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Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Session 14

Chapter 3 & 4

Duergar Doings

Days 120-128

Tarsakh 27 7 AM to Mirtul 6 7AM.

Day 850+ with no sun.

Time Started 5:55 PM End Time 9:16 PM

PC Killed 6 Monsters Killed 173 Villains Captured 23 Villains Escaped 16 Villains Allied with. A LOT.

Gain 2 levels. GP 240 Downtime 40 days.

Magic item. Lose one to save your life.

Magic Item Gain 4 doses of Myconid Spore Servant. (Turns one fresh corpse into a spore servant.)

Secret Story Award for everyone but Jimmy and Gold Fine. Story Award Member of AA. (I will explain later.)

I had a strong group of six. Tuk’n Rol Aberrant Mind 1 Artificer 4. Midi Cleric 5. He puts lotion on his skin. Gold Fine artificer 5. Sandoval Gloom Stalker 5. Andy Fighter 5. Jimmy Rogue 2 Ranger 3.

Agents from Care-Dineval get word to certain party members, Xardorok Sunblight the leader in the Duergar Fortress to the south wants a meeting. Bring a white flag of truce. And the password. The pass word is “I Don’t Know!” (Don’t do comedy bits early in the morning DM.)

The group leavers Termalaine with the excuse of hunting the ghost of Easthaven. They arrive at the cross roads to see two small stands. (Like Lucy’s Psychologic stand from Peanuts. Ok. Think a South Park kids lemonade stand.) Four kobolds are in each stand throwing ice ball at each other. Tuk’n Rol and Midi decide to check it out. One stand is Googles Airship Fairs and Investors group. The other is Shimmer’s Tanning Salon.

Gold Fine, “Hey those are my pcs.”

DM, “Yes the kobolds are ripping your pcs off.”

Shimmer Kobold One, “For 5 GP we get you a golden tan. Using our special sauce. Um. Using Grandmothers tanning lotion recipe, we will get a great tan. “

Midi, “I will buy that.” HE strips down to his boots. The lotion has ice crystals, kobold hair, kobold reek oil, and other unnamed stuff. The kobolds have made sun mirrors which heat the body up to -30. Midi comes out with a bad orange and black dye job instead of tan.

The Googles Airship Company tries to sell shares to Tuk’n Rol. The airship will be dragon powered. Powered by a small dragon named Arveiaturace. At the mention of Arveiaturace, Tuk’n Rol remembers the Dark Duchess and recognized these four kobolds are the ones who escaped. He questions the kobolds and discovers the group raided one of the dragon’s hordes. And the kobolds gave detailed information on the raiding party. As soon as Sandoval is related this information, he attacks. A few seconds later Andy piles the bodies into the sled for Owlbear feed.

They arrive at Easthaven and talk with Captain Arlaggath. She and towns people have figure out to the block on where the ghost will attack next. The ghost generally takes a victim at midnight and walks them into the lake. The group stakes out two houses. They are lucky as one of the houses is target. However, Tuk’n Rol is the victim. (HAAA. Evil DM laugh.). A few minutes passed midnight Sandoval notices Tuk’n Rol is running toward the lake. He does not psychically report in and the chase is on. (I let the players handle this combat. Tuk’n Rol would dodge around corners trying to break contact. The rest of the party chased him. The ghost was defeated by putting a few extra holes in Tuk’n Rol.)

The group finally arrives at the jump off point of Dougan’s Hole. They make it halfway to castle before a quick blizzard stops them for an hour or two. After the storm breaks Sandoval leads the party. He bumps into a snow bank which is breathing.

Sandoval, “Why can a snow bank breath fog DM?”

DM, “When its hide check is greater than your perception check. This encounter is brought to you by Russell who roll a 1.”

Arveiaturace, “I told you I will smell you later. Should I eat you now, or wait till I get you home? What can you bribe me with horde thieves?” About twenty minutes later, (Yes, I checked my watch) the group agrees to give up a magic item each to stay alive.

Arveiaturace, “Sandoval. This will cost you an arm or a leg?”

Sandoval, “Wait a minute. You are changing the deal.”

Arveiaturace, “Yes. You have stolen from me. Killed my minions. And I need a snack.” The dragon bites off Sandoval’s left leg. But being cursed by the cold and Auril, an ice blue leg bones are left behind. (No minus. You just have a cool looking leg. It may melt in the summer thaw. Nah.)

The group gets to fortress and starts talks with the Duergar. First with Grandolpha Muzfardt and then with Xardorok. (HOLY. Talk about not stay on script. THINK DM. THINK. EVIL IDEA. EVIL DM LAUGH.) Grandolpha is also in talks with Xardorok to help conquer Ten Towns. Sandoval hints he and the group will form a secret alliance to get rid of Xardorok at a later time.

Xardorok wines and dines the group for three days. The group allies with him (or pretends to go along.) In the morning of the third day, they hear a huge thump. An hour later they are taken to forge to see the Chardalyn Dragon which has destroyed Ten Towns. Xardorok starts repairs on the dragon and mentions the party has a guest and friend at the front door.

Vellynne Harpell is member of Arcana Brotherhood. Her magic orb Professor Skant as stolen by a rival Nass Lantomir. She needs the orb or to find information to find the lost city of Ythryn. She hopes to get the group to help her find the Codicil of White. The book is rumored to contain a spell or ritual that can carve a passage through the Reghed Glacier, under which the lost city Ythryn is buried. Vellynne does this information dump on the way back to Ten Towns. The group can see smoke from Ten Towns as they clear the mountain.

On the evening of Mirtul 5 they pull into Bryn Shander and get the following reports.

Good Mead Population 40. Mead Hall survives but the hives are destroyed. All townsfolks are fleeing to Bryn Shander.

Easthaven Population 486 White Lady Inn mostly intact. Captain Arlaggath killed by dragon. Speaker Waylen killed by Duergar assassins. Half the survivors fleeing to Bryn Shander.

Caer-Dineval Population 26 only the cultist, castle workers and speaker survive.

Caer-Konig Population 88 Speaker Trovus the drunk survives. Duergar assassins in town. Half flee to Bryn Shander.

Termalaine. Population 571. Speaker survives. 20 Duergar killed in attack on the mine by brave kobold warriors. Only 30 people killed. Half fled to Bryn Shander. The other half took shelter in the mines. Speaker is facing recall. Both the Mummy and Kobold Leader have been put forth as replacements.

Lonelywood Population 68 No lost. But town has been destroyed. Towns folk have started rebuilding.

