D&D General io9: 2023 Should Have Been D&D's Best Year, Until It Wasn't


You could take every cent of the licensing fee made from BG3 for three years, and you wouldn't make a dent in the $3.5 Billion loss of eOne studios.
Hasbro has made a laughable failure of their business this year.
Okay, assuming your numbers are accurate (they aren’t), what does that have to do with the thread’s topic?

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It doesn't make that much sense tbh.

We know 5E is biggest selling D&D ever but if the 60 million number is accurate they've got around 10 times as many players some previous editions that generated 40% of 5E numbers approx (inflation adjusted).

The other number floating around was 50 million players ever in previous statements.

Hence why 60 million doesn't make much sense.

It's why I suspect they haven't released hard numbers except for cherry picked ones and book scan (which are great numbers btw).
That's a different topic. I was talking about WotC executives being concerned that a much larger corporation would come in and poison the D&D well...which is one of their stated motives, and given the creepy Meta AI Dungeon Master, I don't think it is entirely unfounded. Doesn't mean they responded to the reap fear correctly.


Mostly, this thread is really making me want to try out Meta's creepy AI Dungeon Master. Has anyone done so?
I don't know if it is actually availed, or if it was just part of a cringe investor presentation. But knowing that it is a real thing Meta is doing as an active product development certainly makes the Hasbro executive panic mode make some sense. Certainly more sense that them being worried about Kobold Press TTRPG marketshare.

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