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DDAL Jasper DMs Icewind Dale and Season 10


Rotten DM
I am not going to write the full title of Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden. I should pick up my Hardcopy today along with some minis for it. The first four modules DDAL10-00 Thru DDAL10-03 will fully drop by Nov 15. At this time, I waiting until then to buy them. I have 6 players committed. The location currently will be in my home. Some of the players are upset about some of the restrictions.
Secrets I am going to ask my players to use them but do it by a blind draw.
Chapter 1 has lots of quests. I have chosen one already so I can snipe the magic item for one my own pcs.
Monsters some of the new ones look interesting. Some are just generic. Fox AC 13 HP 2 XP 10 IWD 288. I will be updating my Monster listing this week. Should upload it Monday.
Weather It look like they pulled the wind chill from the US Military wind chill but so far no real effects.
Hoping some of winter type DM's Guild stuff goes AL legal. I have discover an error in one section of the Beyond. A person is both a scout and vet depending on the location.

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Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Chapter 1 session 1

Cold Opening in Ten-Towns

Days 1 -5

Hammer1,1489 to Hammer 5, 1489 7 AM.

Gain a level, 10 downtime days 50 GP This each people.

Magic Items grey bag of tricks, Cauldron of Plenty

I had strong group of six. Sandarol ranger 1. Midoria Cleric 1 local spice merchant who is three payments away from losing their business. Gax Goggles Waterdeep Kobold Ranger1. Andy goliath fighter 1 from Skytower tribe. Tuk’n Rol (I just saw that pun) sorcerer 1. Jimmy the Hare rogue 1.

Everyone has at least one secret. Note lots of secrets in this book. And I am having trouble with some of your secrets special “Problems”. Feel free to call for a DM meeting on the porch if I am not getting a clue.

I will need the results of your 3 d20 rolls. I will throw these into a bag. And if wandering monster comes up. I did not roll it. It was one of your table mates.

Please take notes. I will be leaving links to google docs which have notes but do you trust me to take notes?

Daylight which is actually dim light. 10 AM- 2PM. Auril Aurora 11 PM – 3 AM.

The group is entering Bryn Shander a welcome sign reads. Welcome to Bryn Shander the Happiest Place in Ten-Towns. Happiest has been chiseled out. Weather WARM -40 F. Wind 5 to 10 MPH Wind Chill -70 F. 731 Days of No Sun. Pop 1,200.

They are at the Northlook Inn and Tavern. Old Bitey has sung his song. Old Bitey is a 7-foot-long stuffed Knucklehead Trout. Watch it! He bites! They are approached by the old retired bounty hunter Hlin Trollbane. The Shield dwarf thinks the body guard Sephek Kaltro is behind at least three murders. The victims were all residents of towns which sacrifice humanoids at the new moon. Bryn Shander, Easthaven, and Targos. Kaltro is the bodyguard of the merchant train Torrga Icevein. They left Bryn for Easthaven this morning. The party accepts this murder death kill order. And tries to hint for 100 gp a head they can bring Hlin plenty of heads. She just wants the Kaltro’s head. But they are too poor right now to buy a dog sled, so they have to hoof it. And with no druid to turn into a red nose reindeer, they have to hoof it on their own feet. (Cold-Hearted Killer quest. I gave the group the option. Fun or Serious quest.)

Eight hours later they arrive in Easthaven. Pop 750. The welcome sign is slightly different. The “Ferry Daily” part is chiseled out. They find and talk with Torrga and keep an eye on their victim. She laughs at their request to do lunch tomorrow. She leaving at 7 AM to Caer-Dineval. But if they can run her dog teams down in snowshoes, she will break bread. Tuk’n Rol is getting the idea, that offing Kaltro is a good idea.

The get a room at White Lady Inn. Rinaldo on of main servers mention the execution at 6 PM of the evil Red Wizard who murdered an adventuring party of seven with his bare hands. Dzann will be put to torch this evening. Easthaven does not allow murderers to live. Suddenly his eyes turn white.

Rinaldo, “I am the White Lady. Caer-Dineval is a base for a devil worshipping cult.”

The indoor temperature drops and the window behind fogs up. And invisible finger writes “invisible dwarves” on one of the panes of glass.

Rinaldo, “Gray Dwarves stalk. Stalk Easthaven. Stalk Caer-Dineval. Stalk Caer-Konig. Find the Ferry. Find the ruins of Dinev’s Rest. Frozen Cauldron. Fisher man Stew. Feed….” Rinaldo eyes turn to normal and he continues on about the execution, not knowing what had happen.

The group attends the execution. Dzann is bound, gagged, and chained to stake. Sperm Whale Oil covers the stake, the wood pile and Dzann. Captain Arlaggath reads the charges and chooses at random the executioner. Andy. Andy mocks Dzann before lighting him on fire. The Captain smoothly interviews the party. These schmucks um brave people could be useful.

The Captain asks the group to go on the ice flow of Lac Dinneshere to find four fishers. Bring them back alive or their bodies and she give them one of the pieces of loot which Dzann had. As he will be no longer needing. The group agrees to take the Toll and Trouble quest. But not tomorrow.

They wake up just after Auril Aurora set, and beat snowshoes. Arriving at the main four-way ice interstate intersection of the Ten-Towns. They start a fire with a few dead branches. And wait. Half in ambush. Torrga sees them and pulls over. She and her helpers break bread with some of the group. Kaltro does not. Andy makes small talk. And notices Kaltro’s breath does not fog. It is -40F minus. Andy attacks. Tuk’n screams, “We only killing the murderer.” A few rounds later. Kaltro is dead. They loot his body. Taking the ice long sword and ice dagger. (No bonus. Just made of ice. Looks cool.)