Bremen Population 32 Speaker Shalescar, Cora Mulphoon, and all militia dead. All people fleeing to Bryn Shander.

Targos Population 476 Speaker Maxildanarr alive due to her hide out shelter. Half the population killed either by duergar assassins or dragon. All militia dead.

Bryn Shander only 285 original population survives. Northlook is now the town hall. Speaker Duvessa murder in second assassination plot by Ghost of Fredrick of Hollywood. (Okay the party was the second assassin squad.)

Xardorok will install a military force in each city in the coming months. The plan is to take over a city every week. The town survivors are either too poor, too tired, or too tick to leave Ten-Towns. No more population decreases due to weather.

Most of the party seems happy to ally with the Duergar. More next week.

(Two whole chapters were totally off script and not needed.) We will pick this back up on Mirtul 6, 1489 at 7 AM. Chapter 5.

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Rotten DM
Population report for next game
Good Mead 0
Easthaven 243
Caer-Dineval 26
Caer-Konig 44
Termalaine 571
Lonelywood 68
Bremen 0
Targos 476
Bryn Shander 664


Rotten DM
For my players information.
Mine Cost for Tarsakh

Item Quality Cost Each Total
Oil for stove per day 30 1 30
Spice box 1 10 10
Shoring 50 2 100
Fungus 10 1 10
Salary 10 6 60
Kobold Salary 24 2 48
Total cost 238

Month of Tarsakh 17 rolls per day. 510 rolls on d100 Roll A Die is the app.
Gems Brought in
78 1Gp 78
19 10 GP 190
4 100 GP 400
M13 is tapped out. Mine is tapped out but not known till end of next month

668 -318 = 442 GP profit.


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Session 15

Chapter 5

Auril’s Whale

Days 129-136

Mirtul 6 7AM To Mirtul 13 7 AM.

Day 857+ with no sun.

Time Started 5:40 PM End Time 9:36 PM

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 199 Villains Captured 23 Villains Escaped 16

Gold 240 GP.

Magic Items +2 Trident, Alchemy Jug, Potion of Cold resistance (Jimmy claimed it.)

Story Item Professor Skant.

I had a strong group of six. Tuk’n Rol Aberrant Mind 3 Artificer 4. Jimmy Swashbuckler 3, Gloomstalker 4. Andy Eldritch Knight 7. Sandoval Gloom Stalker 5 Fighter 2. Midi Cleric 7. Gold Fine artificer 7.

The group had been in communication with Angajuk the sperm whale. He agrees to transport the group to Auril’s Island which is somewhere north off the map. Vellynne Harper is along on the mission (page274 and I need some one to run here during combat). Vellynne is member of the Arcana Brotherhood who looking for The Codicil of White. The Codicil is a book which holds the secrets for the entrance to a hidden Netherese (ancient empire where magic is technology) city under the Reghed Glacier. The book also holds information on how to destroy Auril.

The trip to Angajuk’s Bell is mostly uneventful except for the snowy owlbear pull a sled finding a girlfriend and running off with the sled. Ok it is mating season and the group cut the sled loose but Andy now has two owlbear companions which he will need to feed when they wander back into town.

The group is squeeze together for three days making plans on how to assault the islands. Or making plans to loot the various ship wrecks around the island. They decide to scuba over to wreck using Angajuk as submarine. It takes two days, a few fights and making nice with three members of Auril’s Swimsuit team. They gain an ally of Wally the Awaken Walrus. The Swimsuit team is neutral to the group. (DM Note they never took a short rest during these encounters. See page 198).

On the morning of Mirtul 11 following the information from the swimsuit team they find the body of Nass Lantomir who quickly possesses the body of Gold Fine because it is very warm. Then the fight breaks out between Nass, Vellynne, and the Professor Orb Professor Skant. Since both Nass and Skant are motor mouths, the group recognizes no sneaking is going to happen. But they do discover the following. The Codicil is the Grimskalle keep. Professor Skant is an expert on the history of Netheril (page 232), Vampirism, Rituals of bottling Elverquisst (Elf liquor) and the Tarrasque. (DM note Auto succeed on knowledge check on these subjects if you have Skant with you.)

The group heads south to find the entrance to Grimskalle. They pause to murder an innocent Ice Troll and Tuk’n Rol eats its heart for the magical powers. They visit some of Auril’s ice statues gardens. And on the night of Mirtul 11 near the road to the keep. They bed down with no problems.

On the morning of Mirtul 12, Astryal relates the following through Tuk’n Rol Telepathy Telephone.

Mirtul 12, 1489. Extra militia Speaker Naerth Maxildanarr announces alliance with Xardorok Sunblight to protect the towns people of Targos. The population 476 is looking for militia members.

Mirtul 12, 1489 Extra Speaker Astryal of Termalaine population 549 has announce an alliance with Xardorok Sunblight. Astryal, “To Protect the town we must welcome our Underdark Friends with open arms.”

Mirtul 12, 1489 The towns of Dougan’s Hole, Good Mead, and Caer-Dineval occupied by Duergar forces.

Xardorok Sunblight has given Bryn Shander and Easthaven to Mirtul 15, 1489 to surrender. Or the Chardalyn Dragon will attack those towns.

Mirtul 12, 1489 The kobold mines have broken with Termalaine and allied with Arveiaturace. Also, the payroll for the mine has been stolen by persons unknown but the ghost of Frederick of Hollywood is rumored to be seen near the scene of the crime.

The group decides this does not affect the current mission and drive on toward the road. Finding the road, the arrive at the keep. It is a former Frost Giant Keep, so lots of room. (DM Note the scale seems off and map a little tight for giants.)

The group opens the door to darkness, causing the various normal vision people to light torches and use light spells and ticking off the two Gloom Stalkers. Exploring the entry level, they come across the deaf and nearly blind frost giant Ertgard. Ertgard demands they leave. And when Tuk’n Rol lies about what part of the keep they came from he attacks. And is quickly killed. The group loots his body and goes upstairs.

On the palace level, Midi burns down some evil icicles but gets the attention of Auril in the next room. She attacks and the group counters attacks. They destroy her first form but Gold Fine is nearly killed. Auril second form appears and tries to kill Sandoval and Andy. Suddenly the roof caves in, Auril has summon her roc! Parts of the roof trap Gold Fine, and other parts partially block the stairs. Midi heals Gold Fine and Tuk’n Rol pulls him from the rubble. While Gold Fine was mostly dead, Nass’s ghost is transported back to his body. The roc grapples Andy with its talons. Andy smiles and attacks the roc.

Midi, “Time to make like autumn and leave.”

Andy, “I got this.”

