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D&D 5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford

Escella Bok
AC14 HP 29/29 HD 5/5 PP18 SS 4/4 3/3 SP 4/4

Escella continues to send eldritch blasts at the male ogre. She shouts, "Hey, they look like they are going to ram the doors. Dandin, maybe get that bear over here to help hold the door?"

(17 damage in two strikes.)

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tommi is watching Orb 5 when the arrow hits, and he realizes its movement was seen. Was his? He doesn't know. The archer is right on top of him as he stands up and swings with Gutter, the small mechanical orb fluttering around and distracting the orc.

OOC: Attack 1d20+6=10. If he has advantage, it's 1d20+6=15. Damage=4d6+3=15 which I think would drop him.

If the orc is still standing, Tommi will stay close, positioning himself so the orc is between him and the other archers. (ready for opp attack as it disengages?)

If the orc falls, Tommi will move behind the tree and hide (1d20+5=20).

In either case, he has his reaction to halve any damage that hits him.


Dandin was still feeling this bow out, he'd never been properly trained in the use, but for some reason he felt capable as he took another shot, looking to finish off any wounded orcs that he could spot. One shot struck home, while the other clipped the edge of the arrow slit and flew high into the air only to land point down between some Orc's feet.

Longbow (2 rounds): 2#1d20+5 20 6 2#1d8+2 8 8
(2nd shot is a nat 1: Halfling Luck: 1d20+5 7, still sucked.)

When she returns from her turn at the arrow slit, Escella assumes Dandin didn't hear her over the sound of battle. Oh, well, she thinks. No time to get over there and ask him again.

Vairar hurries toward the arrow slit, raising his spear. Continuing the show of elves not being good with hurrying, he accidentally jabs the wall and stops himself with a whoof as the spear clatters against his armor.

Lining up properly this time, the priest thrusts at the orc visible through the arrow slit. The thrust hits and the low humming can be heard with barely perceptible shimmer surrounding it.

He shouts out something in orc.
"I see Red Wizards collected the worst rabble of all clans. Those who collected chicken bones after the warriors, but didn't run from the chickens. Couple of meatheads will not help you. No wonder you need pigs to lead you!"


Prickly Pear

Lionel got up from the floor. That spear hurt badly but he saw it in time and, with a quick reaction, he managed to dodge it. Otherwise he would be severely damaged.
Now, however, he started to wonder what he got himself into. He looked around for for the escape route but thought better about it and stayed. This time I am not going to abandon my friends! He mustered some courage and moved up to the arrow slit yet again. The sight was not pretty... lots of orcs and they were all very close. He watched one of the orcs carefully for a moment and then let the bolt fly from the crossbow.

Round 3
Bonus Action: Insightful Fighting — Wisdom (Insight) check: 1D20+7 = [18]+7 = 25
At 3rd level, you gain the ability to decipher an opponent’s tactics and develop a counter to them. As a bonus action, you make a Wisdom (Insight) check against a creature you can see that isn’t incapacitated, contested by the target’s Charisma (Deception) check. If you succeed, you can use your Sneak Attack against that target even if you don't have advantage on the attack roll, but not if you have disadvantage on it.
This benefit lasts for 1 minute or until you successfully use this feature against a different target.

Action: Light crossbow attack and damage: 1D20+7 = [19]+7 = 26
1D8+4 = [2]+4 = 6
and Sneak attack: 3D6 = [2, 4, 3] = 9, if applicable.

In the previous round, Lionel used Uncanny Dodge as a reaction so that damaged was only half (5)
Lionel AC1416 HP 3338/43 HD 5/5 PP14 (Btw, Lionels AC is 16, not 14)


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
TL; DR: auroch rider takes 13 damage; Ogre takes 10

Sargeant Ryallan keeps shooting as deadly as ever and the orc he target bristles almost as much as the boar it rides.

The elves finally hit their stride, and one of the ogres coming in got a couple of good hits compounding the wounds made by the ballista and others.



Angis Honack
Floshin Estates/Main Gate roof
Round 3

These orcs were fast. They were already rushing the guard towers. But Angis remained focused on the ogres. They would be the greater danger to the gates. So he let another large crossbow bolt fly from his mounted crossbow. The bolt seemed to have been poorly fashioned, however, and it wobbled in flight, striking a glancing blow on the ogre.


Bless: attacks and saves +1d4 (8r)
1d6 Inspiration die (97r)

Mounted Crossbow: +6 2d6+Dex 100/400
Bolts: 58
Bolts used: 3

Marauding gnolls (Ardeep Forest, noble hunting party hostage)
Orcs in the north (Harpshield Castle, Floshin Estate, Newfield)
Lizardfolk with steel weapons and armor (Rock Tower, Crom’s Hold)

Free Object Interaction:
Action: Attack nearest ogre
Mounted crossbow bless: 1D20+1D4+6 = [9]+[1]+6 = 16
2D6+1 = [1, 2]+1 = 4

Bonus Action:
Horde Breaker:
Reaction: Opportunity Attack
Hunter’s Mark (if needed):

Initiative: +1
Perception: +5
Speed: 30
AC: 14/15 (dual wield)
HP: 49/49 HD: 5/5d10+2

Bolts: 51
Bolts used:
Handaxes: 2/2

1) 4/4 Absorb Elements, Cure Wounds, Hunter’s Mark
2) 2/2 Pass Without Trace
4/4 Boon of the Elk. Can cast Knock four times (without the loud sound) as an Action. Until he uses the last one, non-good aligned Fey count among his Favoured Enemies.