Tuk’n wonders why the merchant and most of the merchant group did not fight. But he dismisses it as Ten-Towns is a Cold-Hearted place. They walk to Bryn Shander and get their reward of 16 GP each. And Back to Easthaven and points East.

Day four has them on the ice flow of Lac Dinneshere. They discover Bunch o’ Knuckleheads. It has been anchored on shore. To the south are four caves. One at the water line, the others twenty or so feet above. Sandarol tracks them to the waterline cave. The group enters. Using the light spell, Midoria leads the way with Sandarol. The caves wander before coming to a frozen waterfall which is ten plus feet above their heads. The goliath boosts the kobold over the waterfall.

Googles is hammering in piton into the wall above. Hammer. Ping. Hammer Ping. Hammer CRACK!

Sandarol, “That is ice breaking!” Googles scream is cut off quickly as if he was mostly eaten. Quick game plan. Andy will get in the step ladder position, and everyone will use him as step stool to get over the waterfall. Midoria leaps over the frozen waterfall. The main cave wanders north and is covered in ice. About twenty feet ahead to east is a dry passageway. Oh, kobold, kobold, kobold. Where is Goggles. Oh, in the ice water. Being eaten by a water weird. Midoria attacks. Which ticks off the water weird which flees with food.

(Okay it hard to justice to this combat.) The water weird flees north under the ice with most of the party chasing it. Jimmy the Hare and Sandarol take the dry passage as the cleric with the only light source has ran ahead. (Yes, they spilt the party themselves). The ice group chases the weird occasionally chopping holes in the ice to get to Googles. Occasionally casting spells through the ice. (Rule flump this is not allowed.) I won’t mention the four frost giants in the main cave which gave Googles a good fright. (Draw a big room. Here put this frost giant into the room. Player squeals. And this one. And this one. And this one. Sit back and watch the all players look at me with murder death kill on their faces.) Oh, I forgot. They frost frost giants. They are frozen half in and half out the water. The ice group kills Fredrick the weird. Which ticks off Maud Chiselbone.

Maud Chiselbone is not happy a kobold and goliath have killed her pet. But Andy does dress nicely. I mean to say he DRESS OUT NICELY. Three hundred pounds of fresh meat and Thirty-three pounds of Southern Fry Kobold sounds delicious. More meat for the pot. The group barely survives the fight between the food hag and her will-o-wisp. They find the
Cauldron of Plenty. The bones and effects of the fishermen.

The group returns to town. They are trying to decide to sell the cauldron, or keep it. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK.

RIP Sephek Kaltro, Maud Chiselbone. Easthaven Pop 746.

Note. I should have waited on the second quest. It is at least a third level fight. My fault. I wanted to use the DM points to give the cauldron to one my pcs.

Comments and replies welcome and are needed.


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Chapter 1 Session 2

Yet I Adventure

Days 5-11

Hammer 5, 1489 7 A.M. to Hammer 11, 1489 7 AM.

741 days of no sun.

If you completed your first or third quest. Gain a level. 10 downtime days. 80 GP. This from renting the cauldron, the mountain rescue, and selling the baby yeti.

I had a strong group of six. Midi Cleric 2. Goggles Ranger 2. Sandavol Ranger 2. Gregor barbarian 1. Jimmy the Horse Rogue 2. Andy the Untouchable Fighter 2.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 47 Villains Capture 2 Villains Escaped 2

Time Started 5:47 End Time 9:33

Magic Item Potions of Invisibility. Spell book alter self, cloud of daggers, comprehend languages, detect magic, expeditious retreat, scorching ray, shield, suggestion, and Tenser’s floating disk.

I am doing the reputation by changing the friendliness status in the city. So Targos, Easthaven, Bryn Shander up by one. Everywhere else initially it starts down one.

I did a small rewind. The group meets with Speaker Danneth Waylen and Captain Imdra Arlaggath. After a few hours of talks, screaming, and pleading, the Speaker agrees to rent the cauldron of plenty for one month for 500 GP. The party agrees to occasionally set up a guard with the town guard.

Around 5 PM the city offices close down. And for an hour Paranoid reigns. Which turns out to be a good thing. Twelve thugs of the Zhentarium faction come knocking. Well not knocking. More like breaking and entering. Four at the front door. Four at the back door. And four coming into the second story window. A huge and long fight starts. Andy gets the nickname as the Untouchable as he holds the rear hallway for most of fight. (with advantage I was missing for most of fight.) But the fight goes against them. First Goggles drops. Second Gregor. Third to hit the floor is Midi. The fourth is Andy. They are bleeding out. Jimmy the Horse has been sniping from the second floor.

Sandavol calls forth his secret, which waxes the last three of the thugs. He dismisses his secret. You want to know his secret. Tough. No one saw his secret and the dm is not telling. With eleven thugs dead, and one captured alive due to Googles yelling to capture one alive. All is quiet. Between potions of healing, and medicine checks every one is fine. (DEATH. BOO Boo. It not fair.)

After questioning the thug, they discover the Zhents were send by Naerth Maxildanarr from Targos. Also, the questioning reveals the town secretary is a spy for the Zhents. Prudence Tarkwold is questioned. Gregor is given the pleasure of executing the prisoners (OUTSIDE).

The group leaves the Axe Beak of the criminals behind, and the next day head to Targos. It is an eight hour plus walk. When they arrive at Targos, they find out the speaker is Naerth Maxildanarr and she has controlling interest the Luskan Arms a very nice inn operated by Owenn Tarsenel. Speaker Naerth does not even come close to matching Easthaven offer. But agrees to meet with the handsome Sandavol later over spades. The group wanders around town before the spades game picking up rumors.

