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Justice League: So, who's seen the Snyder Cut?

wicked cool

Finally watched it (over 2 nights). Was excellent. Far superior to the original cut which I never finished

the comparison to the Dracula/mummy movie isn't fair. Those movies are just bad movies. However the invisible man works and the best invisible man movie I have ever seen. the invisible man has tension drama etc while the mummy is more action leads to more action and no real horror

The Snyder cut ending begs for a sequel. I cant spoil much I would be first in line (it take a a lot for me to even think that ) to see the ending spun into something by Snyder. I can see why Leto shows such promise as a joker (hints of Jim carrey craziness)

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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
So I watched it ... in one sitting ... this past weekend.

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of the Snyder. I do make fun of him on occasion. I think that 300 was good for its time, but that since then he has had a tendency to go back to the same well of directing tricks and tics with diminishing returns.

He's like Wes Anderson, except instead of twee and intellectual, he's more proto-fascist, and color-desaturated and ... so ... much ... slow .... mo .... and .... excruciatingly on-the-nose imagery. "Really, Superman flies up and lifts his arm in a t-shape? What could that possibly represent?"


That said, I truly enjoyed this. Look, this was never going to be the theatrical release (four hours??!!??!). And as much as the Whedon cut (the final version) pales in comparison, he had to struggle with using a lot of Snyder's footage, re-purposing it while shooting new scenes (and living up to WB's demands that it be funnier, more Marvel-like, etc.), and creating a streamlined cut that you could actually release in theaters.*

But this was really good. I am reminded of BvS; I never saw it in theaters, and by the time I saw it, I watched the extended version, which was fine (it wasn't great... it still had the "Martha" moment). But the additional material actually solved a few of the problems with the theatrical cut, so I would have these conversations with people who only saw the theatrical cut and hated it, and kept getting confused because the problems that they had were no longer there.

But watching this cut of Justice League also made me sad, because this is likely it. Yes, it was indulgent- but Martian Manhunter? The weird post-apocalyptic (Darkseid) world with Batman and the Joker? The extended scenes with Flash and Cyborg? There was just a lot of really good stuff in here that I really enjoyed watching.

The greatest sin of Snyder is that he can take himself (and his subject matter) too seriously at times; but it was also incredibly refreshing to see someone actually take the genre, well, seriously.

*I am not addressing the other issues that have come to light w/r/t Whedon's time on the set.

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