D&D 5E List the character types and level of your current 5E games


DM Group 1: Bungle in the Jungle (ToA + Acq Inc)
  • Noël -- male protector aasimar anthropologist, divine soul sorcerer 9
  • Zasheir "Za" Dumein -- male Calishite human urchin, scout rogue 9
  • Keyleth Calabra -- female half-elf folk hero, arcane archer fighter 9 (her human half is Chultan)
  • Ellywick -- female forest gnome cloistered scholar, fey wanderer ranger 9

DM Group 2: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
  • Drogul Stoneshield* -- male gold dwarf outlander, watcher paladin 4 / forge cleric 6
  • Dwarian Stoneshield* -- male gold dwarf soldier, berserker barbarian 10
  • Toyohisa "Hisa" Greywolf -- male half-orc mercenary veteran, samurai fighter 10
  • Fizzy Bladesemmer -- female half-elf Waterdhavian noble, swashbuckler rogue 5 / hexblade warlock 5
  • Jane Vanilla -- female Tethyrian human sage, evoker wizard 10
    *the dwarves are cousins

Player Group 1: Oracle of War (Eberron)
  • Hannibal -- male Brelish human soldier, battle master fighter 5 (my PC)
  • Bathos -- male Brelish human urchin, alchemist artificer 5
  • Bugzy -- male bugbear Cannith agent, wild magic barbarian 5
  • Rex -- male changeling criminal/spy, eloquence bard 5
    *We're getting two more players joining us soon but I don't know much about their characters yet
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My weekly game:
Leonin Conquest Paladin Level 19
Aarakokra Monk Level 19
Human Twilight Cleric Level 18
Half-Elf Sorcerer Level 19
Elf Fighter/Cleric/Rogue Level 18
Minotaur Warlock Level 17

These are my steady players - I have some other players that drop in and out when they are in the area. The level 19 folks have missed one session over the last couple of years at most.


Out of the Abyss (player)
Elf Totem barbarian level 4
Deep gnome Abjuerer wizard level 4
Wood elf Gloomstalker ranger level 4
Half elf Clockwork soul sorcerer level3/Order cleric level 1

Waterdeep: dragon heist (DM) on hiatus
Aasimar War magic wizard level 2
Tabaxi Warlock level 2
Human Paladin level 2
Tiefling Fighter level 2
Half orc Grave cleric level 2
Human Rogue level 2 (currently awaiting trial)


Group 1:

half-elf Sorcerer(Aberrant mind) 8
Eladrin wizard(bladesinger) 6/fighter 2
half-orc barbarian(bear totem) 5/fighter(rune) 3
Firbolg druid(star) 8

Group 2:

Aasimar Paladin(glory) 5
Veldaken wizard(chronomancer) 5
Drow elf monk(kensai) 5
human pugilist(homebrew monk) 5
tiefling warlock(old one) 5


I'm currently between games. The previous two campaigns had:

Group 1:

Half-elf Paladin (Ancients)
Elf Sorcerer (Draconic)
Tiefling Sorcerer (Draconic)
Half-elf Bard (Lore)
Dragonborn Fighter (Champion) *

The characters were level 10 by the end of the campaign.

* The player of this character was largely absent for the latter half of the campaign, so the character was "taken by the Mists", allowing him to be written in/out as needed.

Group 2:

Human Fighter (Champion)
Halfling Bard (Valor)
Wood Elf Rogue (Thief)
Human Wizard (Abjurer)

The characters were level 9 by the end of the campaign.

Storm King's Thunder, PCs

Silver dragonborn devotion paladin level 10
Rock gnome arcane trickster rogue level 10
Human light cleric level 10
Wood elf hunter ranger level 10

Occasional DMPC allies who've travelled with the PCs for significant amounts of time:

Firbolg moon druid level 9/monk level 1
Winged tiefling death cleric, level unknown, but I think slightly lower than the PCs
Winged tiefling/vampire monstrosity blade bard/vengeance paladin, possibly some warlock in there too, level unknown but lots


One just beat the BBG culminating the past year and the other is waiting for schedules and interests to realign to see if it continues...

15th level - Homebrew
Dragonborn (Metallic) Sorcerer (Draconic)
Dwarf (Mountain) Wizard (Evocation)
Elf (High) Fighter (Eldritch Knight
Halfling (Lightfoot) Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
Human Wizard (Necromancy)
Human Fighter (Champion)

5th level - Remix of Goodman Modules
Bugbear Ranger (Gloom Stalker)
Grippli Cleric (Twilight Domain)
Hobogoblin Paladin (Oath of Crown)
Yuan-Ti Pureblood Bard (College of Whispers)
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20th level (Forgotten Realms)
Halfling wizard (divination)
Halfling Barbarian (ancestors)
Half drow cleric (Twighlight)
Warforged fighter/artificer (gunslinger)
Vuman monk/ranger/rogue (shadow)
Dwarf fighter (rune knight)

3rd level (Call of the Netherdeep)
Pallid Elf Ranger (fey Wanderer)
Orc Fighter (eldritch knight)
Half eladrin/half orc barbarian (wild magic)
Orc Wizard(bladesinger)/monk
Satyr Bard (lore)
Firbolg druid (land)


Tension, apprension, and dissension have begun
Group One (level 17):
Joybell (Gnome Paladin of the Ancient Oath)
Orryk (Gnome Monk on The Way of the Four Elements, with a level of Wizard)
Fiona (Half-elf Evoker Wizard with a level of Knowledge Cleric)
Thneed (Wood elf, with levels roughly equally split between Ranger/Hunter and War Cleric)
Mo (Goliath Bard of the College of Lore)
Taman (Variant Human with levels roughly equally split between Inquisitive Rogue and Ranger/Horizon Walker)

Group Two (level 12, I think):
Vinya (Wood elf Monk on the Way of the Radiant Soul)
Aldalomiel (Wood elf with levels roughly equally split between Ranger/Hunter and Circle of Stars Druid)
Elama (Wood elf Tempest Cleric)
Elderron (High elf Loremaster Wizard)
Marxine (Mountain dwarf with levels roughly equally split between Champion Fighter and Oath of Liberation Paladin) (Oath of Liberation is a homebrew subclass)

I'm running Curse of Strahd, and we are just closing in on the final act, just a few XP short of level 10:

Human grave domain cleric (from "real" Earth in A.D. 640, originally from Wales, but ended up in Egypt and embraced the worship of Anubis)
High elf arcane trickster rogue (a moon elf from Evereska in the Forgotten Realms)
Lightfoot halfling bard (from "the Shire")
Warforged armorer artificer (from a vaguely sketched out world where warforged were built to fight demons)

Forest gnome arcane archer fighter

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