Bremen rumor is a Lake Monster is terrorizing the local fishers. Bryn Shander dwarves will pay for a missing shipment of iron ingots. Caer-Dineval the speaker is hold up in his castle and not been seen for a while. Good Mead is missing several casks of honey mead which have been stole. (Mead is always made out honey. Plus, darn very healthy bees after two years of no sun.) Lonely Wood is being terrorized by an evil demon white moose. Termalaine the speaker has close one of the profitable gem mines. (rumors are page 18)

Midi recalls. Nabira Moarskull an Easthaven fisher owned an enchanted fishhook that could catch magical fish. A pair of Filthy Gnolls killed her and stole her fishpole and hook. Hunters tracked them down to an icy rift. But were too scared to go farther. Chackling Chasm page 127 Chapter 2 adventure.)

The spade game goes well. Targos is in the running for next months use of the cauldron. The group decides they will check out the gem mine rumor in the morning.

The next morning as they head out, the kobold Googles is tackled by a sled dog and pulled down a street, through an alley. Over some frozen rubbish, to a front door. Keegan Velryn opens to door when he hears the sled dog Boy howling. His spouse Garret took a group of stupid southerners to climb Kelvin’s Cairn. They were stupid because they wanted to climb the mountain but Garret makes good coin leading stupid people up mountains. He offers 50 GP for the group to rescue Garret, he does not care if they rescue the stupid climbers. The stupid was a male goliath, a female lightfoot halfling, and a female tiefling. Keegan did not remember their names. The group change quests and decide to go doggy rescue. Boy accompanies the group, some times grabbing Goggles by his sleeve and taking him for a drag. The group takes most of the day to get to Caer-Konig, where they get some rest.

While in Caer-Konig, Goggles and Gregor see three kobolds standing a top of each other in a blue trench coat. Um Make that cold weather gear. The kobolds are dumpster diving. Goggles and the goliath help out. (Both you have advantage with your next social encounter of Icewind Kobolds.)

The next day they head for the mountain, Kelvin’s Cairn. They come across some trappers from the Reghed Bear tribe. They are friendly and tell them Perytons have been seen in the area.

They find the base camp. Five dogs and a sled are still present. They have broken into one of the supply boxes. Googles calms them and feeds them. Then up the mountain they got. They meet up with some mountain goats and being hungry Sandavol decides to hunt them. They hunt back. Knocking Gregor into the snow and then groin stomping him. After a brief battle they have 3 snow white mountain goat skins. And Goggles has a mount. (Goggles a military saddle will cost 20 GP. If you take beast master, you can use him as a mount and companion. Read up on mounted combat and whatever else you need.)

After healing Gregor, they take a short rest. The proceed upwards. Single file. Gregor starts singing Waterdeep Wenches. Suddenly a huge crack is heard. (Mountains don’t like off key singing.) They are in an avalanche. (An avalanche is a mass of snow and debris falling rapidly down a mountainside. A typical avalanche is 300 feet wide, 150 feet long, and 30 feet thick. Creatures in the path of an avalanche can avoid it or escape it if they’re close to its edge, but outrunning one is almost impossible.

When an avalanche occurs, all nearby creatures must roll initiative. Twice each round, on initiative counts 10 and 0, the avalanche travels 300 feet until it can travel no more. When an avalanche moves, any creature in its space moves along with it and falls prone, and the creature must make a DC 15 Strength saving throw, taking 1d10 bludgeoning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

When an avalanche stops, the snow settles and buries creatures in it. A creature buried in this way is blinded and restrained and has total cover. The creature gains one level of exhaustion for every 5 minutes it spends buried in the snow. It can try to dig itself free as an action, breaking the surface and ending the blinded and restrained conditions on itself with a successful DC 15 Strength (Athletics) check. A creature that fails this check three times can’t attempt to dig itself out again.

A creature that is not restrained or incapacitated can spend 1 minute freeing another creature buried in the snow. Once free, that creature is no longer blinded or restrained by the avalanche.)

They dig Andy the Untouchable except for huge snow fall out from the snow. And climb still future up. They come across a wounded man. He is Garret Velryn and he fought off a yeti less successfully than the group fought of the two ticked of fur balls, um Crag Cats who are upset because Garret is no longer on the menu. (Ok guys we have to remember the lack of light. Midi said they will keep the spell light up. But ASK me about how perception is going to be.)

Garret stupid mountain climbing party consists of Mokingo Growling Bear Akannathi, a male goliath warrior determined to find Oyaminartok. Perilou Fishfinger, a female lightfoot halfling follower of Yondalla who is Mokingo’s stalwart companion and Astrix, a female tiefling who mumbles and swears a lot.

He needs to find them. Because he always brings people back. Dead or alive. They follow Garret. As track the yeti into a series of caves. The party takes the lead. Finding the remains of Growling bear. The heads of a dwarf named Oobok (Foaming Mugs page 34) and Barthoom (Ruined Camp page 92). In the next chamber they find a yeti tyke playing with Perilou. See the evil party the tyke runs to its mommy. A huge yeti. When her scream of get out does not work, she attacks and is killed by the group. The rangers calm the tyke and take into their party to sell to the town later. They push on.

They find a deep crevasse with tent half buried in it. A pair of blue boots stick out of it. Next to the boots is a frozen solid Astrix. They leave blue boots and take the body down the mountain. And return to Targos. Part of their award is four scrimshaw figurines worth 10 gp each: a spouting whale, a smiling fox, a pair of dancing hares, and a walrus with the words “BIG LOVE” carved into it.

