc eye takes 15 and 3 damage

"Keep shooting! Get that caster!" shouts Sgt Ryallan at the guards and leads with an example, taking one of the heavy black-feathered arrows and due grace of The Winged Lady hits the orc shaman.

The guards obey, but are only partially successful. Immediately after, the priest calls another prayer and the scene changes, with winged elves whirling through the air, startling the gruff guard leader.

"OK, change of plans! Keep them outside! Vairar, stay out of sight!"


Escella was going to go after the ogress but instead fires at the shaman.

1D20+8 = [1]+8 = 9+2
1D10+3 = [5]+3 = 8
1D20+8 = [6]+8 = 14+3
1D10+3 = [7]+3 = 10

1 hits, 10 dmg

Prickly Pear

Lionel saw a big brute rushing forward with a pick in his hands. The brute started to hack away on the arrow loop, obviously in an attempt to make it large enough for all of them to pile in. Well, Lionel would have nothing of that and drew his shortsword. He stepped up again and waited for the right moment to strike the brute from above.

Round 4
Bonus Action: Insightful Fighting — Wisdom (Insight) check: 1D20+7 = [18]+7 = 25 vs target's Charisma (deception) check.
Action: Short sword attack and damage: 1D20+7 = [19]+7 = 26
1D6 + 4 = [4]+4 = 8
and Sneak attack: 3D6 = [5, 4, 1] = 10, if applicable.
Reaction: Uncanny Dodge, if hit by an attacker Lionel can see, damage halved.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tommi sees the two archers at the next tree, and figures he can deal with them on his own. He sprints towards them, the sling lose in his hand. He could easily load a stone and fire it. But Gutter is in his hand, and for the moment Tommi doesn't want to let go.

His feet kick the gravel from the road, and he still feels the wetness in his socks. And the sword in his hand.

OOC: How close does he get? Move + Dash = 60' move. I think that gets him to Z23 or 24. But I might be 5'-10' shy -- it's not clear how much it would cost to get to the road. If he isn't next to them, he will Dodge (disadvantage on attacks, with reaction ready for half damage on any successful attack).

If he does make it to them, he attacks with Gutter against one of the Orc Archers (OA 2, let's say).
Attack: 1d20+6=23, damage = 5 magical slashing. If Orb 5 keeps up, then there is additional damage, for a total of 3d6+5=17. Woo. That leaves him having used his Bonus action, but still with his reaction for either an opportunity attack (if an archer backs up to use the bow), or to halve damage on a successful attack.


On the roof, Angis squared off with the ogress, whose weight caused the roof-tiles to crack. He gave her a solid slash to the belly with his axe as she raised her club, and then he just barely managed to bring his axes up in time to redirect the club as she brought it down.

Dandin and the elf guard were in the north tower, and the could feel the roof shaking from the fight above them. They both sent arrows out of the arrow loop, to no great avail, and they watched as the orog out there below the arrow loop tried in vain to hack pieces out of the strong old stone.

In the south tower, the elf guard took a half-hearted shot out the arrow loop before leaning on the wall, breathing hard. She was injured, and Lionel felt that it would not be long before the orog there managed to get through the stone of the arrow-loop (he was making solid progress). Stepping up into the tight alcove, Lionel thrust his sword into the orog's shoulder. The brute grunted and ducked away, but it seemed that he had not yet given up the fight.

In the main gate-room, Escella, Sgt Ryallan, and a guard fired at the one-eyed orc shaman, who took cover behind one of the boar riders. Vairar summoned a host of elvish guardians, who flew through the wall and slaughtered a few of the orcs just outside. The auroch rider shouted orders in orcish and the few remaining orcs hacked large chunks out of the wall with their picks. Then, he urged his bull forward, who slammed his head into the wall, taking the door and part of the exterior wall down in a shower of stone, wood, and dust.

This had happened far faster than anyone had expected; some magic was involved for sure. At any rate, Vairar's elf host wounded the orcs there badly enough that the bull-rider and the other front-line orcs pulled back, allowing a hail of arrows and javelin-fire to concentrate on the now-open wall. Sgt Ryallan and Vairar were exposed to the worst of it.