Everyone else, “Bye!” and everyone starts a fighting retreat from the Auril. Auril is able to put three icicles into Gold Fine causing him to start to bleed out and tumble down the stairs. The roc bursts out of palace level with Andy in its claws. More rubble falls blocking the stairs but the rest of the group has gotten away from Auril. The roc rips a hole into Andy’s guts. Andy being of bad taste, is dropped by the roc landing just outside the entrance. The group trips over his body as they retreat out of the keep.

The group will take a long rest outside somewhere and we will pick it up on Mirtul 13.

Bremen Population 0. Bryn Shander Population 664. Caer-Dineval Population 26 in castle. Caer-Konig Population 44. Easthaven Population 243. Lonelywood Population 68. Targos Population 476 Xardorok ally. Termalaine population 549 Xardorok ally.

Astryal and other pcs. I welcome suggestions on how you want to affect the non-ally towns.


Rotten DM
Most of night seem a little off. The group want to raid the ships and I really didn't want to draw a new ship each encounter. So a did a 40 by 100 feet box and we played by ear. Yes the used player knowledge to avoid the sea hags encounter. And Sandoval and Midi were remoting in with some tech problems occasionally.


Rotten DM
Shield Guardian Amulet Session 11
Shield Guardian (Story Award) Is fully functioning with 80 HP Session 13
I just caught my mistake. Adventure League Content Catalog V9.02 does not allow those magic items in organized play


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Session 16

Chapter 5

Auril’s Test

Days 136 - 150

Mirtul 13 7 AM – Mirtul 26 7 AM.

Day 864+ with no sun.

Time Started 5:45 PM End Time 9:40 PM

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 217 Villains Captured 23 Villains Escaped 16

Gain a level, and 20 downtime days

The ice statues melt and return to normal when you get them home.

I had a strong group of 7. Tuk’n Rol Aberrant Mind 3 Artificer 4. Jimmy Swashbuckler 3, Gloomstalker 4. Andy Eldritch Knight 7. Sandoval Gloom Stalker 5 Fighter 2. Midi Cleric 7. Gold Fine artificer 7. Vellynne Harper Arcana brotherhood NPC ran by Sandoval.

The group was encamped at the base of Grimskalle when the angry calls of three yeti woke them up.

Auril, “Oh hi there. I found you. This your 7 AM wake up call. I regret to inform you the kitchen is closed. Oh, wait a moment. You are the food supplies.”

Sandoval, “Bitch!”

Auril, “A cold one. Kisses.”

Sandoval attacks as half the group trips over each other trying to get out the igloo. The yeti are defeated with just a little problem. But the yells of four more can be heard echoing around the island. Sandoval wants to flee but the rest talk him in to going to get the Codicil of White. The Codicil has the location of forgotten city which may hold the clue to defeat Auril. The runup the mountain path back to the frost giant keep. Barely closing the doors before three yeti grapple them. Andy pulls the frost giant body from the other room to help block the door. Using pitons, axes, caltrops, and wedges they block the door. For now.

The group goes downstairs.

Wally Walrus, “Oh hello. Did you bring my snackage? I could use a small snack.” He eyes Jimmy as his stomach rumbles. Wally is giant awaken walrus. He has shaped most of the bottom floor into a giant skating ice rink. He was awakened by some frost druids but those have not been back for some days. Some rations are exchanged for information.

Wally Walrus, “I am the grader. You have to pass a series of tests to open the treasure door. No one so far has completed the tests. No, I not giving a clue because that would be cheating on my part. Cheating is allowed. If you complete the test, I give a pass or fail grade. What happens after that, I don’t know because no one has completed all the tests. Choose a door and the tests begin.”

The group chooses the north door. Three frost giants are waiting. Midi speaks with dead and the undead start answering him. How speak with dead allows you to talk to undead, we don’t know the dm just rolled with it. Midi finds out frost giant skeletons lie with their face and try to split him in two. After a great casting of turning undead, and focus fire. The frost giant skeletons are dead. (Midi has been lucky with turn undead. It has mostly worked all season.) Behind the skeletons is the room with the queen of frost giants incased in ice. The each of the group gives blood and the queen moves aside revealing a giant frost giant axe which shrinks to Andy’s size.

Wally Walrus, “Strange. No one has ever chosen that door. Pass.”

The next door is north east. But an argument breaks out. Sandoval, Midi, and Vellynne want to take a long rest in her Tiny Hut, the rest want to push on. The split the party. The brave enter the test of endurance, the cowards hide in the hut. About fifteen hours later.

Wally Walrus, “Test of Endurance. Three Cheaters. Three passes. One Fail.” (No. Not talking about tests. Auril said the DM gives out no spoilers.)

The next door they choose is the south east door. A few days later they return.

Wally Walrus, “Test of isolation. All pass. Yes, some of you are mad in not a good way but that is why spell scrolls exist.”

Astryal by Tuk’n Rol Telephone, “You drop off the telepathic grid I had information about the attacks. Goblins have stolen the shield guardian.”

DM, “Shut Astryal, I will give the full information to the group at the end of write up.”

They choose the south door and nothing happens.

Wally Walrus, “Sigh. I told you that is treasure door. Choose another.”

The group chooses the south west door.

Wally Walrus, “Test of Preservation. All pass.”

The group chooses the last door.

Wally Walrus, “Test of cruelty. Two fails. Five passes. Listen to locks.”

The southern door opens. In the first room are ice tablets mention the four tests. In second room is the Codicil of White. As some of the group are reading the tome; Gold Fine, Andy, and Sandoval hear whispers from last room.

Sandoval, “Tuk’n Rol use your telephone thingy to listen in.”

Tuk’n Rol, “Well maybe if you open the door, it will become clear.” Sandoval opens the door.

Auril, “Get the cotton of your ears. Hello is this thing on. Sound check. Sound check. Oh. Hmmm. Will you court death to receive my blessing?”

Gold Fine, “NO!” The rest answer yes.

Suddenly, Tuk’n Rol and Andy are turned to solid ice. Sandoval’s eyes turn ice blue and get the blessing.

Auril, “Hmm. Hey people. Remember the Yeti. Look to stair well. Seems they have broken in.”

The fight lasts a little bit even when the fourth bigger yeti enters the fight. The group is trying to figure out what to do with the two statues.

Vellynne, “I got the secret. Let’s go.”

Midi, “As goddess, she was that tough.”

Auril, “OH really. I coming down there.”

Andy, “But you said you can’t come down here.”

