D&D 5E [Kobold Press] Vault of Magic is Live!!!

In just the FIRST 2 DAYS, the Vault of Magic Kickstarter has reached more than $160,000, with 2,725 backers, and still climbing!!!

We've smashed through 16 Stretch Goals, including magic items designed by guest designers including Luke Gygax and Deborah Ann Woll!

Jump over and join the fun!


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Pretty much my thoughts as well. I've got plenty of magic item books (all the moreso considering one of my two campaigns has an official material only rule), but Kobold Press has shown their quality and creativity many times over.

Do I really need more magic items? No
Do I need more magic items curated by Kobold Press? Heck yeah!

Vault of Magic Kickstarter First Week Recap!

3,569 backers, $206,638 and still going :)

22 stretch goals unlocked, including:

  • Druidic items
  • Everyday items
  • Bearfolk items
  • Apprentice wands
  • Unique shields
  • Magic arrows and bolts
  • Witchy concoctions (troll blood and magic honey!)
  • Magical contracts
  • Sailing and sea items
  • Elemental items
  • Fabled items (over 20 of them!)
  • Additional art for potions, armor, and weapons
  • Sneak peeks for six guest designer items
WOW! What a week!

To celebrate an amazing first week, we put some new Vault of Magic t-shirts on our apparel website and all that Kobold apparel goodness is 35% off for the entire length of the Kickstarter! If you don't like covering your shiny scales with t-shirts, many of our designs also come as hoodies, throw pillows, mugs, notebooks, tank tops, stickers, and more.


We're almost to $250,000 which unlocks not one but TWO stretch goals!!


AND, be sure to join us today at noon Pacific for Kobold Chats!
Dot sits down with Luke Gygax and Lauren Urban to talk about the magic items they designed for Vault of Magic!

See you there: twitch.tv/KoboldPress


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