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Kulan: Knightfall's Crisis in Bluffside Game [OOC]


World of Kulan DM

At this point, the PCs have several options. You can either enter the wilder Eastern Gardens to hunt for the creature, investigate the shop known as The Crossed Candles (either waiting for Custodio or going in yourselves ahead of time), you can use the crystalline flower to enter the portal into Phelix's Enclave, or you can investigate the missing guards.

Remember that if you go into the extraplanar enclave without knowing the exact phrase, your PCs run the risk of being trapped there. Akos did come up with a few ideas for what might need to be spoken to get in and out safely:
He thinks as he goes through the phrases in his mind
"Open portaly! silly ofcourse...lets see.
'Vrata ludila, otvorite se!' with grand gesturing
'Dome, slatki dome' plus the unlocking movement with the flower
'delCannitha nasljednik ulazi, otvori se' and simply walk toward the wall without flinching - this could hurt if I don't simulate the blood somehow...maybe it's any blood and I need to prick myself on the flower...

OOC: The phrases are in my native language in order:
Gates of madness, open!
Home, sweet home
delCannita scion coming, open! <-- maybe delCannitha scion passing through
Still need two more.
I'm not sure if @Neurotic even came up with the other two phrases. I believe I said that the phrases will allow the PCs to enter without being at risk of being hurt, but there is no guarantee the same phrase will get them out. One of the other phrases might work, but there will be risk.

It's possible that the PCs might discover something at The Crossed Candles or by figuring out what happened to the guards. Note that Custodio did tell you that the owner of the Crossed Candles is widely respected in Old City and if you go in with gusto, you might end up causing an incident that might go against the popularity of group (if you care about that). It might take time for Custodio to convince the Lord Commander to raid the shop with the evidence that you have provided.

Until the PCs get someone to cast legend lore for them, they would be going in blind against the creature. Your PCs have just under an hour and a half of daylight left. When dusk comes, they'd been roaming around the Eastern Gardens in the dark.

They could also follow up on other possible assassinations. Shylock did mention that Phelix's loyalists will be going after their allies... most notably Lady Pomander (one of The Five) and Lord Commander Oakfirst. Now, Custodio will warn the lord commander (who will warn The Five), so you don't have to worry about him unless you want to check on his whereabouts yourselves. (Big Tim and Relgar know that Oakfirst is usually at the Palace or the open-air Tribunal, although he could be at his other home [not where the PCs are staying] right now, since it is so late in the day.) Lady Pomander probably will be at her estate at this time of the day.

While Shylock didn't name anyone else that might be attacked, if there are any other characters that Big Tim and Relgar know well, those NPCs could come under attack too. But, they would have had to have helped the PCs significantly in the past. Since most of the other PCs are new(ish) to the group, their close family and friends aren't like being targeted, yet. Local PCs might have more to lose if Phelix goes after their kin or friends.

Big Tim and Relgar know from their time with a former PC, Terger, that Phelix has several places that interested him in the past (mainly in New City). There is the inn known as The Winsome Heart where he pretended to be a simple caretaker for the inn. He also had a safehouse in New City that was destroyed after a nearby building (with illegal fireworks in the cellar) blew up. Both building are rumored to have deep cellars/complexes in them that held secrets.

The inn was sealed off by the Regulars and no one has been down in it since. The safehouse is in ruins and the whole area has been avoided since the disaster. The Regulars did try to investigate the underpart of the safehouse but it was deemed to treacherous.

Phelix also took an interest in texts in the Teacher's Library and stole several passages out a handful of books; I believe he wrote in/defaced several books on planar lore. He's also been in the tavern known as the Golden Lantern. That is where he set up the traps that were triggered by Relgar. The Growers' Tower that Phelix was using as a workshop (including a planar map carved into the wall) and the portal on the Garden's interior wall are both near that tavern.

If you guys want to know more, it would all be under Knowledge skills, especially local and dungeoneering.

Anyway, taking a break from post for the rest of the day. Might check back in before heading to bed.

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Ooc: I'll be back on Sunday. Right now, we follow the dog. Akos wouldnt know full history so je would go for the beast first, guards second. Custodio took over the assassins


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Alright, so I posted in the IC before reading this. Tuck's instinct is to protect others, particularly those he considers friends, but that's not always the best course of action in a D&D game.

I (as a player) agree that we should stay on course and take the most likely course in finding the renegade. From what I can gather, our best options are searching the destroyed safehouse, trying to get into the extraplanar place, or interrogating the guildmaster of the Brelish Thieves' Guild. Feel free to comment if you don't agree, or have a preference.

Tuck can be swayed easily, but he's not likely to come up with this himself.