Easthaven Pop 745 Targos Pop 988 RIP Prudence Tarkwold, Blue Boots, Mokingo Growling Bear Akannathi, and Astrix.

Thanks to Russell for bringing the three-D dungeon. If all of you choose, the next quest beforehand, he will build the next encounter too. I gave you information on the heads for the player information. So, I would not have to remember it. So, if you doing choose those, that information will transfer to the pcs.


Rotten DM
Goggles did not like how the sled dog jumped on him. So I added more verbal descriptions which doesn't harm his pc.


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Chapter 1 Session 3

A Beautiful Mine


Mind um Mine Mine Mine Games

Days 11 - 33

Hammer 11, 1489 7 A.M. to Alturiak 3, 1489 7 AM.

Day 741 + with no sun.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 20 Villains Captured 22 Villains Escaped 2

Time Started 5:53 End Time 9:16

Magic Item Cursed Purple Psi Crystal. I am treating this as a story item at the moment. Tuk’n Rol has it currently.

If you completed your first, third or fifth quest gain a level and 10 Downtime Days. GP 76 for the session.

I had a strong group of six. I had a strong group of six. Midi Cleric 3. Goggles Ranger 3. Sandavol Ranger 3. Jimmy the Horse Rogue 2, Ranger 1. Andy the Untouchable Fighter 3. Tuk’n Rol Divine Soul 2.

DM business. To make it more horrible. During Blizzards you will have to roll the DC against extreme cold which is DC 10 Con save or gain exhaustion. Cold Resistance (Andy) gives you advantage. The group has agreed to play all the quests in Chapter 1. You can either freeze your PC at fourth or bring in new pcs. Various end quest conditions happen during Chapter 5 and in other chapters. DM has permission for the villain to escape to the final chapter. (DM Note. Players ask me to run this as close to homebrew with out violating AL rules. It is on. The only drawn back is you will earn less GP than the adventure says.)

Players will give me their true crafty plan after I post this. I will try to do your plan justice. Elections for mayor of Termalaine will be held on Alturiak 15. This is the morning after the new moon. Current candidates Speaker Oarus Masthew, Fredrick of Hollywood mine owner, and maybe Sandavol.

The morning of Hammer 11 the group leaves Targos to Termaline. The news boy is shouting the news. Four Fishers from Easthaven found frozen in hag’s cave. Sephek Kaltro found murdered at the cross roads. Rescue mission to Kelvin’s Cairn successful. Mine is still closed due to evil Icewind Dale Kobolds raiding the mine. Get your coupon for a free cup of Ms. Molly’s Knucklehead Trout Stew at the Eastside Inn. Or try the clam chowder at the Blue Clam by the docks.

The group decides to get their free bowl of stew. They meet a rail thin teenager name Marta Peskryk. The stew is a tourist cup of four spoonfuls. Jimmy the hoarse Whisper should really take something for his cold. Jimmy notices the ring Marta wears around her neck and hears the story. A beautiful old woman asked for shelter during a bad blizzard.

Ahead of winter’s wind she came—

The lovely woman with no name;

Draped in a fur-lined cloak of red,

To the icy lake she fled;

The wind pursued her all the same—

As sure as night she’s dead.

The blizzard destroyed half the inn killing the Marta’s gran and maybe the old woman. Or the old woman fled from the storm to the lakes. Jimmy suspects the ring is magical.

Later, the group meets with Speaker Oarus Masthew at the Blue Clam. Last week an army of Icewind kobolds invaded the mine. The mine is closed until the kobolds are taken care of. Also, a miner either went missing during the raid or just before the miners are not talking. The militia has refused to go in due to orders from the mine owner Fredrick of Hollywood. Fredrick is also running to replace the Speaker in next months election.

The first set of deals are struck. For 28 GP total and three days of free mining, the adventuring group which has no name and really needs one, agree to get rid of the kobolds. Googles a Waterdeep Kobold wants to try to talk them out. Sandavol wants just to kill them. Oh, Googles being a Southern has been ticking off Sandavol since the adventures started.

The first day they go out they are attacked by an Abominable yeti, which eats Googles’ Mountain Goat. They retreat back to town. The second day they enter the mine. Sandoval reveals he is a Gloomstalker. Both rangers scout sixty feet ahead.

The mine first level is mostly empty. Except for flying Knucklehead Trout which try to eat Tuk’n Rol for 14 points of damage. Well also, except for Scorp and Thwip, who are sawing through the supports of the wooden walkway from the front of the mine to the mine shaft. Googles orders them up to the walkway. Thwip goes for help and to tell the winged kobold Trex people have come. While Thwip is lowering himself down the mine shaft bucket, Scorp asks Googles about his human pet. (OOPS.)

This ticks off Sandoval who fires his hand crossbow at Scorp. Googles draws on Sandoval. Sandoval reloads and aims at Googles. Scorp being smart flees to the mine shaft. Sandoval misses Scorp. Googles swings on Sandoval and misses. Scorp leaps for the mine chain and misses. THUMP. Thwip cranks faster on bucket chain, and Tuk’n Rol gets between the ranger and makes peace with the ranger. (AND the DM proclaimed that is what is happen. And we will ignore the PVP that nearly happen.)

There is silence as the bucket elevator arrives at the bottom. Five minutes go by. Ten minutes go by. Twenty minutes go by. After Thirty minutes the bucket comes back up. When gets into range, Tuk’n Roll casts bonfire into it. No scream is heard. The bucket reverses course. Five minutes later, the bucket starts back up. Tuk’n roll again casts bonfire into. And again, the bucket reverses course. Ten minutes go by. The bucket starts back up.

