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D&D 5E (IC) Scourge of Daggerford

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Chaos erupted in the tight cavern. Everything seemed to happen both shockingly fast and yet grindingly slow as the front-liners pushed forward and the others fell back. Tommi and Vairar killed two of the larger rats, while many many more skittered down from the north in an echoey cacophony.

A great wall of clambering oversized rats, ravenous and rabid, flowed like a wave, pouring out of the tunnel. It threatened to overwhelm the dwarves, who stoically stood their ground. Lionel let out a shocked yelp and hightailed it downstream. Even Titus pulled back - ostensibly to cover Escella - but he had a grim, disgusted expression on his face.

Escella, having wounded the rat that Tommi had finished off, shot another eldritch bolt over Titus' shoulder at a rat that came out of the nearby hole in the wall. The then moved behind a rocky pillar, only to arrive behind Lunn who was throwing an axe toward the wave of rats. It leaped on the big fellow's back, and bit deep into his shoulder.

Just before the wave of rats crested over the dwarves and Vairar, Morgan threw a strand of spider's web that burst into the tunnel, filling it with sticky webbing. Rats were caught in it, but many of them wiggled and struggled their way through, and they swarmed over the front line all the same. They bit, scratched, and chewed at the dwarves and Vairar, who struggled to hold their ground.

OOC: Escella did 10 to Rat2 & Tommi finished it off. Variar killed Rat4; Titus dodged; Lionel ran; Lunn missed & took 6 damage; RatSwarm did 9 each to Grottur & Helgrim, and 14 to Vairar. The rats attack "recklessly", so you can have advantage on attacks against them next round.


GM: Encounter: Rats!

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: Water; Visibility: Mixed (torches. light spells); Cover: Walls Spells: Light (Oh-Six)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Escella AC14 HP 33/33 HD 3/6 PP18 SSdc13 1/4 1/3 0/2 SP 5/5 C:ER
Lionel AC16 HP 51/51 HD 6/6 PP14
Lunn AC18* HP 8/71 HD 3/6 PP14* RGdc15 1/3 MA 3/3 BM 3/3
Morgan AC12(15) HP 25/32 HD 6/6 PP11 PI17 SSdc15 3/4 2/3 3/3 AW 10/16
Tommi AC14 HP 23/39 HD 6/6 PP17
Vairar AC18*(20*) HP 23/45 HD 4/6 PP13* SSdc14 4/4 1/3 2/3
Oh-Six AC13(18) HP 22/22 HD 4/4 PP15(20)* SSdc13 1/3 fly60'
Grottur AC13 HP 7/19 HD 0/3 PP13*
Helgrim AC19 HP 47/58 HD 3/6 PP11*
Titus AC17/19* HP 58/58 HD 6/6 PP9 2W 3/3 AS 1/1
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
RageRat AC12 HP12ea PP11*
-RR1 dead; RR2 0/12; RR3 12/12; RR4 0/12;
RageRatSwarm AC12 HP 53/53 PP11*
GM: Begin Round Two

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The sound of the swarm fills the cavern, and Tommi turns around and heads towards the nearest remaining rat. He won't have a clear shot at the pack, but he does see the rage rat beside Dornuk, and he stabs it with Gutter. The rusty blade seems to sigh -- whether in contentment or disappointment, he cannot tell -- as he slits the vermin down the middle.

OOC: Move to Q43 or 44.
Attack with Gutter (with advantage): 1d20+6=23 for 4d6+3=15 damage.
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Dr. Morgan Wells
Race: Human
HP: 32/32
AC: 12/15(Mage Armour)
Pass Perc: 11
Pass Inv: 17
Pass Ins: 11
Spell Slots:
1st[X ] [ ][ ] [ ]
2nd [X] [] [ ]

3rd [ ] [ ] [ ]
Arcane Ward: 9/16Initiative: +2 Spell Save DC: 15
STR: 10+0
DEX: 14 + 2
CON: 12 + 1
INT: 18+4(+7)
WIS: 12 +1(+4)
CHA:12 +1
History: 7
Medicine: 4
Persuasion: 4
Religion: 7
Control Flames, Chill touch,
Shape water, Shocking grasp

Memorized spells
1st Grease, Mage Armour, Prot. Evil, Shield
2nd Arcane Lock, Invisibility, Web
3rd Counterspell, Dispel Magic, Slow

Morgan moves back 10 feet and acts defensively, trusting g the warriors to take care of the pesky rats

Move back 10 feet full defense

Vairar holds his revulsion in check, focusing on the spell that should clear the swarm. Hopefully, it will not also destroy the web, but there is nothing he can do about it right now. One can hope there aren't mutliple swarms behind them.

Great boom echoes into the tunnels, reverberating through the narrow tunnel.

OOC: I hope the web counts as anchored, otherwise it is swept along with the rats

Action: 2nd level thunderwave reaching 15' into the tunnel and pushing everything back Con save DC 14
Thunderwave: 3d8 = [8,1,6] = 15


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: How is Lunn on 8HP!?!?!?

Lunn is surprised by the attack of the rat, but rallies quickly, slashing his axe across the beast. He is surprised it remained fighting. And even more surprised when his second slash failed to cleave the rat in two.


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