OD&D Like in old (imagined) times

Although I began playing (in truth refereeing ) D&D about 1981, with the Basic Moldvay set and The Keep on the Borderlands, I recently fancied myself with going even more back in time, by mastering G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief to some hapless victims... I mean, players !

Am I right in thinking G1 is the first module ever published by TSR ?

Also, because I find OD&D nigh unreadable (I know, I know... I'm an heretic ;-), I'm thinking of using Sword & Wizardry (Complete ?) to actually master the module.
Will I have thus the ultimate grognard experience ? Or must I tackle some Judges Guild module too ?

Ralif Redhammer

To my understanding, correct, though technically I think you might be able to make a case for the Temple of the Frog adventure included in the Blackmoor supplement. Wee Warriors' is generally considered to have published the first module, Palace of the Vampire Queen, but that's a third party product.

I adore Judges Guild stuff, though the dungeons are definitely of the funhouse variety. 1977's Tegel Manor is a surprisingly atmospheric module for the time, though the map makes my eyes cross.


Although G1 is the first module TSR published, there are a number that were written before it but published after. Tomb of Horrors and Lost Caverns of Tsojconth are two of which I’m aware.

For what is essentially a more readable version of the original game (for levels 1-3 anyway), you might want to have a look at Holmes Basic. It differs in only a few minor points.


I think it sold fairly well. It’s what I started with and was the original “Basic Set”. The Moldvay Basic that you mentioned in your OP was a real revision of D&D whereas Holmes was just going for a more accessible presentation.