Trex, “HEY MESSAGE COMING UP. DON’T BURN IT. YOU BEEP!” The bucket arrives with a note calling for surrender. Some confusion. Are the kobolds surrendering or asking for the party to surrender? Notes go back and forth. (The first of mad mine plans are hatched.) A few hours and lots and lots of tired kobold arms. Trex and the kobolds agree to surrender. For room, board, and not being murdered by Sandoval; they will become slaves and work the mines. (DM WTF! Well. OK.) But only if they group kills the tentacle monster which ate Fred. The group agrees to fight the tentacle monster which ate Fred only if Trex helps fight it. Trex agrees to fight the tentacle monster which ate Fred only if he in the center of the party. He is one smart kobold. (No one in the party laughed at his fake wings.) After the battle is over. The group does find a fossilized mind flayers skull. Inside is purple psi crystal which Tuk’n Rol attunes to. He hears a distress call in his head. FOREVER (EVIL DM LAUGH).

The group returns to Termalaine. Tells the speaker they just scout out the mine and are working on a plan. They discuss politics and pick the speaker’s mind about Fredrick of Hollywood. While this happening the group also picks up various rumors.

They say the Frostmaiden lives on a misty isle hidden among the bergs in the Sea of Moving Ice. There’s a mighty strange whale with a boat on its back that swims in those frigid waters. I bet it knows where the island is! You can catch the whale at Angajuk’s Bell, an old anchorage, but you must ring the bell hanging by the pier to call it.” (See “Angajuk’s Bell”)

“There’s this old black cabin that’s been around forever. No one knows who built it, and lots of folks got a bad feeling about it. Some say it’s haunted, but there’s a gnome in Bryn Shander who claims that magical experiments are being performed there. The gnome’s name is Copper, and you’ll find him at the House of the Morninglord.” (See “House of the Morninglord” and “Black Cabin”)

“Head northwest out of Bremen, an’ you’ll see a pirate ship frozen in the ice less than a quarter mile from shore. No one’s sure where it came from, but it’s not goin’ anywhere so long as this dark winter lasts. I bet its hold is full o’ treasure!” (See “Dark Duchess”)

“Goblin scavengers prowl the tundra on the backs of wolves or in wagons. They also like to ambush travelers on the Ten Trail on this side of the mountain pass. Well, a group of trappers found the goblins’ fortress in the mountains. Someone should go there and wreck it.” (See “Karkolohk”)

“Did you hear what happened to that evil wizard in Easthaven? They tied him to a stake and lit him on fire! Why? ’Cause he hired some Ten-Towners to help him find a buried tower, then killed ’em to keep its location secret. Well, one of ’em told me where the tower’s at! I wouldn’t go myself, but maybe it’s somethin’ you’d like to explore.” (See “Lost Spire of Netheril”)

“If you’re looking for something hidden in Icewind Dale, the people you should talk to are the Reghed nomads. They know every inch of this land and all its secrets. The tricky part is finding them. They tend to follow the reindeer herds.” (See “Reghed Tribe Camp”)

“I keep telling everyone the Everlasting Rime isn’t the Frostmaiden’s doing. It’s actually the Arcane Brotherhood, plotting another takeover of Ten-Towns! A wizard who was burned at the stake in Easthaven admitted to being one of them, and he said there are other Arcane Brotherhood wizards lurking among us. Vaelish Gant is behind it all, no doubt. The scoundrel is locked away in Revel’s End, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Someone should find out what he knows!” (See “Revel’s End”)

(DM Note These locations will be on the big map sometime this week.)

The next morning, they go to shake down (YES DM EDITORAL COMMENT) Fredrick of Hollywood. They want Three percent. No Ten Percent. No Fifty Percent. (Ok, the book only gives me so much guidance. There is a chart but is no help to help the DM know the yearly income of the mine.) They can provide free labor.

Fredrick of Hollywood was not impressed by free labor. He hinted they were pulling a con. Also, he has an election to win and putting the miners out of work may back fire. He agrees to three percent. The party leaves and the DM made popcorn while the group works on their master mine maneuvers.

Their plan. Hold up to Alturiak 3 in the mine. Sandoval will cast Goodberry twice each day to feed the kobolds. They would then leave and take on the White Moose quest. They have stocked up 2 days’ worth of iron rations for the Icewind Kobolds to eat when they gone. Then after the White Moose quest, they beat snowshoes and take back the Cauldron of Plenty from Easthaven as Easthaven has only rented the pot for a month. They will return the Cauldron of Plenty to the mine and teach Trex how to use it. They may or may not run Sandoval for Mayor of Termalaine. They are thinking of assassinating Fredrick of Hollywood to take ownership of the mine. They are looking out for a flying squirrel.

(DM, I think I got all the plan down. Post your plan on the FB page.)

RIP Scorp.

Population. Termalaine 99. Targos 987. Easthaven 746. Bremen 150. Bryn Shander 1199. Caer-Dineval 100. Caer-Konig 150. Dougan’s Hole 50. Good Mead 100. Lonelywood 100. Kobold Gem Mine 26.


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Chapter 1 Session 4

White Mouse Um Moose

I Dreaming of Very White Moose Mass

Days 34-36

Alturiak 3, 1489 7 A.M. to Alturiak 5, 1489 12 PM.

Day 764 + with no sun.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 42 Villains Captured 22 Villains Escaped 2 Allies 2?

Time Started 5:46 End Time 9:34

If it is your first, third, or fifth mission gain a level. Gain 10 downtime days. GP 85? It should be fifth for most of you.

Magic Items Potion of Radiant Resistance, Potion of Vitality. 6 silvered arrowheads.

