D&D 5E Is 5e Planescape leaning into alignment?

the Jester

In the Guide to Planescape Monsters video from WotC, they talk about demons being made of Chaotic Evil, and it made me wonder: Is 5e PS where the game finally leans in to alignment? Can anyone who has read or seen it comment?

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Well, I’m not in the know anymore than anyone else, Planescape leans heavily into the philosophical including the nature of good and evil. The original campaign setting even had the description of “philosophers with clubs”.

That said, we’ve got artwork with angels and devils carousing together in bars - I don’t think they’re going to push alignments too hard in the campaign set.


I've love it if not, but Planescape would be the place to dump alignment as a variant rule that no other D&D ever has to acknowledge again.


I suspect that WotC will split hairs by saying that outsiders are composed of the essence and cosmic forces of alignment whereas mortals, like orcs and dwarves, are not.
I'm fairly certain that's the play; humanoids have free will and aren't bound to a general alignment, but things from beyond the prime (celestials, fiends, aberrations, fey, etc) do have tendencies.


To me, the whole essence of the Outer Planes is alignment driven, so I have no issue leaning into that. But anything that is Prime and Inner Plane driven is outside (or I guess "inside") the alignment system, and thus there are no defaults there.

Every world to adventure in has their own defaults and/or requirements regarding alignment, so no need to make generalized declarations about them.

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