D&D 5E List the character types and level of your current 5E games


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Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Bartumil - Half-elf rogue 10
Fraedrik Graybeard - Human barbarian 10
Marwyn - Water genasi druid 9/cleric 1
Saar Hylwyn - Aasimar bard 10

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Attalox Stagtrapper Thunnlakalaaga - Goliath druid 5
Magus-SU2 - Warforged wizard 5
Old Longleaf - Dwarf ranger 5
Sebastian Von Smithsonian - Human artificer 5
Thelma Thistlebottom - Human barbarian 5

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Aleks Morrighan - Tiefling cleric 6
Azrael - Aasimar paladin 6
Clove - Changeling bard 6
Crown of Feathers - Tabaxi artificer 6
Luma Zana - Aasimar warlock 6
Marina - Water genasi druid 6
Mason - Half-elf monk 6
Paxus Stonesthrow - Goliath fighter 6


Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus
Corbin Shiv - Bugbear cleric 8
Hylan Nemo - Aasimar rogue 8
Ofelia Liadon - Half-elf bard 8
Renascence - Tiefling paladin 8

Memories of Holdenshire (Level Up: A5E)
Gwyven - Dwarf rogue 2
Mercury - Tiefling cleric 2
T'Lingbet - Dragonborn ranger 2
Violet - Gnome wizard 2

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I am the DM
Tortle Warlock Hexblade 6
Kobold Bard College of Creation 6
Warforged Artificer (UA archivist) 6
Aasimar Cleric Life Domain 6


I wish I had the time to participate in as many games as some of the folks here!

I am DM'ing (all at 15th-level):

Human War Cleric
Human Devotion Paladin
Half-Elven Draconic Sorcerer
Elven Rogue/Fiend Pact Warlock


I find it interesting that some people list the names of the characters, but others don't. Some list level, but others don't - and no one (that I recall, including me!) has listed alignment.
I will point out that your OP asked specifically for "class/lineage/level" and to keep it simple. :)


Loves Your Favorite Game
Current games:

Lost Mine of Phandelver (Level 5):
Human Fighter (Champion) > Verdan Sorcerer (Shadow)
Human Fighter (Champion>Eldritch Knight)
Half-Elf Wizard (Knowledge)
Dwarf Cleric (Life > Nature)
Halfling Rogue (Thief > Swashbuckler)

Homebrew (Level 1):
Elf Artificer
Warforged Bard
Elf Wizard
Tabaxi Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Halfling Cleric (Life)

Homebrew (Level 16):
Dragonborn Fighter (Battle Master)
Dwarf Rogue/Barbarian (Arcane Trickster)
Gnome Wizard (Lore Mastery)
Elf Bard/Paladin (Lore)

Homebrew (Level 8):
Half-Orc Barbarian/Fighter (Totem/Rune Knight)
Human Cleric (Life)
Human Rogue/Warlock (Skirmisher)
Human Ranger (Beast Master)
Elf Druid (Land)
Halfling Bard (Valor)

Storm King's Thunder (Level 6):
Eladrin Druid/Warlock (Stars)
Satyr Paladin (Ancients)
Human Bard/Cleric (Eloquence/Peace)
Firbolg Barbarian/Druid (Wild)
Tiefling Monk/Fighter (Mercy)


Moderator Emeritus
I will point out that your OP asked specifically for "class/lineage/level" and to keep it simple. :)

Yeah yeah. I guess to me and the style of play I am used to character names are first when discussing who/what they are. Thus, my surprise. 🤷‍♂️:p
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This is every campaign I've run in 5th edition:

Group 1 (a modified Dragon of Icespire Peak):
Human Druid (Moon) 5
Dragonborn Sorcerer (Dragon) 5
Dwarf Cleric (Tempest) 5
Elf Ranger (Beast Master and then Hunter) 5
Human Warlock (Genie/Djinn) 5
Half-Orc Paladin (Vengeance) 5