With ORB5 beside him to help, Tommi ran forward and felt the strange satisfaction of striking down an orc archer from behind, before the orc could pull another arrow from her quiver. Unfortunately, this drew the eye of one of the boar-riders, who had been observing the battle from the center. The rider turned his boar and charged toward Tommi, who tried to dance away as best he could. Unfortunately, the boar's tusk caught his belt and it threw him into the air before he came crashing to the ground. The rider plunged a pike into his leg, trying to pin him to the ground. ORB5 and the other orc archer scattered from the scene.

When the orc bull-rider reached the one-eyed orc, the boar-rider there swapped positions with him, charging into the gap in the wall. The elf host fell on him and did their best to protect Vairar, but the boar plowed through them and though the battle-hardened elf held his ground, Vairar was struck, first by the boar's tusks, and then by the rider's pike. It was good that his armour was sturdy and well made, or he would not have survived.

The one-eyed orc shaman chanted, and healed some of the auroch-rider's many wounds as he coolly surveyed the chaos before him.

GM: Resolutions
Angis did 13 (axe) to Ogress
missed (bow)
Escella did 10 (EB) to OrcEye
did 18 (sword) to Orog2
did 17 (sword) to OA2 (dead)
Vairar cast spirit guardians who did (radiant):
... 7 to OAR; 4 to Auroch; 11, 13, 15, & 16 to Orc2,3,4,7
... AND 16 to DB1 & 17 to OBR1
Ol'Sooty waited
Sgt.Ryallan did 15 (bow) to OrcEye
SunElf Guard1
did 3 (bow) to OrcEye
SunElf Guard2
missed (bow)
SunElf Guard3 missed (bow)
ORB5 helped
Auroch did 16 (gore) to Door (destroyed)
OrcAurochRider gave an extra attack to Orcs3,4 & 6
DireBoar1 did 14 (gore) to Vairar
did 21(11) (gore) to Tommi & knocked him prone
DireBoarRider1 did 12 (pike) to Vairar
did 11 (pike) to Tommi
missed (club) Angis
OrcEyeofGruumsh did 14 (heal) to OAR
missed AL1
Orog2 did 6 (pick) to AL4
OrcArcher3 did 9 (bow) to Vairar
missed (bow) Vairar
OrcArcher5 did 4 (bow) to EEG
did 7 (pick) to AL3
did 13 & 14 (pick crits) to AL2 (destroyed)
Orc4 died
Orc6 missed (javelin) Viarar
Orc7 died
Orc8 did 7 (javelin) to EEG
did 4 (javelin) to EEG
Spirit Guardians (dc14 Wisdom Save)
OARider Save: 1D20 = [15] = 15 for half 3D8 = [6, 7, 2] = 15 (7)
Auroch Save: 1D20+1 = [13+1] = 14 for half 3D8 = [3, 4, 1] = 8 (4)
Orc2 Save: 1D20 = [14] = 14 for half 3D8 = [8, 6, 8] = 22 (11)
Orc3 Save: 1D20 = [12] = 12 for 3D8 = [8, 4, 1] = 13
Orc4 Save: 1D20 = [8] = 8 for 3D8 = [5, 4, 6] = 15
Orc7 Save: 1D20 = [13] = 13 for 3D8 = [8, 7, 1] = 16

Gore vs Door: 1D20+7 = [17]+7 = 24 for 2D8+5 = [4, 7]+5 = 16
OrcAurochRider used Battlefield Command (Recharge 5/6)
Pick attacks vs Arrow Loops
Orog1 vs AL1: 1D20+6 = [7]+6 = 13 miss
Orog1 vs AL1: 1D20+6 = [9]+6 = 15 miss
Orog2 vs AL4: 1D20+6 = [6]+6 = 12 miss
Orog2 vs AL4: 1D20+6 = [16]+6 = 22 for 1D6+4 = [2]+4 = 6
O2 vs AL3: 1D20+5 = [4]+5 = 9
O2 vs AL3: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18 for 1D6+3 = [4]+3 = 7
O3 vs AL2: 1D20+5 = [20]+5 = 25 crit for 2D6+3 = [5, 5]+3 = 13
O3 vs AL2: 1D20+5 = [20]+5 = 25 crit for 2D6+3 = [6, 4]+3 = 14

Orcs throwing Javelins
O6 vs Vairar: 1D20+5 = [11]+5 = 16
O6 vs Vairar: 1D20+5 = [11]+5 = 16
O8 vs EEG: 1D20+5 = [15]+5 = 20 for 1D6+3 = [4]+3 = 7
O9 vs EEG: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18 for 1D6+3 = [1]+3 = 4

