Black Flag [Kobold Press] Tales of the Valiant KS Has Passed $1 Million!

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Marc Radle


Making the ToV Video and Only 2 Days Left!​

Today we have an interview with the team behind the Tales of the Valiant video you see on the main page of this Kickstarter. Our teams had a lot of fun creating the video, and we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

You can watch that interview, complete with some behind-the-scenes looks, here.

We have a little over 48 hours left in this Kickstarter. Over the last few weeks, you have unlocked 17 stretch goals, including backer world submissions, three adventure PDFs, and the How to Speak Draconic and Guide to the Labyrinth PDFs…and now a GM screen, more backer world summaries, and another adventure PDF!!!

Now that we hit the (what we thought was) impossible $1 million stretch goal, let’s see if we can hit 10,000 backers! Be sure to share this Kickstarter far and wide to see how many kobolds we can squeeze into the warrens!

Is Your World Ready?​

Have you prepared your world for submission yet? If not, head over to this update for guidance on preparing your world summary for submission. After the Kickstarter ends, we will post an update here with details on how you can submit your world for consideration for inclusion in Guide to the Labyrinth.

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