Group 2 (all of whom started in Group 1 before it fell it apart)
Half-Orc Paladin (Vengeance) 8
Drow Wizard (Evoker) 8
Human Warlock (Genie/Djinn) 8

Group 3 (a Dragon Heist/Deck of Many Things mashup):
Half-Orc Fighter (Cavalier) 8
Half-Elf Wizard (Evoker) 8
Halfling Rogue (Swashbuckler) 8

Group 4 (a Tyranny of Dragons/Storm King's Thunder/Lots of Homebrew mashup)
Aasimar Paladin (Vengeance) 20
Human Ranger (Beast Master) 20
Elf Rogue (Arcane Trickster) 20
Tiefling Sorcerer (Shadow) 20
Elf Monk (Four Elements) 7 (retired by player and switched out for the sorcerer)
Halfling Bard (Lore) 20 who switched bodies with an Elf Bard (Whispers) 20 [it happens]


I am running two games and playing in a third. All are fortnightly.

Campaign 1: Bungle in the Jungle (Acq Inc + Tomb of Annihilation)
  • Zasheir “Za” Dumein – Calishite human urchin | hoardsperson | rogue (scout) 8 / fighter 1
  • Noël – protector aasimar archaeologist | loremonger | sorcerer (divine soul) 9
  • Keyleth Calabra – half-moon elf / half-Chultan human folk hero | occultant | fighter (arcane archer) 9
  • Thia Amastacia – wood elf haunted one | n/a | cleric of Oghma (knowledge) 9
Former PCs include:
  • Korrin – dragonborn archaeologist | cartographer | ranger (horizon walker) — slain by a yellow musk creeper
  • Nyx Ningle – forest gnome sage | n/a | fighter (battle master) — fell to her death after a gust of wind blew her off the side of Firefinger
  • Ellywick – forest gnome cloistered scholar | documancer | ranger (fey wanderer) — disintegrated by a trap in the Tomb of the Nine Gods

Campaign 2: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
  • Dwarian Stoneshield – gold dwarf soldier | barbarian (berserker) 11
  • Duergal Stoneshield – gold dwarf outlander | cleric of Marthammor Duin (forge) 6 / paladin (watchers) 4 / sorcerer (storm) 1
  • Jane Vanilla – human sage | wizard (evoker) 11
  • Toyohisa “Hisa” Greywolf – half-orc mercenary veteran | fighter (samurai) 11
  • Fizzy Bladesemmer – half-elf Waterdhavian noble | rogue (swashbuckler) 6 / warlock (hexblade) 5
The players suffered a TPK at the hands of the drow on level 3. We’ve also had a few players come and go. Thus there are a fair number of former PCs:
  • Drogul Stoneshield – gold dwarf cleric / paladin / bard — missing, presumed dead [Duergal's brother / Dwarian's cousin]
  • John Vanilla – human fighter (champion) — missing, presumed dead [Jane's brother]
  • Galinndan Lianodel – elf (?) paladin (?) — giant spider food
  • Trixie – goblin artificer (?) — missing, presumed dead
  • Kibble – kobold ranger (?) — player left
  • Ramona – “warforged” ranger / monk — player left
  • Jimmy – human rogue (scout) — temporary PC who became an NPC

Campaign 3: Eberron – Oracle of War
  • Bugzy – bugbear barbarian (wild magic) 7
  • Hannibal – human fighter (battle master) 7 — me!
  • Bathos – human artificer (alchemist) 7
  • Rex – changeling bard (eloquence) 7
  • Darrien – aasimar paladin (devotion) 6 / sorcerer (divine soul) 1
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Weird Dave

I'm only playing/running in one game right now. Been going since March 2020, Voyage of the Final Dawn (planar-focused campaign), looking to end at 20th-level by the end of this year (or shortly into 2023).

