D&D 5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford


While the others discussed the old altar, Tommi began to dig bits of hair, bones and filth out of a hole in the wall. A shiny object fell out and as Tommi glanced down to look at it, suddenly an ugly rat whose head was the size of a dog's, leaned out and bit his arm before disappearing back into the wall with the sound of scratching and deep, gurgling squeeks.

OOC: It's a silver bracelet worth 50gp. The rat bit Tommi for 6 before going out-of-sight into the wall. Tommi will need to roll a dc12 CON save, or he will come down with a fever during your next rest.

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Kobold Stew

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"Ack! Stupid thing," says Tommi, pulling his hand away, and putting the wound in his mouth for a second. "That'll sting."

Tommi takes Gutter, and jabs it into the hole again a few times, keeping the creature back, though perhaps he thinks he might be able to nick it with the blade.

"We found a nice bracelet, though." He says, holding it up for others to see. He looks absurdly proud.

OOC: Con save vs dc12 = 1d20+1=11. FAIL.
Though maybe uncanny dodge will drop the damage to 3? (takes reaction)

Vairar follows, his holy symbol at the ready, wrapped around the wrist and held next to the spear haft. When Tommi is bit, he pushes the spear into the hole quickly, going somewhat deeper than a dagger.

"I'll check it out if you want, but we need to wash it off. Immediately."
Medicine check: 1d20+3 = [1]+3 = 4
OOC: maybe a help for advantage of the save?
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Vairar washed the bite-wound, though they would find later that it was too late. Tommi would be feverish before long. It was lucky that he had reflexively pulled his arm away as quickly as he had.

OOC: Yes, 3 damage, but still failed. Fever will come on later for Tommi. Meantime we can keep on going.

Prickly Pear

Lionel was also surprised by the quick attack and retreat of the rat. Tommi was bit but it didn't look too nasty. Both Tommi and Vairar poked their weapons in the hole but Lionel did not think that they managed to stab the large rat.
Lionel held his torch high in his left hand and started to walk down the tunnel leading south. In his other hand, he held his new, shiny and very sharp, dagger. I wonder what is down here? he said aloud as he walked off. Are you coming? he called back.


The tunnel led to a larger cavern with an arched ceiling overhead. The walls were covered with crude paintings of humanoids in the act of hunting various beasts. In the center of the room, half buried in the dirt, was a stone-carved hemispherical rock engraved with old runes.



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"Once they are clear, take over the lodge. Might require some extra hands." Lunn answers "Elves might remember them?" He arches his eyebrow at Vairar

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