Auril, “Shut up. You are frozen and the DM said that. My Let’s. Midi. Trash Talking a goddess where she can hear you. Not to wise. If you make to the stairs you can leave.” Auril appears in the center of the ice rink. Wally Walrus gets out the way. The combat is swift with the group only losing Vellynne and the two statues. (Especially since the DM and players totally forgot the ice rink was difficult terrain for everyone but the boots people.)

The group make for the dock to find Auril has deposited the two statues there. As they take a whale trip home. Astryal updates the group. Sunblight attacked on Mirtul 15.

Bremen Population 0. Caer-Konig Population 0 Duergar forces wiped out the town. Bryn Shander Population 64. Easthaven Population 24. Lonelywood Population 68. Either the population are hiding in the ruins or nearby woods of these three cities.

Targos Population 476 Xardorok ally. Termalaine population 549 Xardorok ally. Except for the goblin attacks which sold the shield guardian back no attacks on these. But the goblins are still allied with the original Ten Towns and are making raids on Targos and Termalaine hunting parties.

Caer-Dineval Population 20 in castle. Cultist Avarice with her two gargoyles have joined Termalaine. The remain six towns people including the speaker were sacrificed. Avarice wants to join the group to lost city of Ythryn.

The kobold mines 23+ kobolds, one mummy, one awakened shrub, one ancient white dragon. Kobold scouts have been seen inside Termalaine.
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Rotten DM
I played Auril a little nice but arrogant. I could had all the yeti attack at once but it would not been nice. And when Midi started trash talking the goddess, I knew I had to throw her into combat.


Rotten DM
Caught another mistake. The Bless of Auril turns you into ice. It should had be ran like a stone to flesh spell. Edited my write up.


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Session 17


Fireball to Right of me. Fireball to left of me. Run! Flameskulls bad.

Days 150 -158

Mirtul 26 7 AM –Kythorn 4 7AM 1489 16 days to summer solstice

Day 887+ with no sun.

Time Started 5:38 PM End Time 9:31 PM

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 238 Villains Captured 23 Villains Escaped 20

Gain 240 GP.

Magic Items. Bag of Holding, Ring of Ram made of chardalyn. If Detect Evil or good is cast. The ring is Evil. Mystryl Holy Symbol.

I had my group preroll the wandering monster checks for the trip to the glacier.
I had a strong group of 6. Tuk’n Rol Aberrant Mind 3 Artificer 5. Jimmy Swashbuckler 3, Gloomstalker 5. Andy Rune Knight 8. Sandoval Gloom Stalker 5 Fighter 3. Midi Cleric 8. Gold Fine artificer 8. Some rebuilds new to new information from Adventure League which allow all pcs a free rebuild.

I also stole Astryal for an NPC for the opening scene.

Sandoval is opening his morning paper when a messenger from Targos drops a scroll off telling him to read it now. It is from Naerth Maxildanarr. It reads. “Fool. RUN!”. As he is wondering what is happening Astryal on the Telepathy Phone rings in.

Astryal, “WHAT THE! HOW. COULD.” A minute of cussing later. “Calm. I don’t know why you and Tuk’n Rol murdered those two people last night at midnight in Targos. But you left witnesses. Witnesses which know you should be dead. As you were a sacrifice to Auril during Uktar 1488. Towns people of Targos are petitioning to get me to send you Targos to redo the sacrifice.”

Sandoval, “You know this is set up. We didn’t assassinate anyone last night.”

About a two-hour discussion goes by with the best idea of getting out town before the mobs try to take Sandoval by force. The party loads up and forgets to buy rations. And runs away from the town. Okay they boldly go forth to save Two Towns.

The seven-day journey is not pleasant. As fate, the DM, and bad wandering monster rolls hate the party. A Yeti tries to eat them and their igloo. A frost druid and three swarms of Awaken squirrels try to kill Jimmy for his murdering their white moose friend. (Jimmy had killed by moose secret and rolled Frost druid encounter.) An awaken snowy owlbear made Andy his cuddle buddy while the party dispatched a Frost Giant who was hunting it. On the morning of the seventh day, an Elk Tribe lead by Mjenir and Hengar Aesnvaard. Mjenir mentions the Tiger Tribe has declared war on the pcs. The Elk tribe will protect them. Around 2 PM the group arrives at the site and speaks the poem to open the glacier. Foul air blows out. The Elk Tribe will stand guard.

The two Gloomstalker lead the group sixty feet in front of the party as the caves are dark. Gold Fine finally remembers he has darkvision on his spell list and casts it on Midi the only normal vision person. (GOLD FINE will remember to preselect his spells for the next game.)

The front porch is empty just a strangely shaped room. The second room has additional four exits. The third room has a tower and retaining wall.

As the main party enters the second room Professor Skant starts giggling about the ancient air ship. And wonders where the bodies of the dead crew members could be.

Six flameskulls light up and rise from the wreckage.

Jimmy, “Sandoval why is there dim light behind us.”

Sandoval, “Because the DM is a BEEP. And we missed something.”

Midi, “RUN. I will turn the flame skulls.”

The flame skulls are divided. Two flee due to turning undead toward the Gloomstalkers. The screams of pain as four fireballs go off awaken a kobold vampire spawn which rushes toward Jimmy nearly biting him on the behind. The shatter spell alerts some of dungeon.

Two hours and a short rest later. Two flameskulls have fled deeper into the glacier. The party retreated out of glacier for a long rest.

Bremen Population 0. Caer-Konig Population 0 Duergar forces wiped out the town. Bryn Shander Population 64. Easthaven Population 24. Lonelywood Population 68 20 Tribal Warriors 2 veterans.
Targos Population 474 Xardorok ally. One priest. One Druid. One Mage. 20 Tribal Warriors. 2 Veterans. Termalaine population 549 Xardorok ally. Two priest. One Druid. Two Mage. 10 Miners with guard stats.

Caer-Dineval Population 20 in castle.

The kobold mines 23+ kobolds, one mummy, one awakened shrub, one ancient white dragon.


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Session 18

Chapter 6

Cleaning out the dungeon.

Days 158 -159

Kythorn 4 7AM To Kythorn 5 7 AM.

Day 895+ with no sun.

Time Started 5:55 PM End Time 9:10 PM

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 266 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 24

Story Award A haunting I will go. Four times. (No, I not telling what it does. Yet.)

Magic Item. Iron Golem Head being protected by Elk Tribe. Thermal Cube. Mantle of Spell Resistance. Staff of Charming made of Chardalyn with the flaw of “I like to give orders and expect to be obeyed”. If you take the staff you take the flaw.