Githyanki Fighter 11 (Psi Warrior)/Sorcerer 6 (Draconic Bloodline)
Aasimar Paladin 16 (Oath of Vengeance)/Warlock 1 (Hexblade)
Warforged Artificer 17 (Battlesmith)
Kenku Rogue 9 (Swashbuckler)/Barbarian 5 (Path of the Totem Warrior)/Fighter 3 (Champion)
Human Fighter 17 (Battle Master)
Bugbear Bard 17 (College of Storms)
Aarakocra Cleric 15 (Elemental Domain)/Monk 2


Dragon Lover
For my first every campaign as a DM, these are the characters in my group’s goofy yet spooky three man party.

Tearian: Male Reborn Goliath Duskwalker Rouge 3/
Monk 1 (Eventually becoming a Way of the Specter Monk)

Aila: Female Dhampir Goliath Shadow Monk 3/ Ranger 1 (Eventually becoming a Gloomstalker Ranger)

Gurtir: Male Tortle Path of the Dragonheart Barbarian 4 (bound to a shadow dragon)


D-Company (12th)
  • 1/2 elf bard (lore)
  • high elf fighter (battlemaster) wizard (bladesinger)
  • gnome life cleric
  • 1/2 elf paladin/warlock
  • 1/2 elf eldritch knight
  • halfing monk (kensai)
Wildspacers (3rd)
  • Giff Bard/Fighter
  • Tabaxi Rogue/Warlock
  • Hadozee Druid (circle of spores)
  • Autognome Artificer (Battlesmith)
  • 1/2 Elf Fighter/Sorcerer (Divine Soul)


Limit Break Dancing
New campaign, new characters!

Homebrew Campaign Setting (5E, loosely-based on "Seas of Vodari" by Tribality Games)
  • 1st level v.Human Fighter with the Archaeologist background. Interested in the Musketeer subclass. Allied with the Taevaran Archaeological Society faction.
  • 1st level v.Human Rogue with the Smuggler background. Interested in the Swashbuckler subclass. Allied with the Black Vials faction.
  • 1st level Firbolg Druid with the Alchemist background. Interested in the Circle of the Deep subclass. Allied with the Temple of Dawn faction.
  • 1st level Changeling Artificer with the Archaeologist background. Interested in the Battle Smith subclass. Allied with the Arcane Academy faction.
  • 1st level Goliath Monk with the Folk Hero background. Interested in the Way of the Kensei subclass, and interested in multiclassing with Barbarian. Allied with the Helmhorn Clan faction.


Stopped running 5th and started a 2E game but just to play along anyways:

Kender Thief - 3rd
Human Illusionist - 2nd
Minotaur Fighter - 3rd
Half-Elf Cleric/Wizard - 3/2
Dwarf Druid (typically not allowed in 2E but I liked the concept) - 3rd


Birthright campaign setting, party level 8. They’re all “humans”, but the divine power of their blood gives them the traits of other races.

Changeling Celestial Warlock
Triton Storm Sorcerer
Aasimar Shepherd Druid/Undying Warlock
Goliath Samurai Fighter/Barbarian
Dark Elf Eldritch Knight Fighter
Human Deepstalker Ranger/Rogue


Group 1 - Netherdeep - Just finishing up. Lvl 12
Kobold Drakewarden Ranger - My PC
Half-Orc Hexblade Warlock
Eleven Hollow-one Phantom Rogue
Human Hollow-one Trickster Cleric
Drow Chronurgy Wizard left party, replace by:
Human Redemption Paladin

Group 2 - Rime - Lvl 9
Half-Elf Bladesinger Wizard - My PC
Human Twilight Cleric
Triton Human Werebear Vengeance Paladin (Its complicated)
Tiefling Arcane Trickster Rogue
Human Eloquence Bard
Temp Replacement PCs:*
Kobold Rune Knight Fighter/Armourer Artificer
Human Aberrant Mind Sorcerer
*The Wizard and Bard were killed and we had to quest to get them returned to life. Had Temp PCs join the group until/if our original PC were resurrected. The Kobold my my PC.

