D&D 5E Is 5e Planescape leaning into alignment?


Planescape is the perfect place to make Alignment what it says on the tin: actual faction alignment, meaning you are in the club with others. It's not a personality descriptor, it is a membership card.
Eh, not really. That’s more to descriptors like Demon, Devil, Yugoloth, Titan, etc.

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Magic Wordsmith
If you're going to do it anywhere, this is the place.

I think it would be ideal to make it sit in the space for the character's Ideal and be something you can portray to earn Inspiration. That's what I do in my Planescape games so that the players have an incentive to have their characters act in accordance with their chosen alignment.


Alignment, handled well, creates a lot of room for weird conflicts and stories. A being of pure chaos could decide on a whim to dedicate itself to order, an orderly being can become lost in their study of disorder, celestials can fall and fiends can rise.

Alignment is also exceedingly cruel, as it separates friends and family from each other, and makes it harder for people to grow.

There are a lot of stories in that.

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