Yisebek Spellbook, Alter Self, Cloudkill, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Fly, Fabricate, Greater Invisibility, Lighting Bolt, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Misty Step, Sending, Shield, Suggestion, Web, & Witch Bole

I had an average group of 5. Jimmy Swashbuckler 3, Gloomstalker 5. Andy Rune Knight 8. Sandoval Gloom Stalker 5 Fighter 3. Midi Cleric 8. Gold Fine artificer 8.

The group snuck in the dungeon in the morning on the look out for Flameskulls. No luck. Exploring a toppled tower, all but Sandoval fall into a Remorhaz tunnel. Sliding down the ice slide both Jimmy and Gold Fine were enjoying themselves until they hit bottom. Jimmy spun to right avoiding a warm pond of water.

Jimmy, “What is a warm pond of water doing here?”

Gold Fine gasping as he had nearly slid in, “I don’t know. It is 49 degrees below zero before wind chill and I…”

Andy, “CANNONBALL!” He slides into Gold Fine and both go into the drink. They both sink into the warm water.

Andy, “Gold Fine no peeing in the pool.”

Gold Fine, “I did not pee. You peed.”

Andy, “That depends but I didn’t pee.”

Gold Fine, “Then why is the water warm?”

Gold Fine’s Mech Dog, “Um. A mommy Remorhaz which is about to chop you master!”

(ARGH! I hate Tasha’s Stone Rune. Good thing it once per short rest.) Remorhaz Jr attacks out another pool and charges Jimmy. Sandoval hears the combat and arrives just into time to kill Jr. Gold Fine mostly dies twice or three times due the hear effect of mommy dearest and the people out the pool shooting with disadvantage.

The group explores the central part of the dungeon. Killing off all the Remorhaz. But their actions and the hostile magic of Netherese begins to haunt them. They see things not there. Absent friends’ breath on their necks. Mom’s bake cookies for them. By the end of day, they would be visited by four hauntings.

The group meets and nearly defeats Tekeli-li but does kill his light bulb Darryl. This starts a war with vampires of caves of hunger. Sandoval is ticked off. He orders the party hunt down the Gnoll vampire.

The group explores the north east part of dungeon clearing out various undead. (Told you Midi this where you would shine. Even if you have darkvision on.)

Midi, “Shadows, Wraith, On my.”

In one part of the Northeast of Caves of Hunger, the group comes across a cave full of ice statues made in the from of Icewind Dale Kobolds. Everyone but Jimmy starts to destroy them.

Jimmy, “Why are you destroying them. They are beautiful. You should do that. It probably took…”

Andy Icewind Kobold Vampire Spawn, “a lot of work and time. You freaking art critics. First we going to kill shorty and then you.”

Jimmy, “But I am a Gloomstalker and invisible.”

DM, “Just go with the flow and I only rolled a five initiative.” 5.5 seconds later. “By you losers. Um Bye. We are losing. Change you tomorrow.”

The group kills a wraith the next round and finds it body and loots in. The decide to explore the north west part of caves. They find the head of an iron golem which Gold Fine was to rebuild. They try to make in answer questions but it can only blink yes and no. They also find a red button which gives them a guided tour of the caves. (I will print out a map for you next week with parts you have explored.)

The guided tour shows them two vampire nests, and a small group of Drow. They take a short rest and decide to assault the drow. Midi enters first.

Midi, “I order you to stand down and surrender.”

Meldrirn, “Look at this Tlaknar. A surface dweller tells us to stand down. I bet he is the one who threw dead kobolds down on us three months ago.”

Tlaknar pushing his glasses back up on his face, “Well actually that was four and half months of ago. I say will kill them.”

Sandoval, “Good idea.”

Two rounds with both Meldrirn and drow mage which the party did not get introduced to dead; Tlaknar, “I changed my mind. I surrender.” Tlaknar during questioning back at the Eld tribe reveals the following. The tunnel to Necropolis. The spear buried near by is magical but only the dead drow mage knew what kind. The location of one the vampire nest the party has already destroyed. The hauntings had an effect but only the dead drow mage knew what it was. The fruit in the grove is magical.

Known Villains Tekeli-li Gnoll Vampire. Andy Icewind Kobold Vampire Spawn. Betty Icewind Kobold Vampire Spawn. Cindy Icewind Kobold Vampire Spawn. Freddy Flameskull. Fredrick Flameskull. Derrick Flameskull.

Captured villains Tlaknar Drow Elite warrior.

Ten Town Population NO CHANGES. Hey, It has only been one day


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Session 19

Chapter 6 & 7

Dating the Night Life.

Days 159 -161

Kythorn 5 7 AM – Kythorn 7 7 AM

Day 896+ with no sun.

Time Started 5:42 PM End Time 9:55 PM

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 278 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 28

Magic Items Trophy of Good Luck (Luck stone) two feet high and ten inches wide.

This is two sessions in one write up. Everyone but Tuk’n Rol gain a level, 240 gp and 20 downtime days. So next week Tuk’n Rol will still be level 8 and everyone else level 9.

I had a strong group of 5. Jimmy Swashbuckler 3, Gloomstalker 5. Andy Rune Knight 8. Sandoval Gloom Stalker 5 Rogue 2 Cleric 1. Midi Cleric 8. Gold Fine artificer 8.

Tuk’n Rol use his telepathy phone to connect Jimmy with Angajuk the awaken sperm whale. Jimmy was awakened while sleeping at his guard post.

Angajuk, “Hey guys. I kind of having a bad week. See I was sleeping when Auril’s roc Iskar kind of pick me up.”

Jimmy, “wait a minute. Are you two dating?”

Angajuk, “NO. FISH AND FOWL don’t mix. You have a foul mind.!”

Jimmy, “Sorry. But.”

Angajuk, “Never mind that. I got a question.”

Jimmy, “Go ahead.”

Angajuk, “Are you guys near a huge glacier with a hole in it?”

Jimmy, “Yes how do you know that?”

Angajuk, “Never mind that. I got another question.”

Jimmy, “Go ahead.”

Angajuk, “Does your campsite have three fires going?”

Jimmy, “Yes but how do you know that?”

Angajuk, “Never mind that. I got still another question.”

Jimmy, “Go ahead.”

Angajuk, “Are you near the third fire which closest to the hole in the glacier?”

Jimmy, “Yes. How do you know that?”

Angajuk, “Never mind that. You may want to run!”

Jimmy, “Why?”

Angajuk, “Look up!” Jimmy sees darker darkest. “This going to hurt whales are not meant to fly. I die. I die miles from the ocean. Killed by Iskra white roc.”

