D&D 5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford


Everyone was quite soaked by the time the tunnel opened to a natural cavern travelling north-south. Southward, Titus' lantern shone on a pool in a widening chamber that had a low ceiling. Low enough that only Lionel wouldn't need to duck his head. Even the dwarves would need to stoop and Lunn would nearly need to crawl to travel through it.

Lunn checked northward, finding the back of the swollen door, framed in the otherwise natural cavern with brick-and-mortar - swollen because of its proximity to a part of the stream that flowed nearby. Further to the north, the cavern opened wide. The ceiling was also low in this direction, but significantly more spacious than the route south. Lunn could just make out a bucket dangling from a rope that went through a hole from above. He was reminded of a well in the courtyard above.

The underground creek seemed to flow from all-over the place, in various directions from various increasingly small tunnels. Oh-Six buzzed up and down them, quickly forming a map of the close-by area that it was able to project onto a stone wall.


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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tommi continues through the narrow channel, continuing to head "upstream" [yes?], with Oh-6 zipping ahead. He passed the turn on his left, until it opns up again [Q17].

"Hug the wall and fly along there, little buddy. It looks like it curves back. Maybe the others don't need to squeeze."

[sending Oh-Six to T17, and AB 23 and back, as it whistles.]

"Stay safe. Let me know if you see anything moving." [hopefully rendez-vous at O-P 16-17 for all is possible]


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Lunn goes left, slowly. Keeping others close by.
"Those doors to the right connect to one of those undead rooms? We can pincer them between us. Or simply get them on this side and keep a barrage through the door while they are slowed by that stream."


The group stayed (mostly) left, as they agreed, but went northward, rather than southward. Tommi took the narrowing (and lowering) stream, while Lunn led the way through the wider, drier tunnel. As Oh-Six had predicted, they converged in the northwest (though direction was beginning to be lost by some of the group, the dwarves assured them that those were the direction that they faced.

Lunn needed to be corrected: The swollen door to the east did not lead to the undead, which were a ways to the southeast, but instead led to the room with clay pots on shelves, just south of where they had encountered the gnoll necromancer. East of that had been crypts (presumably belonging to the old Lords of the Phylund family).

Here, though, Tommi and Lunn (lit by Oh-Six's light), they found a small cavern with a stalagmite carved to resemble a crude crouching bestial humanoid. The rock of its muzzle-like face was stained red. Crude figures representing ancient humanoids hunting beasts were painted in white, black, and ochre on the cave walls. The room was dank and pungent. All about the chamber, the remains of rats and other small creatures lay in various stages of decay.

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tommi walks up to the carvings, and looks at them in Oh'Six's illumination, while the others catch up.

"These could have been here a long time. I can't tell if the humanoids look like humans or gnolls. I don't think they're your size, Lionel." (this last over his shoulder.)

He walks around the stalagmite. Assuming nothing stands out a needing attention here, he asks Oh-Six, "Do yo want to go ahead and check out upstream? This path south (is it still south?) seems a bit more passable, but some people will want us to stay systematic."


"Aye, south it 'tis." agreed Helgrim, taking the role of mentor while following Tommi's lead. He wandered to where the water flowed in from somewhere underground and added, "Oopstream looks t'be impassable after a wee climb."

On the other side of the shrine, Tommi found a sizeable hole in the wall, but it was stuffed with debris, the hair of some sort of animal, and small bones, roots, and filth. Tommi was no expert, but he had seen the dens of animals before. Something was living here.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
With the rusty blade of Gutter, and confident that nothing can damage the blade worse, Tommi digs into the hole, and flicks out what's inside, onto the floor with the other filth.

Dr. Morgan Wells
Race: Human
HP: 32/32
AC: 12/15(Mage Armour)
Pass Perc: 11
Pass Inv: 17
Pass Ins: 11
Spell Slots:
1st[X ] [ ][ ] [ ]
2nd [X] [] [ ]

3rd [ ] [ ] [ ]
Arcane Ward: 9/16Initiative: +2 Spell Save DC: 15
STR: 10+0
DEX: 14 + 2
CON: 12 + 1
INT: 18+4(+7)
WIS: 12 +1(+4)
CHA:12 +1
History: 7
Medicine: 4
Persuasion: 4
Religion: 7
Control Flames, Chill touch,
Shape water, Shocking grasp

Memorized spells
1st Grease, Mage Armour, Prot. Evil, Shield
2nd Arcane Lock, Invisibility, Web
3rd Counterspell, Dispel Magic, Slow

"Another shrine to Malar - this one is older than the last - before humans settled the area. I'm sure he's revelling in the slaughter we've brought here today.”

Morgan moves away from the shrine to peek carefully down another corridor - he does not venture any further, however, waiting for Tommi to finish his investigation.

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"It was not for him. Gruumsh would enjoy it whoever died. I'm not sure about Malar. If there is nothing to read or loot here, let's move on. Do you want me to destroy the altar?"
Lunn doesn't like the look of the den. But it's hard to estimate if it is animal den or gnoll hideout, filthy beasts are rarely into home tidiness.

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