I had a strong group of six. Midi Cleric 3. Goggles Ranger 3. Sandavol Ranger 3. Jimmy the Horse Rogue 2, Ranger 1. Andy the Untouchable Fighter 3. Tuk’n Rol Divine Soul 3.

The groups evil plan about the gem mine. Hold up until Alturiak 3. Leave to go hunt white moose. Leave 2 days of rations behind for kobolds. After moose, beat snowshoes to Easthaven to take back cauldron of plenty on the fifth. Kobolds will work for food or the hand crossbow comes out. On or after the sixth, kill Fredrick of Hollywood. Forge paper work of sale. Talk to miners. Miners will work first level, Kobolds lower level. Leave cauldron with kobolds or leave it at the mine. Wait for profits to roll in. Run for election Sandavol on the Fifteenth.

Part one of the plan goes well. The clear freaking cold dark morning of Alturiak 3, 1489 they leave for Lonelywood. It takes them two hours. The Welcome to Lonelywood sign reads Try staying at our famous inn Ramshackle, Population 95. The words about the inn has been chiseled out. Lonelywood is on the shores of Maer Dualdon. A deep fresh water lake of some 745 feet deep and the rumors of a lake monsters are just that. Rumors. (groan I just put things together). The group stop at the inn but the inn is close. In fact, the stables have been chopped up for firewood during the just passed Midwinter. (4 days ago.) They stop at the Lucky Liar (sounds like this adventuring group. Sorry you can use it. The name is taken, taken I tell you.) The Lucky Liar barkeep Danea Xotal tells to hit the speaker up about the reward. The speaker is Nimsy Huddle a strongheart halfling. Nimsy offers them 75 GP for the head of the man-eating white moose. The only local butcher will pony up another 10 GP. No chance of upping the price, the speaker is a little hoarse for speaking at the rally in Termalaine.

They got INTO THE WOODS. (STOP IT! STOP IT! There will be no singing.) The woods are cold but lots and lots of tracks. Moose tracks. Lots of Moose tracks. A whole herd of moose. They wander deeper into the woods. And Tuk’n Rol notices a hunter 120 feet in front of the party and about 60 feet in front of Gloomstalker Sandavol. However, they ticked off the huntress. She is hunting her ex-husband. And since she has already killed him. She is going to kill them too because dead men make good ex-husbands. She turns and glides across the snow toward Glowworm Um Midi. Correct she FLOATS four feet above the snow and starts shooting necrotic arrows. The Banshee goes first. And with her wail drops Googles and Midi. (Yea DEATH SAVES.) But the group friends. (WHAT FRIENDS. HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THEY BEEN DOING?)

SHUT DM. THIS THE ADVENTURE LEAGUE POLICE. The party has a right to potion of healing and inspiration each session. DON’T MAKE USE BREAK YOU D20s.

After a short battle, the group presses on. Some missing their potions of healing due to having to use them. Googles and Andy the Untouchable pull from their bag of tricks. Googles uses all three charges, the goliath uses one. This just in time for about one bath room break. Um one clearing later a pack of eight snow wolves attack. (Okay to speed up the game, please only one critter from each bag please.)

Around 11:30 PM (hey it passes your bed time. Go to sleep.) (please DM can’t we have one more encounter before we go asleep?) (SIGH). The group is getting deeper into the forest. Suddenly a slush ball hits Midi in the ear. Popping up from behind a fallen log, a Chwinga is rolling up another one. Jimmy the Horse throws one back. The Chwinga blesses Jimmy with cold resistance.

They find a lose a set of singular moose tracks. Just after the light of Auril’s flight passes, they find moose and gnolls tracks. (And the box text. Which I didn’t read. PURPLE PROSE MUCH AUTHOR?)

The tracks lead to a large, circular indentation in a snowy hillside. Rising from the middle of this circle is a triangular gnomon of beautifully carved crystal that stands twenty feet tall. A ten-foot-high berm hugging the circle’s eastern edge has evergreens growing around and atop it, sheltering what looks like a sarcophagus buried under snow and enclosed by a half-circle of pale blue crystal pillars. North of the berm is a delicately carved gazebo made of marble, and south of the berm is a row of outward-facing, white marble statues atop granite pillars.

Suddenly a blizzard arrives. So suddenly the weather sense of the ranger was not activated. The gnolls rush east the party rushes west. They pound on a door which will not open because they don’t have the secret word, or knock spell. They run for the hollowed-out center of the hill.

This is the moon dial sanctuary, since it freezing cold, they don’t pay attention to it and dash through the hole in the wall to safety.

But it is not. To the left is a dog pile of foxes, to the right is hoard of hares huddling together for warm. In the center is the WHITE MOOSE OF LONELYWOOD WITH BLOOD IN ITS EYE. It eyes Jimmy the Horse. Jimmy the Horse eyes it back. (THE GUNFIGHTER MUSIC PLAYS.) The party splits. Googles walks up to talk with and use Animal Handling. Half the group is talking about taking its head. The other want to take back the whole body.

The White Moose answers back in common. “Excuse me ranger, I have speak with a man about a horse!” The White Moose charges Jimmy the Horse. But since Jimmy is hiding behind Tuk’n Rol, Tuk’n is gored by the antlers, spiked like a football at the Superbowl, and then private parts are stomped. (A lady selling death insurance shows up and is told she is in the wrong season.) Jimmy the Horse rolls out the way, and moose tries to gets out the barrow, but Andy the Untouchable, his bag of trick doggy, and the rest of the party nukes the moose. After the slaughter of the moose, the rest of the animals keep their distance.