World of Kulan DM
I wanted to write my next post tonight before going to bed, but my is mush right now. (I need to sleep very soon.) Will write it tomorrow.


World of Kulan DM
I'm going to give @Scotley and @Scott DeWar (assuming his computer issues are over) a chance to chine in here with what they think the next course of action should be.

Should I assume the rest of you are set on having the PCs go look for the missing guards or check on their allies?

The group does have an urban ranger, so tracking the guards shouldn't be too difficult (not much time has passed since they went missing). If the group chose to search for the guards, the PCs should start from the tower in the Eastern Gardens (where Arcanus Detch is heading to now).

If the group chooses to go check on their allies first, the Tribunal is the closest place (near the old Oakfirst Manor). Lady Pomander's estate sits quite close to the Palace in a walled off area.

I'll post a map for you guys in a bit. Need to have breakfast first. :)


World of Kulan DM
New Players Map of Old City with Key
The Palace: This building was built by the Ancients -- a race that is now long dead and buried.
1a. Grand Stairway/Main Entrance
1b. Balcony of the Five
1c. Southeast Tower
1d. Southwest Tower
1e. Northwest Tower
1f. Northeast Tower
2. Tribunal of Review and Retribution
3. Golden Lantern (tavern): This is where Phelix's magical traps were located. It has seen a decline in patrons since that event.
4. Gardens of Old City/Ascetic's Temple: The temple is the home of the dragori druid Sylemis, which stands just inside the edge of the Eastern Gardens.
4a. Garden Gate: The main gate of the Gardens.
4b. Gate of Lilies: This gate is used more by the richer nobles/merchants.
4c. Old Growers' Tower: This is where Phelix had a laboratory/workshop (w/mad writings and a map of the planes). It is now under the watchful eyes of the Sectarian Guard and the sages of the Teacher's Library.
4d. Western Gardens
4e. Eastern Gardens: This is the wilder part of the Gardens.
4f. Wyndlasmere House: An old manor house turned into a guard post for the Bluffside Elite. This post has been considered an easy/prestigious assignment in the past but since the discovery of the Renegade's workshop, it is now guarded by tougher guards.
4g. Northeastern Garden Tower: This is where the PCs first met the guard (Kaleb) that was attacked by the fake guards and were told about the dangerous creature in the Eastern Gardens.
5. Sublime Bazaar (market)
6. Terger's Old Estate (residence): Both Big Tim and Relgar visited this manor house with Terger before he left.
7. Oakfirst Estate (residence): The Lord Commander's home.
8. Pentad Gate: The main gate into Old City.
9. Rooftop Inn: Relgar visited this inn with the dwarf cleric, Elkgrar.
10. Avenue of Verdure

Dragori Embassy
E2. Sixam ieuna Aerie (winged race)
E3. Tarminan Embassy: This old embassy now stand empty and is boarded up.
E4. Ticinum Delegacy: The coat of arms used by this lands soldiers are very similar to Big Tim's own personal heraldry.
E5. Novarum Embassy
E6. Embassy of the Pertan Alliance
E7. Ravensilath Embassy (elves/fey)
E8. Váradian Embassy
E9. Embassy of High Morria (dwarves)
E10. Oaken Hall (embassy)

The Five
Blander Estate (residence)
F2. Hollingsworth Estate (residence): Lord Mayor Horatio Hollingsworth was recently murdered and the suspect is still at large. The prime suspect is his wife.
F3. Pomander Estate (residence)
F4. Varlan Estate (residence)
F5. Wellington Estate (residence)

Bluffside Regulars Barracks: The Old City Division of the Bluffside Regulars.
H. Old Oakfirst Manor: This is the current headquarters/residence for the PCs. This manor was Lord Commander Oakfirst's childhood home.
M. Museum of Sem La Vah: Relgar has visited this museum in the past and the staff know him.
M1. Archaeologists Guild
M2. Warrensby Manor (residence)
P. The Portal: The location of the planar portal to Phelix's Enclave. The PCs have the crystalline flower that opens the portal but the phrase needed is still a bit ambiguous/risky (?). The portal is being guarded by the Bluffside Elite and the Sectarian Guard.
R. Old City Rift
R1. Riftwatch (governmental)
T. Theater on the Bluff
T1. Throwndown Alley
W. Silver Wyrm (inn)

Old City_Player's Map.jpg
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World of Kulan DM
Relgar will have to fade away back to his home/shop in the Wizard District. The next time someone tries to ask him a question, you find he's not there anymore. He may even leave the city in hopes on not being a target of the renegade.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Seems off to be banned without reason. He may have posted some protected content or something. He didn't seem a guy to insult or otherwise bother the natives