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DDAL Jasper DMs Icewind Dale and Season 10


Rotten DM
I am not going to write the full title of Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden. I should pick up my Hardcopy today along with some minis for it. The first four modules DDAL10-00 Thru DDAL10-03 will fully drop by Nov 15. At this time, I waiting until then to buy them. I have 6 players committed. The location currently will be in my home. Some of the players are upset about some of the restrictions.
Secrets I am going to ask my players to use them but do it by a blind draw.
Chapter 1 has lots of quests. I have chosen one already so I can snipe the magic item for one my own pcs.
Monsters some of the new ones look interesting. Some are just generic. Fox AC 13 HP 2 XP 10 IWD 288. I will be updating my Monster listing this week. Should upload it Monday.
Weather It look like they pulled the wind chill from the US Military wind chill but so far no real effects.
Hoping some of winter type DM's Guild stuff goes AL legal. I have discover an error in one section of the Beyond. A person is both a scout and vet depending on the location.

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