Orc Archers
OA3 vs Vairar: 1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12
OA3 vs Vairar: 1D20+4 = [17]+4 = 21 for 1D8+2 = [7]+2 = 9
OA4 vs Vairar: 1D20+4 = [13]+4 = 17
OA4 vs Vairar: 1D20+4 = [9]+4 = 13
OA5 vs EEG: 1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12
OA5 vs EEG: 1D20+4 = [19]+4 = 23 for 1D8+2 = [2]+2 = 4

Heal OrcAurochRider: 2D8+1 = [8, 5]+1 = 14
DireBoar Charge!
DB1 vs Vairar: 1D20+5 = [17]+5 = 22 for 4D6+3 = [4, 3, 3, 1]+3 = 14
Vairar dc13 Str Save (or Prone): 1D20+2 = [20]+2 = 22 crit!
DB2 vs Tommi: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17 for 4D6+3 = [5, 4, 4, 5]+3 = 21
Uncanny Dodge, so 10 but dc13 Str Save: 1D20 = [3] = 3 so Prone

OBR1 Pike vs Vairar: 1D20+4 = [18]+4 = 22 for 1D10+2 = [10]+2 = 12
OBR1 Pike vs Vairar: 1D20+4 = [6]+4 = 10
OBR2 Pike vs Tommi: 2D20.HIGH(1)+4 = [9, 10]+4 = 14 for 1D10+2 = [9]+2 = 11
OBR2 Pike vs Tommi: 2D20.HIGH(1)+4 = [9, 1]+4 = 13

Boar and Rider vs Spirit Guardians
DB1 dc14 Wis Save: 1D20-2 = [7]-2 = 5 for 3D8 = [3, 8, 5] = 16
OBR1 dc14 Wis Save: 1D20-2 = [9]-2 = 7 for 3D8 = [5, 5, 7] = 17

Club vs Angis: 1D20+6 = [8]+6 = 14 for 2D8+4 = [1, 7]+4 = 12
ORB5 helped Tommi


GM: Encounter: Doughty Daggerfordians & Elf Guards vs Orc Attack at the Floshin Gate

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: the trees & bushes;
Elevation: Cliff (30 foot drop); Visibility: Dim light (dawn)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Angis AC14(15) HP 41/49 HD 5/5 PP15* SS 3/4 2/2
Dandin AC14 HP 22/31 HD 5/5 PP15 SS 4/4 BI 2/3
Escella AC14 HP 20/29 HD 5/5 PP18 SS 4/4 3/3 SP 4/4
Lionel AC14 HP 38/43 HD 5/5 PP14
Tommi AC14 HP 33/33 HD 5/5 PP17
Vairar AC18*(20*) HP 3/38 HD 5/5 PP13* SS 3/4 3/3 1/2
ORB5 AC13(18) HP 5/10 PP14* Shock+4,1d8; SS 3/3 fly60
Ol'Sooty AC16 HP 20/20 PP13*
Sgt Ryallan (EEG) AC15 HP 24/52 PP14* AE 0/3
SunElf Guards AC16 HP 16ea PP12*
-SEG1 HP 16/16; SEG2 HP 16/16; SEG3 HP 4/16
(Objects - Gatehouse)
Door AC15 HP(9)0/30 (destroyed)
Arrow Loops AC17 HP(6)25
-AL1 25/25; AL2 0/25 (destroyed); AL3 11/25; AL4 8/25;
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Auroch AC13 HP 34/38 PP11
OrcAurochRider AC16 HP 22/52 PP13*
DireBoars AC14 PP8*
-DB1 26/42; DB2 42/42
OrcBoarRiders AC15 PP11*
-OBR1 17/32; OBR2 32/32
Ogres AC11 PP8*
-Ogre 0/59 (dead); Ogress 36/59
OrcEye AC16; HP 17/45 PP11* SS 3/4 0/2
Orogs AC18 PP10*
-Orog1 42/42; Orog2 24/42
OrcArchers AC13 PP13*
-OA1 (dead); OA2 0/16 (dead); OA3 16/16;
-OA4 16/16; OA5 16/16;
Orcs AC15 PP10*
-O1 0/15 (dead); O2 4/15; O3 2/15;
-O4 0/15 (dead); O5 0/15; (dead) O6 15/15;
-O7 0/15 (dead); O8 15/15; O9 15/15;
GM: End Round Four; Begin Round Five

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