Group 3 - Lvl 2
Mousekin Twilight Cleric - My PC
Drow Monk
Fire Genasei Barbarian
Human Moon Druid

Group 4 - Lvl 20 - On Hold until we can do the campaign finale in person rather than online.
Goblin Celestial Warlock - My PC
Half-Drow Wild Magic Sorcerer/Paladin
Human Oath of Ancients Paladin
Deep Gnome BattleSmith Artificer

These are all the games I’ve been a part of since the start of Covid:

Running a homebrew campaign: (1-6)
Tabaxi rogue
Minotaur barbarian
Half-elf bard

Running a homebrew campaign: (1-3)
Minotaur Paladin
Warforged Artificer
Eladrin Sorcerer

Playing homebrew campaign (1-8)
Githyanki barbarian/Druid - me
Changeling fighter
Satyr bard

Playing homebrew (1-11)
Yuan-Ti Warlock - me
Drow Rogue
Hexblood Fighter (previously Human barbarian/bard)
Human Rogue (previously human fighter)

Playing homebrew (1-2)
Aasimar Paladin/rogue - me
Goblin fighter
Goblin ranger
Human bard

On hiatus:

Running homebrew (1-5)
Kalistar cleric
Teifling druid
Elf monk
Dwarf barbarian

Playing homebrew (3-12)
Tortle monk - me
Warforged cleric
Teifling wizard
Dwarf druid


Played forgotten realms (1-20)
Genasi (fire) cleric - me
Human fighter
Halfling warlock
Lizardfolk monk

Played forgotten realms (2-14)
Genasi (air) Sorcerer / rogue - me
Elf druid
Elf wizard

Played homebrew (8-14)
Genasi (earth) Ranger - me
Drow wizard
Human cleric
Human Paladin


Primeval Thule (I am the DM)
L8 CG Half-Elf Rogue Arcane Trickster with the Quodethi Thief Narrative. (Narratives are like Backgrounds but they also grant powers every Tier). She's a Red Fury Acrobat.
L7 "CG" Halfling Warlock, very under-optimized, who seems to rebuild every single level so I'm not sure what kind of Warlock he is with the Tribal Outcast Narrative.
L7 N Human (Nimrothi) Storm Cleric of Tarhun, the local Thunder God, with the Jungle Trader Narrative.
L7 NG Half-Elf Artificier3/Fighter (Champion) 4with the Free Blade Narrative


I'm impressed by all the people running multiple games. I can't find the time to run more than one.

Mine is sci-fi (Dark Matter if you're familiar) with a lot of homebrew. Here's my group:

Deveran Thrall - Draelik Rogue (Nightblade) level 5 (because he had to drop out early)
Elric Marz - Vedalken Wizard (Technomancer) level 8
Kit Bash - Sentient starship (Virtuant) Gadgeteer (Drone Jockey) level 8
Ragna - Cursed Soul Mystic (Ouroboros) level 8
Rhaegal Raeden - Demi-dragon Dragon (Embodiment of the Juggernaut) level 8
The Rookie - Human Fighter (Space Marine) level 8

I'm running a game in Coriolis right now but in my 5e games I've got:

Campaign 1:
Human, Grave Cleric, Level 5. She's so fun to play, best support character ever.
Tortle, Depths Barbarian, Level 5. You want a tank that hits like an actual tank? This is your guy.
Human, Samurai Fighter, Level 5. Archery with some magical talents and too flirty for his own good.
Genasi(?), Kensai Monk, Level 5. Why do 2 attacks when you can do 4?

Campaign 2:
This one has only had a session 0 so far but we've got a Longtooth Shifter Barbarian (eventual path of the beast), a halfling rogue (leaning thief), a monk (possibly long death), and a ranger with some arcane archer in their future. It's set in Middle-Earth so fairly low magic. The other campaign is not low magic and yet I'm playing the only character with spell slots in that one.

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