Vairar - elven cleric
Tommi - human rogue urban bounty hunter
Dandin - halfling bard guild merchant
Enseth - warforged war cleric shield guardian
Angis Honack - dwarven ranger outlander merchant
Titus - human Waterdhavian noble fighter
Lionel - halfling rogue folk hero
Escella - Human sorcerer


When the others had passed them by, ORB5 flew out of the tree and distracted the orc that was searching for Tommi, giving the lad the perfect opportunity to jump out and slash with gutter. The orc archer fell at Tommi's feet, gurgling and spitting blood.

Arrows and javelins continued to strike at the walls as the defenders there took turns at the arrow-loops as the horde came on. The ogre stumbled after being struck by one of Angis' bolts, and fell to Escella's eldritch blast. As if in retaliation, Angis and Escella were both struck by arrows. The elf guards put a few arrows of their own into the ogress. As she arrived at the wall, she reached up and pulled herself onto the roof, knocking off roof-tiles as she clambered toward Angis while kicking at his covering hale-bale as she tried to reach his position.

Sgt. Ryallan struck the auroch rider, but a one-eyed shaman was there, who blessed the rider with healing. The experienced elf guard had to move away from the arrow-loop, both to give Viarar room to thrust his spear, but also because he was battered by javelins. Lionel had managed to avoid the worst of the arrows and javelins, while striking a charging orc dead with his quarrel, but his partnering elf guard was staggered by an arrow.

When the charging orcs arrived at the gatehouse wall, the first orc to arrive was struck dead by Dandin's arrow as he tried to climb up the side of the north tower. Several orcs, including the larger orogs carried picks and they began to hack away at the arrow loops, attempting to make them wide enough for an orc to find entry. The orogs were just tall enough to attempt to pick away at the lower edge of the arrow loops on the two taller towers, while four orcs took turns taking chunks of stone out of the edges of the openings on either side of the door.

Suddenly, the auroch lowered its head and charged; slamming its horns into the solidly reinforced door. At the same moment, the rider thrust out a fiendish-looking pike. The bull had little effect on the small door and the beast staggered back, but the door buckled under the force of the powerful pike-thrust. The sound was incredibly loud in the tight space in front of the door and it left the defenders there with ringing ears. For now the door held, but it would not hold for long.

GM: Resolutions
Angis did 4 (xbow) to Ogre
did 7 (bow) to Orc1 (dead)
Escella did 17 (EB) to Ogre (dead)
Lionel unc.dodged 5; did 15 (xbow) to Orc5 (dead)
Tommi did 15 (sword) to OA1 (dead)
Vairar did 7 (pike) & 2 (thunder) to Orc3
Ol'Sooty waited
Sgt.Ryallan did 9 & 4 (bow) to OAR
SunElf Guard1
missed (bow)
SunElf Guard2 did 2 (bow) to Ogress
SunElf Guard3
did 8 (bow crit) to Ogress
Auroch dashed, missed Door
OrcAurochRider did 21 (pike) to Door]/b]
DireBoar1 dodged
DireBoar2 dodged
DireBoarRider1 dodged
DireBoarRider2 dodged
Ogre died
Ogress dashed, climbed
OrcEyeofGruumsh healed 8 OAR
missed AL1
Orog2 did 11 (pick) to AL4
OrcArcher2 did 8 (bow) to Angis
did 9 (bow) to Escella
missed Lionel
OrcArcher5 did 4 (bow) to SEG3
Orc2 did 7 (pick) to AL3
did 8 (pick) to AL2
missed (pick)
Orc5 died
Orc6 missed (javelin) Lionel
Orc7 missed (pick)
Orc8 did 6 (javelin) to EEG
did 7 (javelin) to EEG
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GM: Encounter: Doughty Daggerfordians & Elf Guards vs Orc Attack at the Floshin Gate

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: the trees & bushes;
Elevation: Cliff (30 foot drop); Visibility: Dim light (dawn)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Angis AC14(15) HP 41/49 HD 5/5 PP15* SS 4/4 2/2
Dandin AC14 HP 22/31 HD 5/5 PP15 SS 4/4 BI 3/3
Escella AC14 HP 20/29 HD 5/5 PP18 SS 4/4 3/3 SP 4/4
Lionel AC14 HP 38/43 HD 5/5 PP14
Tommi AC14 HP 33/33 HD 5/5 PP17
Vairar AC18*(20*) HP 38/38 HD 5/5 PP13* SS 4/4 3/3 2/2
ORB5 AC13(18) HP 5/10 PP14* Shock+4,1d8; SS 3/3 fly60
Ol'Sooty AC16 HP 20/20 PP13*
Sgt Ryallan (EEG) AC15 HP 39/52 PP14* AE 1/3
SunElf Guards AC16 HP 16ea PP12*
-SEG1 HP 16/16; SEG2 HP 16/16; SEG3 HP 4/16
(Objects - Gatehouse)
Door AC15 HP(9)9/30
Arrow Loops AC17 HP(6)25
-AL1 25/25; AL2 18/25; AL3 17/25; AL4 25/25;
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Auroch AC13 HP 38/38 PP11
OrcAurochRider AC16 HP15/52 PP13*
DireBoars AC14 PP8*
-DB1 42/42; DB2 42/42
OrcBoarRiders AC15 PP11*
-OBR1 32/32; OBR2 32/32
Ogres AC11 PP8*
-Ogre 0/59 (dead); Ogress 49/59
OrcEye AC16; HP 45/45 PP11*
Orogs AC18 PP10*
-Orog1 42/42; Orog2 42/42
OrcArchers AC13 PP13*
-OA1 0/16 (dead); OA2 16/16; OA3 16/16;
-OA4 16/16; OA5 16/16;
Orcs AC15 PP10*
-O1 0/15 (dead); O2 15/15; O3 15/15;
-O4 15/15; O5 0/15; (dead) O6 15/15;
-O7 15/15; O8 15/15; O9 15/15;
GM: End Round Three; Begin Round Four

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