A huge splat of a too many ton sperm whale hitting the fire and tents around camp fire three is heard. Killing off four members of the Elk Tribe. The evil Iskra white roc of Auril has murdered.

Midi, “Spare the dying.”

(DM pounds head against table as he was trying to kill off the group allies. Just like evil villains do.)

Sandoval, “Ok. We have a huge sperm whale 40 plus miles from the ocean. And you guys want to save him. How are we going to get him to water? Where is the nearest water? I say we kill him now.”

Angajuk, “Hey I can see and hear you. If I had hands, I would be flipping you off.”

Sandoval, “Shut Big blubber butt.”

(Dm watches the group take about 20 minutes on various ways to save the whale. Most wants to save him but no good solution is coming to mind. Sandoval wants to kill him. DM comes up with idea.)

Mjenir, Hengar, and the surviving two members agree to call in other members of the Elk tribe and drag the whale to safety. (How that the DMs trouble and the river is only 9.5 miles away. Hey the players are using the big map I made. Yeah!)

Hengar, “During the night. The Caves glowed with bright light occasionally. No, we didn’t enter. Flameskull fireball me is right out. You are the heroes. Well, most of you are!”

The group enters. Icicles are growing up from the floor. The group notices murder holes have been melted into the ceiling of each cavern they enter.

Jimmy entering one cave, “It is trap.” As the cave lights up with bright light.

Freddy Flameskull, “Yes for you or is me.”

Combat with most of the surviving flameskulls and Icewind kobold vampire spawn starts. (Note I gave the flameskulls three quarters cover and for rule of cool nuke some of PC ignore cover abilities.). One hard fight later, the group does not remember the Gnoll Vampire Tekeli-li did not fight. (DM. YES VILLAIN ESCAPED.)

The group explores the rest of dungeon. Releasing a mummy which pads Gold Fine’s dog on the head before heading south. Going made for four or five hours. Finding out Tekeli-le moved his nest. Gold Fine was nearly eaten by a spitting wall.

They come across a magical pear tree grove. Jimmy and Hathowyn the dryad announce their wedding plans. (Inspiration to Jimmy for going with the flow and dating the dryad.) The group leaves the happy couple to explore the rest of caves. Sandoval finds a magic spear.

Andy speaks with some one-eyed critters which tell him. Cryolathes, a powerful Netherese archwizard, watches over Ythryn. He has lost not only his mind, but most of his body as well. All that remains of him is a floating human skull. Giant floating hands made of magical force wander around in the city. Ythryn mythallar won’t function properly as long as the Spindle—a powerful artifact dating back 40,000 years—remains in the city. The artifact is located within the city’s central spire. One must perform a ritual to enter Ythryn’s central spire. Somewhere in Ythryn is a scroll that can summon the Tarrasque.

On the morning of Kythorn 6, 1489, Jimmy wakes up well rested and asks to go play with boys. Hathowyn agrees. However, Sandoval has a big problem. A really big problem. He has grown over night to twenty-one fee. He is the sized of a freaky frost giant. (And will remember bring a Frost Giant mini next week.)

The group follows the south tunnel for ten or so miles arriving about five PM. The Necropolis of Ythryn is at forty-five-degree angle. A green radiation glow covers the ceiling and every fifty feet is a continual flame torch. (HA HA. NO more gloom stalker being invisible. The DM stops his dance before the two players give him a wedgie.) The group decides to search each building and location for answers. (The dm waving all the magic items they could find, may have helped their decision. I cut up all the common magic items and put them into a plastic Tupperware tub.)

The group does get into a profession game of (SKIP Spoilers). In which they win the trophy cup which counts a good luck stone. They start exploring rooms and come up with some lore, no magic, but a chardalyn wand spell focus. Some wandering monsters are fought.

During the night Angajuk wakes up Tuk’n Rol complaining on being bit on the tale. The group decides the Elk tribe is eating him.

On the morning of Kythorn 7, Jimmy wakes up with clammy skin.

Three new villains are in play. And Two and Half Towns have suffered no deaths.
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Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Session 20

Chapter 7

Boys in Blue

Days 161-162

Kythorn 7 7 AM – Kythorn 8 7 AM

Day 898+ with no sun.

Time Started 5:40 PM End Time 9:40 PM

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 302 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 28

Magic items Only Common.

Ok, Sorry I trouble communicating with you this Saturday. Old Age Fog I guess.

I had a strong group of six. Sandoval Gloomstalker 5, cleric 1, fighter 1, rogue 2. Jimmy Swashbuckler 4 Gloom 5. Andy Fighter 8 babarian1. Gold Fine Artificer 9. Tuk’n Rol Clockwork 3, Scribe wizard 5. Midi Cleric 9. Note Sandoval is Frost Giant size. DMs and player needs to remember that.

Blight. Every 12 hours those who are healthy roll a DC 15 Con Save. It is a magical. If you catch it, after a long rest the save dc is 15. If you SUCCEED it decreases by the d6 you rolled a few days ago.

Jimmy Blight state 2. Clammy Hands and loss of your hair. State 1 Midi and Gold Fine Clammy Hands. Blight adds “I don’t trust anyone” to your flaws. Greater restoration resets to healthy but does not make you immune.

On the morning of Kythorn 7, Jimmy woke up with clammy hands and did not trust his party anymore, he had dream they were flirting with his wife and shoving slush balls down his pants. As the group broke camp, they discuss the previous day’s events. Trying to loot all the buildings was turning up loot but no real information. It seems the most intact buildings held the better loot and information.

(DM NOTES. The party had played enough in the Chapter. I gave the option of continuing to loot everything and the chances of loot vs wandering monsters. Or hitting the numbered encounters and chance of wandering monsters. They choose numbered encounters.)

The group goes to raid the museum first. Tuk’n Roll puts an Alarm spell going to lower level. The Ground floor and second level gift shop has been looted by another adventuring party. But the upper level still has a rope and sign saying “Closed for clean” across the stairway. Sandoval picks up the rope and tosses down the center opening. On the upper chamber suspended by fifty foot columns is an ancient skeleton of perhaps a purple worm. Dust starts floating down. A growl is heard from above and the skeleton starts shaking.

The group spends two rounds killing the skeleton and it comes crashing down. The head of it slams down on top of Midi. Then the Spitting Mimics attack. They were the pillars. (YES PUMP FAKE the players for two rounds before the start of real combat.) They make short work of the mimics and as Sandoval is lifting the skull off of Midi, Tuk’n Rol’s Alarm spell goes off. Gold Fine look down the center opening but does not id the six or eight monsters coming up from the lower level. The group decides to wait on the monsters. They lay spike growth and web at the stair entrance. This trap stops all but one Nothic in the stairwell landing. The escape Nothic winks at Jimmy and smiles.