The party splits. Sandoval goes south to check out one passage way. The rest north. Sandoval wastes a lot of time not picking a lock. The rest follow the curving passage way. The passage way is only five feet wide. Tuk’n opens the door. Um Picks the lock. A moonbeam flashes out. Tuk’n turns into a horrible humanoid monster. A doppelganger. (HAAAAA. SECRET REVEALED.)

Tuk’n starts talking with Ravisin the Frost Druid. She has gone mad with the cold and blames Ten-Towns for her problems. Seeing a snow goliath, she attacks.

Five rounds, three ice storms, six death saves, four potions of healing later. Ravisin is dead. An awaken blue berry bush has made friends with Andy. (Blueberry grows 2d20 berries a ten day. 4 berries count a ration.) Blueberry speaks common and lets the party know someone kill Ravisin’s sister about a year ago. She has been creating awaken beasts since then. (NO Sandoval no treasure chest of agate worth at least 1,000 gp exists because the author did not think of it.) Some of the awaken are evil, some are not. The group takes a long rest and wait for the blizzard to finish.

Alturiak 4, 1489 11 A.M.

The group spends the rest of the twilight exploring the elven tomb. They find some minor treasure and the tomb’s owner. A chaotic good mummy (missed the CG so the players allowed a rewind.) named Sahnar. He been dead for four hundred years. The group bribes Sahnar with the PROMISE of new clothes, a new job of mine supervisor, and they will update him about what has happen in the last four hundred years. (UM. A MUMMY ALLY? HMM. People he only has an INT 6. And someone photocopy the mummy to keep it handy.) On the way back to town, Sahnar starts to talk the ears of the party. (What hey he does not have ears why should you. Flaw for your Ally chatter box.) The group decides to split the party. AGAIN. Sandoval and Sahnar will go over land avoiding all trails and roads to the mine. The rest will drag the moose and druid bodies into town for the reward.

Speaker Nimby gives them money. Monty the butcher gives the them money, and will make a snow suit out the pelt for Sandoval (Don’t ask how the butcher got the measurements when Sandoval was not there. I didn’t.) Nimby being the talking sort of speaker, drags out the conversation until late in the day. He offers his attic as crash space. And the inn Ramshackle as investment property for free. If they improve it, fix it up, and open before Ches 25. Also, she mentions a bald head woman is looking for a human from Calimshan. She has a bounty for her victim’s head. The group returns to the gem mine on Noon on the fifth.

Population. Bryn Shander 1194. Bremen 145. Caer-Dineval 95. Caer-Konig 145. Dougan’s Hole 45. Easthaven 740. Good Mead 95. Lonelywood 95. Targos 982. Termalaine 94. Kobold Gem Mine 28.

RIP Ravisin.

DM Notes. I just read my notes. It reads white MOUSE page 79 food. OOPS.


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Chapter 1 Session 5

Lake Fishing

Fishy Election

Days 37-46

Alturiak 5, 1489 12 P.M. to Alturiak 16, 1489 7 A.M.

Day 766 + with no sun.

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 53 Villains Captured 22 Villains Escaped 2 Allies 2?

Time Started 5:25 End Time 9:04

Magic Item Scroll of Animal Friendship.

Make up Magic Item. Oops. Forgot to award a magic item. Every PC who had anything to do with Cauldron adventures you can take a COMMON magic item from Xanathar’s.

If it is your first, third, or fifth mission gain a level. Gain 10 downtime days. GP 40. I am keeping the 2 Silver pieces and 5 coppers you earned from fishing. Next time buy a fishing license.

I had an average group, I think. This was two sessions in one seating. Part 1 was generally last week pcs. The Lake Monster was mostly new pcs. Then the election was blend of old and new pcs.

Tuk’n Rol Shadow Sorcerer 3. Astryal sorcerer 1. Sandoval Gloom Stalker 4. Shimmer Druid 1. Googles ranger 4. Jimmy the Horse Rogue 2, Ranger 1? Jill not Horse but related to Jimmy and they both live by the lake. Rogue 1. Smokey Union Leader Cleric 1.

Okay there was some confusion on if the Cauldron Caper part 3 should happen at the table or if the DM should hand wave it. The group chose to it happen at the table.

Some of the new pcs wander into Termalaine. And are hired by Frederick of Hollywood to clear the gem mine out Kobolds and the evil adventuring party. Unknown to Frederick, the new party knows of and is in conspiracy with the old party. Astryal pays his fee for mayoral candidate. Yes, he is resident of Ten-Towns and yes, he will serve his full term if elected.

The deadly duo teams, team up at the gem mine. Googles and Sandoval are trying to dress the 600-year child um Mummy Sahnar with semi-new clothes. Yes. The Adults are trying to dress their mummy up pretty. After Tuk’n Rol Telepathically convinces Mommy Sahnar to go back and get properly dress, both groups have a skullduggery session. The group is undecided about what to do. Until Googles points out it is the sixth of Alturiak and the Cauldron of Plenty should have been picked up yesterday. WE OFF TO GET THE CAULDRON BECAUSE IT SHUCH A WONDERFUL CAUDRON.

The morning of the second day they arrive in Easthaven but the Mayor’s Office is not open yet. Frederick Wolff the head guard will not let them in.

Frederick Wolff, “Not by the hair of my chin. Not even if you have sunning tanning lotion of SPF 40. Do you know how hard it is to rub sun tanning lotion all over you body when it frozen solid? Talk about freezer burn. For a gp, I will leave this place. I want to see the sun. I want to spread lotion on myself and wiggle my toes in warm sand. I want to see the Swedish Beer Bikini Team live in person. I want to…” Sandoval drops a gold piece through the mail slot.

Frederick Wolff, “A sign from the heavens. I am leaving Easthaven. I quit. I going to move to Waterdeep at the end of the month. I going to lay in bed and just tan!”

