(IR) The 3rd IR, 2nd Turn (thread 2)

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Since the Delrunian Army was not attacked I guess we will consider reinforcing our defense some more... More catapults, more towers... more balistae, more trenches... more more more...

Defenders are spread into Artonsamay and Kinemeet with bases in each county as described earlier...

A Fraction of the army is sent to scout Kor and see if the enemy is entrenched, but are hoping to find another big empty county to reinforce. If the county is cleaned out they will move in, if the county is occupied they retreat to Kinemeet to reinforce the border with Kor. If we move in then the forces are spread across this border as well, and similar entrenchment occurs.

The forces of Fellreeve are now looking to the north to prevent attacks from the north more than from the south. Forces here worried mostly about attacks from the Fellands. Because of this a 1 PL scouting party is sent to raid the Fellands.

I am going to bed... so the scouting parties are TO RETREAT if resistance even equal to their force is encountered. After scouts return or secure land catapults begin lobbing every rock they can get their hands on into the Riftcrag... attempting to destroy stuctures and bait the enemy to come out and attack.

William has overall control of my forces that can only be overided by me... and he has COMPLETE control of my forces in the Swanmay army.

Messages are sent to allied Spelljammers to reinforce us if they ever have such an ability available. Both here and in the Grandwoods.

Attacks are kept to catapults and ballistae which are lobbed into the crater. If they are available... more Dragons and Celestials may be summoned to perform healing and scout from the sky.
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Furious at the destruction in the North Kingdom the great armies of the Dark Union chase after the fleeing armies. A highly moblie force of cavalry and other fast units (man, I'm too tired) try to get around and ahead of the main force of the enemies and engage them in combat to pin them down. The God Emperor, Philidor, Xaene, Tenser and Drax is with this force, so is most high level mages in the Union. While the enemy army is stalled by this force the main armies will ram into the enemies from the rear (that sounds kind'a dirty ;)) and annihilate them. We will not allow them to escape this time. They must die!
Other mages fly invisibly and buffed over the evacuating ships and blast them to the bottom of the sea.
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The following is OOC:

Emissaries and ambassadors (all human, but very creepy humans) from the IBKSC arrive in each of the following empires capitals (assuming of course you allow it). Embassies are established, and the ambassadors expect to be treat with rights that their positions afford (again assuming you allow it, if not they will simply go home, such a request on your part will not necessarily negate any current agreements between our nations.

The following is a list of people that Iuz has official dealings with. I would ask that you all treat this as OCC information that you don’t know unless Edena rules that your spies learn of it. This is just easier than writing a bunch of emails.

William Roland: Non-aggression, Right of Passage (escorted and only with Kevellond’s approval).
Black Omega: Non-aggression
Creamsteak: Non-aggression, Free Trade (technology, etc.)
Turrosh Mak: Non-aggression
Darkness: Non-aggression, Free trade, Mutual Defense Pact (conditional on specific aggressors that we have already spoken about)
Draco and Serpent eye: Non-aggression, Mutual defense pact (non-conditional on aggressor)
Anabsterercon: Non-aggression
Kalanyr: Non-aggression, Free Trade

If I missed someone or something please let me know and I will correct my notes accordingly.


Iuz's ambassadors are accepted but are Instructed to set up office in Geoff in a relatively safe place.

JohnBrown, a huge Shade delegation appears before you, led by Shadowlady Ahlissa. Sahe speaks:

- O great and migty, it seems that some misunderstandings has happened between us. I humby apologize for it. We are giving you our technological secrets in a good will, we will also build you a temple in Shadow Throne!

- O almighty Iuz it seems that this is a turning point in this war. Allying with our enemies won`t give you much, allying with us will allow you finally crush Kevellond League. We humbly ask you to reconsider this offer.

To Kalanyr, Festy Dog, Maudlin, Forsaken One and Sullir:

You haven`t stated sharing technology with each other, as I and Serpenteye did! I advise you to do it.


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Your embassy is recieved with open arms. All diplomatic niceties are shown and the embasy is provided with a pleasant little palace in our capital Jalpa. The embasy is of course carefully watched and guarded.

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