Jimmy, “But I hidden.”

DM, “It Makes eye contact and winks at you. Let the DM have his foreshadowing moment.”

Jimmy, “But I got 26 on my hidden roll.” (This one just one of many moments of miscommunications between the dm and group. I am foreshadowing the blight.)

The group kills off the Nothics and are mad at the lack of loot except for a common item. They take a short rest.

They find the tower of Abjuration. Gold Fine can’t decipher the runes but opens the door anyway. All the pcs enter the chamber and climb the 200 feet stairwell to the top. (How a Frost got to top of tower. The player was only using his regular mini. I went and got a Frost Giant mini out my collection after this.) Professor Skant translation the hammer’s ability which is able to destroy magic items. The group finds the first part to bring down the deflector shield which surrounds the center spire. Leaving the tower, they come across the boys in blue. Okay lots of blue constructs. Okay. The blue robocops. Some which fly. Gold Fine faints. (Not really I just trigger the symbol failure.) The group murder the cops.

Moving clockwise they find the prison. Looting um I mean a very careful search finds the infirmary behind a collapsed wall. Tuk’n Rol see an operating table cover with a sheet. The sheet is breathing in. Removing the debris, the group enter the infirmary. Gold Fine dispels the sequester spell on the victim. Xerophon awakens after a few minutes of talking with Professor Skant, he switches to the base common tongue. Xerophon was a manservant of Iriolarthas sent to prison to be experimented on because Iriolarthas’ Earl Grey Tea was not hot enough. Iriolarthas was the high mucky muck of the town. And the chief pilot who was flying Ythryn to frozen north in search of Spock. Um, in search of relics of Ostoria an empire of magic using giants.

Xerophon, “Five hours, five days, One Thousand Eight hundred thirty two years! I don’t care. I will help you take down Iriolarthas.” (Use guard stats for him.) “Plus I know the locals to get the lore to help bring the shield down.” After about three hours of talking and debriefing, the group heads out to the tower of conjuration. Since Sandoval is too big to fit in the tower, he waits outside.

The group climbs the 200 feet to top of the tower to find huge Bigby grasping hands. A long fight later the hands are defeated and a living doorway appears. Jimmy, Gold Fine and Tuk’n Rol enter to find three nice aunties knitting. The door locks behind them. The aunties flirt with the trio for a few minutes. The trio discovers a second piece of lore. But the door will not open. Auntie Pinch gives them an offer. Lose a memory or stay here and eat stale ham and cheese sandwiches forever. They chose memories. Jimmy lost his memories of his sister to Auntie Pinch. Gold Fine lost his memories of his parents to Auntie Pillage. Tuk’n Rol lost his memories of his former life to Auntie Plunder.

Arriving back in the prime plane, the trio updates the rest. The group decides to bed down for the night. (And it was about time to end the session.)

The Morning of Kythorn 8 the group awakens to discover Jimmy has lost all his hair overnight. Midi and Gold Fine have awakened with clammy hands and don’t trust the party anymore. The temperature has dropped back to -49 F. Midi mentions he saw a raven fly by the window.

DM Notes. Greater Restoration will reset the blight. Greater Restoration will shrink Sandoval. You can go shopping for components between sessions. It is an action to read the Tarrasque scroll. I will consider this the end game immediately button except for the walk home. Anyone can use this. The whale is now a vampire spawn. The Gnoll vampire may have entered Ten-towns now. It is 12 days to the Summer solstice.


Rotten DM
Icewind Dale Session 21

Chapter 7

Tuesday Child is Full of Tarrasque

Days 162-172

Kythorn 8 7 Am to Kythorn 18 7 AM

Days with no sun 902. 6 Sunny Days with no night.

Time Started 5:41 PM End Time 9:54 PM

PC Killed 7 Monsters Killed 330 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 30

Magic items Necklace of Fireballs 6 beads, Bag of beans 10 beans, Abracadabrus,

Professor Skant rare,

Level up to 10, 120 gp, 20 downtime days. Level Up to 11, 240 gp, 20 downtime days.

Story Award for everyone but Midi and Gold Fine

Blessing of the Frostmaiden. Your eyes become as cold as ice. You gain immunity to cold damage. In addition, you can cast the cone of cold spell (save DC 15) once. You regain the ability to cast this spell when you finish a long rest.

This was two session in one write up.

I had a strong group of six. Sandoval the Fake Frost Giant Ranger 5 Cleric 1 Rogue 2. Midi Cleric 9. Gold Fine Artificer 9. Andy barbarian 1, rune knight 8. Tuk’n Rol Sorcerer 3 Wizard 6. Jimmy Swashbuckler 4 Gloomstalker 5.

The Morning of Kythorn 8 the group awakens to discover Jimmy has lost all his hair overnight. Midi and Gold Fine have awakened with clammy hands and don’t trust the party anymore. The temperature has dropped back to -49 F. Midi mentions he saw a raven fly by the window.

Leaving the tower of Divination, they move tower of Necromancy. They find a floating wizard the High Necromancer of Necromancy Cadavix. He is ordering hundreds of clawing claws to rebuild his tower. Midi wants to turn him but saner heads rule out. After buttering him up for five minutes Cadavix mentions the seventh clue to bringing down the deflector shield is buried with him. So Cadavix gets free labor to dig out his body. And the group gets the clue.

About a block after leaving the tower the group comes across ten Black Swords under the command of Avarice. Avarice is one of cultists from Caer-Dineval castle. Bob Black Sword approaches the group to ask for an alliance against Auril who is hunting them.

Auril telepathically speaks to Sandoval, “Oh my. How big you got my lover. What big eyes you have. What big hands you got. And we all know what that means. Watch. Out my minions are coming!”

From behind the Black Swords come two Frost Giant Skeletons.

Auril’s voices echoes though out the town, “Choose! Alliance or Death!” Her skeletons attack the Black Swords. The group allies with Auril.

Auril, “Beware. Avarice my minions now hunt you. Minions. You amuse me. Carry on trying to get the shield down.”

Visiting the tower of Evocation is boring as only the fifth clue and frozen skeleton are in the tower. Leaving the tower, the group comes across another police squad of blue fighters and monks. The cops gain up on Midi first then pile on Andy. (Andy only lives due to rage, runes, and other stuff.) The group takes a short rest before moving on.