Sandoval, “Are you going to let in now?

Frederick Wolff, “No are you crazy. I told you we open at eight. Now go away while I day dream of warm beer and hot women. And melted chocolate in my pocket. And stale sweat. And being a beach bum. And…”

One Hour later. The group is first to enter the town hall. Shimmer is confused. Why is there a ship figure head of a woman in the entrance hall?

White Lady, “Move over girlfriend. I coming in.” Shimmer eyes go blank for a few seconds. “Girl you nails need done. Also, I like my nails bright pink. We should change that.”

Shimmer starts talking out loud about nails, hair, and shopping trips. The rest of group are confused but don’t worry about it. Speaker Danneth and Captain Arlaggath try once again to extend the lease on the Cauldron but no luck. The speaker evens offers to throw in a dog sled and dog. No luck. On the way back, at the cross roads they met three gnolls who have dug and partially eaten a certain body which the party did not bury. The gnolls try to attack but are killed before closing to melee range.

Getting back to mine completes part two of their four-part evil plan to become robber gem mine barons. (Have not told the group Ten-Towns don’t do barons.) The part of group decides to hide in the mine. Part starts work on their evil plan and then hit Bremen up for the lake monster quest.

Smokey the Union Leader for Gem Mine #1 means with his ten members. He mentions he working on getting the mine cleared without the help of Frederick. Using his status as union leader, he signs for seven days of mine rations for thirty people, new cold weather gear for thirty people, twenty miner’s pick at five gp each, thirty sleeping bags cold weather extreme at four gp each, twenty sets of snow shoes and crampons, new sluice rocker, Franklin Whale Oil burning stove one each, one box spices variety, and winks at the store clerk for any else to make the mine a happy place. Because the mine will be reopening soon under new management. Smokey also convinces the miners to vote for Astryal.

After those dirty deeds, the group leaves for Bremen getting there with one hour of twilight left. After meeting with some towns folk who are really on edge because of lack of sun tan lotion and the lake monster, they met with speaker Dorbulgruf Shalescar a shield dwarf. The reward for taking care of the problem is 20 GP. And the fishery will pay 5 CP for any knucklehead trout brought in.

Sandoval lack of sun is getting to him also. He is tired of the insults from towns people. Jill reminds him over a third of the town are in the militia because the town likes to fight. Smokey asks about huge knucklehead trout what have stainless steel teeth. Seems about twenty years ago a knucklehead trout bit off his dad’s ring finger. The ring finger had a signet ring which proved their royal line. The group passed a bald head woman who was asking people about a certain stranger.

The fishing trip is long. Between the bad weather which made Shimmer sea sick, um lake sick, oh heck one level of exhaustion. A few knucklehead trout try to eat Smokey and Shimmer. Jill and three fishers get into an insulting match about certain towns people horning in on others special fishing places. (First time I seen a drive by row boating? Or Fisher rage.) The result being three dead fishers who Sandoval chopped up for chum. The lake monster appears accidently pulling Smokey in. The group yells and screams at each other on if they should talk it or attack it. Meanwhile Sandoval kills in three rounds. They all gain a level of exhaustion rowing the two boats and big dead formerly talking dinosaur back to shore.

They get the reward and start back to town. The people of Bremen are happy with free barrels of “whale oil” the group left them.

At Termalaine, the main group loses Sandoval and Tuk’n Rol. The assassins scope out Fredrick of Hollywood’s home. After the town rolls up the streets for the night at 9 PM, Sandoval uses his secret to murder four guards and Frederick. Tuk’n Rol leaves miner’s boot prints behind. Both beat feet to the mine arriving just after midnight.

The next few days are bruising. Especially to Smokey, as all the miners have been arrested for the murder of Frederick. And since he was is a miner and union leader, he gets toss in jail too. After a group beat down. Peaceful union meeting where Smokey is beaten to within one-inch um one hit point of his life, the union members agree none of them did it. The town cops are not convinced and will not release the miners. (Rats I thought I could push Smokey to kill one of miners.) Smokey finds out none of his so-called allies in the adventuring party will pay bail nor give him an alibi. Smokey also has bad dreams of a singing knucklehead trout that bites his face off.

They are too busy getting Astryal elected. Between some good off the cuff campaign speeches where I heckled the player. And some good rolls I think the election was Astryal by 30 votes.

The End.

We will pick up the game on Alturiak 16 7 A.M. Astryal should be retired but if you want to still run him, I will allow it. BUT I will be an evil dm, so adventuring has problems.

DM NOTE I posted in AL page. A dog sled can only run for one hour regardless of the number of dogs in the harness. The suggestion of two dogs. One running and the other riding and then you swapping out the dogs is an interesting idea. Dogsled weight 300 pounds. 20 GP pulled by one dog with one operator. A sled dog can pull 360 pounds. The dog weighs 40 pounds. Someone on another forum said you could use the carrying capacity rules and multiply by three or five the pull weight. A sled cuts the travel time in half. You figure it out.

DM Note. Smokey has heard rumors of other towns converting to sacrificing humanoids. Smokey has discovered about up to ten people are either leaving Ten-Towns or killing themselves or others each month. (I rolling a d10 and reducing the population by that roll.)

RIP Frederick of Hollywood. The Fishers 3. Guard #1-4.

Population Bremen 137. Bryn Shander 1193. Caer-Dineval 95. Caer-Konig 145. Dougan’s Hole 45. Easthaven 739. Good Mead 95. Lonely Wood 95. Termalaine 590. Targos 981. Gem Mine 22 plus varying pcs.

Halloween Horror For 5E