[LPF] Bats in the Belfry


Thy wounds are healed!
Another grand adventure for those of the Living Pathfinder Group.

Judge: GlassEye
DM: HolyMan
Start Date: Nov. 17th 2010
Finish Date: Feb. 22nd 2011

Syladar Narthalial (Udalrich)
Heather (Antithetist) - Last post Nov. 27th 2010
Leonion of Thunderfalls (Padreigh) - Last post Dec. 3rd 2010
Izzik Deeks (Aldern Foxglove)
Xan Millstone (Otakkun)


Ausk the Crusher (sunshadow21) -Joined Jan 5th 2011
Maia (Shayuri) -Joined Jan 5th 2011

Tengu Fight: 160 xp each
Octopi Fight: 80 xp each
Belfry Fight: 280 xp each
Poison Dart trap: 100 xp each[/sblock]
Tengu Fight: misc coin + gear
Octopi Fight: 1 gem value = 200gp
Bat Fight & trap: ???
Loot Total for adventure: here[/sblock]

Syladar Narthalial (Udalrich)
Completed the whole adventure so these totals are easy.

XP: Encounter 620 + Time 686 = 1,306 XP (congrats)
GP: Encounter 760 + Time 588 = 1,348 GP

Izzik Deeks (Aldern Foxglove)
Completed the whole adventure so these totals are also easy.

XP: Encounter 620 + Time 686 = 1,306 XP
GP: Encounter 760 + Time 588 = 1,348 GP

Xan Millstone (Otakkun)
Last post Feb. 2nd 2011

XP: Encounter 520 + Time 546 = 1,066 XP
GP: Encounter 660 + Time 468 = 1,128 GP

Ausk the Crusher (sunshadow21)
Joined - Jan. 5th 2011

XP: Encounter 460 + Time 343 = 803 XP
GP: Encounter 520 + Time 294 = 814 GP

Maia (Shayuri)
Joined - Jan. 5th 2011

XP: Encounter 460 + Time 343 = 803 XP
GP: Encounter 520 + Time 294 = 814 GP

Heather (Antithetist)
Last Post Nov. 27th 2010

XP: Encounter 160 + Time 70 = 230 XP
GP: Encounter 240 + Time 60 = 300 GP

Leonion of Thunderfalls (Padreigh)
Last post Dec. 3rd 2010

XP: Encounter 160 + Time 140 = 300 XP
GP: Encounter 240 + Time 120 = 360 GP

HolyMan = 5.46
GlassEye = 1.40

Total = 6.86 (98 days times 0.07)[/sblock]

Notable Additions to Living World:

- Bell Tower 5 blocks from Dunn Wright Inn
- Rizo bellringer of said tower
- Red Bill Gang - Tengu thugs with distinct marking on their beaks (Work for the Phoenix)
- brand found on treasure chest unknown (potentially could lead to another adventure as owner comes looking for those who took his chest)
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Thy wounds are healed!
You hurry out into the dark night with only the words of a tired old bell ringer for information on what's going on.

"Bats in the Belfrey" he had said and mentioned midnight, which is only about an hour away. And that is why your haste. What will happen at midnight, or do you need to reach it by midnight? Easy it is but five blocks away and the street lamps light your way.

Waiting for the others to gather outside the inn you all stand about wondering who should lead the way.

[sblock=OOC] marching order can be by twos if you wish but there are 5 of you counting the eidolon. [/sblock]

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Izzik emerges with Aressa on his heels and skips back away from the eidolon holding up a finger, "Not now love, business to attend to." The sphinx eidolon hisses at him, but moves back into the shadows - lest she alarm some passer by - muttering darkly.

The handsome young summoner glances about seeking the Belfry in question, five blocks away the man had said. He really hoped he was not going to have to return to ask for directions, it would lack a certain style and he had always been unconvinced by the maxim style over substance - except when applied to decorating.

[sblock=Marching Order]Aressa up front Izzik in the middle. If there look to be normal folks about Aressa try to duck into the shadows.[/sblock]
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First Post
Leonion leaves the tavern in a hurry, almost running into the summoner.

"I beg your pardon, I should pay better attention to where I am running", he says. "Are you off to that belfry as well?"

[sblock=ooc]Can't roll on Knowledge:Local, since I don't have that skill. [/sblock]


First Post
Next to exit the tavern is quite possibly the last patron that anybody would have expected (or hoped) would join in with this jaunt. Heather lurches out into the night, propping herself up on her staff with one hand as the other clutches an open and half-empty bottle of wine. She raises it and takes a swig from the bottle, stepping crabwise over to join the others.

"You must be my fellow bat enthusiasts?" she asks sweetly, raising her face to scrutinise Izzik, Aressa and Leonion in turn; each of them gets a momentary unsettling glimpse of wide blue eyes, one wandering and twitching as the other stares right through them, before her face is averted once more.

OOC: Heather would prefer not to be in the van or rearguard, other than that, no preference on marching order. Let's say 4th? But I'm easy.

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Izzik turns to the newcomers wearing a sheepish smile, "I am indeed, Izzik Deeks by the way, and my fluffy shadow skulking familiar is Aressa," he nods over to a darker spot in the shadows - which growls. "Anyway I'm just assessing the swiftest route to the belfry..."

As Heather approaches he nods, "That we are, they have a great deal of dramatic potential - especially at midnight - personally I'm hoping for blood sucking vampire death bats, but I'd settle for fiendish bats. I shall be seriously displeased if he just got a bat in his hair and had a fit of the heebie-jeebies."

The young summoner scratches his chin, "Have we done introductions?" he points to himself, "Izzik, Aressa, and what do you two fine personages go by?"

In the shadows Aressa rolls her eyes and sighs loudly.


First Post
"Blood sucking vampire bats? That sounds exciting!" Syldar then remembers that not everyone knows her. The elf introduces herself, "I am known as Syldar, seeker of knowledge and singer of stories." She pauses for effect, then continues, "also, capable with a bow."

[sblock="Marching Order"]Syldar, being an archer, does not want to be in the front line. So long as someone is in front of her, she won't try to get further back in the marching order. So she probably ends up about 3rd.[/sblock]
[sblock="Padreigh"]You can make DC 10 knowledge checks untrained. 1d20+ int mod[/sblock]
[sblock="Knowledge(Local)"] 1d20+7. What tag to you use for the dice roll? And is there a help page that indicates what tags you can use? HolyMan can roll it if he wants to speed things up.[/sblock]


"So far, nothing interesting" mutters Xan as he continues his patrol, mounting lazily on his eidolon.

It had been quite a boring day, and the halfling felt his blood boiling for some action. He couldn't help but frown at these thoughts though, boring was safe after all.


Thy wounds are healed!
[sblock=OOC] Otakkun's character is not with the group btw, he is on patrol. So I have marching order as:

Aressa (need hide in shadows role plz)
20 ft.
Leonion & Izzik
Heather & Syldar

If this is alright and it seems Izzik knows the way. So a follow me (or following him)post is in order. And in your next post everyone please give me a combat block with HP/ACs/CMB&CMD/ spells for the day/Abilities list and so on, especially for the eidolons. And I will advance the thread as you head down the block.

Also please feel free to use the EnWorld Dice roller or Invisible Castle, or mix and match I know some rolls are better when done on IC. [/sblock]

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