The tower of Illusion defeats everyone but Midi, Jimmy and Gold Fine. A dispel magic from Midi reveals the sixth clue. The Tower of Enchantment nearly had Midi crowning himself a gawd but he was too wise for that. In the Tower of Transmutation Gold Fine use of mending fixes, the eighth clue. (Milestone advancement to level 10. Snack break. Session Break.)

The group takes a long rest and wakes up at 1 AM Kythorn 9. Gold Fine use of a special ability, and Midi casting Greater Restoration leaves only Gold Fine with Blight at level 1. (And his dc goes down by 6. (Grumble Rumble Pout.)

The group performs the ritual and the screen comes down. As the approach the center spire, the group spies Auril on the second-floor balcony. She throws a handkerchief to Sandoval. As he picks in up, he shrinks to normal size. (DM Note. As a Frost Giant Sandoval would had not fit into the final spire. So, I made him normal size but gave him disadvantage because he was still thinking he was giant size. Okay real reason. I wanted the player to get back into the game and combat.)

The Majordomo tries to stop the group from entering but is destroyed in seconds. The group enters the Spire of Iriolarthas. To discover a party is going on. Or an illusion of a party is going on. Midi and Tuk’n Rol choose partners of the nobles which are present. Midi chats up his dance partner but comes a social no no. Which drops the illusion and reveals three wizards which have their brain in a jar. The Jar Heads start reaching for spell focuses and are shot down by the party.

Tuk’n Rol gets the brilliantly evil idea of using arcana eye, and Jimmy’s super stealth to explore the first level. (Grumble. Taking a short cut. Grumble.) Using the information gathered, the group raids the staff armory room and steal the dead mage’s staves. Tuk’n Rol crashes the wine tasting party and steals the wine cooler aka the Abracadabrus.

Enter the lab, the group meets the High Nerd Veneranda an artificer who has put her brain in a jar. The discussion of them putting their brain in a jar goes nowhere. But she does suggest with Iriolarthas’ staff of power and using a ritual at the black obelisk; she could reverse time and get the city floating again. The group agrees to this. (LIARS!)

The group heads toward the stairs and meets Everlast. They bluff him since Tuk’n Rol has disguise self himself as a brain in a jar. They here to help rebuild the city. Everlast lets them pass. Entering the second level they are stopped briefly by three living blades of death. (RUNE KNIGHTS SUCK redirecting 78 points of damage to another living blade. Rune knights suck.)

Opening the testing chamber both Gold Fine and his dog lose to a Stone to Flesh spell. Midi cast greater restoration on Gold Fine. (Combat all night. Good rolls all night. And So far, I have only killed the contrast doggy. BOO!) The group says the name of high Abjurer and enters the next chamber. The chamber of the Ebony Star has eight chairs, some double doors leading to balcony, a glowing hologram star map with the stars being two thousand years out of date. A small Demilich.

Andy, “Did you say Demilich. I could swear you said Demilich.”

Iriolarthas, “So I lost my head over the pass few hundred years. Sit down. We must discuss why you have entered my spire. Why are you here? What are your names. SIT DOWN!”

The balcony doors blow open. Auril enters and everything is covered in a rime of frost. Auril, “I think everyone needs to sit down and CHILL THE HELL OUT!”

Sandoval goes and sits on the floor at Auril’s feet. The rest take a seat in one of the eight chairs. Auril, “Why should I not make you popsicles and use this Demilich as hood ornament on my VW bus?” The group breaks out in a cold sweat.

Sandoval, “Because I have the means for you to destroy ten towns and everyone who has disrespect you.” He holds up a scroll. “The Scroll of Tarrasque Summoning!”

Auril, “You would give this to me. And become my worshippers?” She reads the scroll and an evil cold grin breaks her face.

Sandoval, “Yes my goddess.”

Jimmy, “Aye. And I need to get back to my wife.”

Andy, “Sure whatever.”

Tuk’n Rol, “Yes.”

Gold Fine, “No.”

Midi, “Um, Can I just leave and run away to Waterdeep.”

Sandoval, “Don’t kill those two please.”

Auril, “I will give you two days of running. Leave my presence. You others have my blessing.” The Midi and Gold Fine flee the city. The group talks Auril into letting them fall back to Caves of Hunger. Auril reads the scroll two days later destroying the endless winner.

The group sans Jimmy who is staying with his dryad wife leaves the caves of hunger. Using his telepathy Tuk’n Rol warns the other PCs and friendly NPCs to flee Ten Towns. On the way to Ten Towns, they meet the Mammoth Mafia who all members have been awaken due to friendly Ice Druids.

They talk with Arveiaturace. Arveiaturace, “You know what I traded one of you magic items for a scroll of Greater Restoration. I can see you all now.”

Tuk’n Rol, “You can’t do that. That is illegal in Adventure League.”

Arveiaturace, “Not if the DM has declared me a PC. I am a PC now. Thanks for letting know about the Tarrasque. I will let my kobold friends know.

On Kythorn 18 7 AM the group arrives at Termaline and buy bus tickets for Waterdeep. They don’t tell the town people. And the will not set for another month.


Population before Tarrasque arrival. Bryn Shander Population 63. Easthaven Population 23. Lonelywood Population 68. Targos Population 473 Xardorok ally. Termalaine population 545 Xardorok ally.

RIP TEN Towns. And the Realms. Mjenir vampire spawn. Hengar vampire spawn. Gnoll Vampire Tekeli-li.

Villains Escaped Xardorok pass ruler of Ten Towns. Angajuk vampire spawn whale.

Stats 172 Adventuring Days 8 days short of a half a year. K/D Ratio 47.14.


An abracadabrus is an ornate, gemstone-studded wooden chest that weighs 25 pounds while empty. Its interior compartment is a cube measuring 1½ feet on a side.

The chest has 20 charges. A creature can use an action to touch the closed lid of the chest and expend 1 of the chest’s charges while naming one or more nonmagical objects (including raw materials, foodstuffs, and liquids) worth a total of 1 gp or less. The named objects magically appear in the chest, provided they can all fit inside it and the chest doesn’t contain anything else. For example, the chest can conjure a plate of strawberries, a bowl of hot soup, a flagon of water, a stuffed animal, or a bag of twenty caltrops. Food and drink conjured by the chest are delicious, and they spoil if not consumed after 24 hours. Gems and precious metals created by the chest disappear after 1 minute.

The chest regains 1d20 expended charges daily at dawn. If the item’s last charge is expended, roll a d20. On a 1, the chest loses its magic (becoming an ordinary chest), and its gemstones turn to dust.

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