[LPF] Ties that Bind


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The soft light from the glowing card illuminates Audra's face as she pulls it from the midst of her other things. As she watches in wonder, the two links which constitute the card's image rotate slowly along the central axis that is their joining point. After watching the image for a few moments, she notices a tiny bit of text scrawled on each of links. Leaning in, she struggles to discern the text, her eyes widening and her pulse re-quickening as she does so. One reads Alecks, and the other, Audra.

The light of the card ebbs, and then blinks out entirely.

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Artur Hawkwing

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Audra kneels on her knees, holding the card between thumb and forefinger, thinking about the writing on the links. She's obviously confused but entranced by the links dancing. Then they stop and the light fades. She shakes the card as if it were a disobedient lightning bug, but the card remains dark. Disheartened she slides back, a silent floomp of her athletic butt hitting the floor. She sits there, looking at the card like a fool, or a lost child, for a few seconds before she shakes her head violently a few times, bringing herself back to the here and now. She gets back to her kneel, slides the card back into it's pocket. She gets to her feet and grabs her cloak. Throwing it over her shoulders and pulling it as tightly as she can around herself, she pads up to the deck, where she pauses a second upon emerging, taking a deep breath of the river effected air. She looks around for a crate or a barrel on which she can climb and attempt to sit comfortably. Once finding somewhere to perch, she pulls her cloak tightly around herself, holding it closed from the inside with both hands, and closes her eyes. She tries to get her breathing calmed to the point so she can meditate, at which point she speaks, beneath her breath, a short request to Sapo to help her understand, to provide her some kind of guidance, some kind of clue. After this, she sits quietly, letting her mind declutter, listening to the sound of the crew at work, such as may be, the sound of the river beneath them and the sounds that surround them.


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Eanos Setirav, human inquisitor

[sblock=ooc]Ran out of online time over the weekend before I hit this thread, and have had a busy morning. Sorry for the delay. I'll try to get Eanos into the swing of things... :) [/sblock]

Eanos raises and eyebrow, and an odd smile briefly crosses his features as the captain greets Fulgrim.

"Think you'll have to deal with fewer stares on this trip," Eanos whispers to Audra.

When he has a moment alone with Fulgrim, he adds, "Seems an easy-enough going fellow, but just for in case: we ever butt heads with the good captain? Remember a little sweet-talking from you might be our best currency." He delivers this news matter-of-factly, apparently unfazed by what he's intuited of the captain's nature.

The inquisitor does what he can to help about the vessel, keeping eyes and ears open. He joins in the feasting with everyone else, though folks inclined to notice will remark that while he easily matches the heightened jocularity of the heavy drinkers, he drinks very little himself.


Fulgrim returns a puzzled look to Eanos, "Sweet talk? Captin'? Fulgrim replies the doubt obvious in his voice. "I'll keep dat in mind fer the future. Sweet talkin'. Hhhhmmppphhh.


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Audra spends the first hour around dawn with only the wind and the water as her companions. The rising sun slowly brings with it the beginning of the day's activity, however, and as she continues her meditation, she hears the sounds of what is undoubtedly Captain Renlow and Nevilantura beginning their daily chores. Still, the pair do not disturb her, and she continues her practice until some semblance of peace has settled over her.

At some point later on in the day, Nevil approaches her tentatively to ask, "Is you alright, Miss Audra? Was up early!" he says with a friendly smile, although the concern lying behind it is clear.

The coming days pass without a repeat of the card's activity: Audra pulls it out and inspects it from time to time, but it seems as mundane as ever. While her sleep cannot be described as the best, it is at least not further interrupted by magically-augmented dreams. The days otherwise pass without any excitement, save for hitting another patch of river shrimp.

After a little over a week, Captain Renlow addresses the group one morning at the tale end of their breakfast. "Just wanted ter give you lot a head's up. Today we'll be takin' a bit of a shortcut down to the Starwater River. Madam Elenka, you'll know what I'm talkin' about," he nods to the redheaded summoner. "Our hostess for the trip is a bit of a seductress type, not to mention capricious, so when I give the word, those of you at risk of the wiles of a woman would do well to keep yer distance."

"Yay! Today we's is seeing Pretty Lady?"

"That goes especially fer you, Nevil."

A few hours later, the ship begins approaching a bend in the river. Captain Renlow fishes a small bird-shaped charm out of his pocket, winking at the others. "One of the perks of workin' for Phedilo - that fella seems to have an endless supply o' these things." The dwarven riverboat captain leans down and whispers something to the charm, and the item comes to life. "Allebasi," he tells it. The creature takes off, heading towards the bend.

"So like I said, folks - let's keep yer distance."

As the group rounds the bend, a collection of fallen trees and assorted debris comes into view. Although the captain's deckhand remains silent, his eyes widen in excitement at the sight. Phineas begins to make his way to the front of the deck.

"My good captain!" calls out a flirtatious female voice. An unnatural surge of water makes its way suddenly over the edge of the ship, its recession revealing the presence of a beautiful, semi-nude woman lounging on the railing. "It's good to see you again," she purrs.

Renlow chuckles. "Hello, Allebasi."

[sblock=Know. Nature DC 20]You recognize this human-looking woman as a nereid, a powerful fey with dangerous seductive powers. [sblock=Know. Nature DC 25]Those who have fallen victom to a nereid's charms will obey virtually any of her commands, including her request for a final, deadly kiss.[/sblock][/sblock]


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Eanos Setirav, human inquisitor

Fulgrim returns a puzzled look to Eanos, "Sweet talk? Captin'? Fulgrim replies the doubt obvious in his voice. "I'll keep dat in mind fer the future. Sweet talkin'. Hhhhmmppphhh.

Eanos gives the dwarf a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Sure it won't be an issue, but My Lady's taught me one thing, it's that knowing's always better than not."

"Our hostess for the trip is a bit of a seductress type, not to mention capricious, so when I give the word, those of you at risk of the wiles of a woman would do well to keep yer distance."

"Issolatha's the only woman's ever held my attention," he admits, "But sounds like your friend might be a bit flighty, so probably best to give you room either way."

"Yay! Today we's is seeing Pretty Lady?"

"That goes especially fer you, Nevil."

Eanos chuckles softly at Nevil's eagerness. "'Sides, seems like I might help more keeping your friend out of the way?" he offers.

True to his word, Eanos makes sure to keep close to Nevil when Renlow warns of the impending arrival of his 'hostess,' though he finds himself at least mildly distracted when a near-naked woman appears on deck.

"Audra, never knew you were starting a trend with that wet look," he whispers to the monk with a wink.

[sblock=mini stats]Eanos Setirav
Initiative: +6
AC: 17 (19 w/ SoF)
HP: 29 Current: 29
CMB: +4 CMD: 17 Fort: +5 Reflex: +5 Will: +8

Conditions: None

In Hand: None

Arrows: 33/33
Blunt Arrows: 20/20
Cold Iron Arrows: 19/19
Silver Blunt Arrows: 16/16
CLW Wand charges: 31/50 remaining (second wand full)

Judgement: 1/2 Remaining Determination: 2/2 remaining
Silver Tongued Haggler: 5/6 remaining
Spells: Orisons (DC 13): Brand, Create Water, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Light
1st (4/4 remaining)(DC 14): Divine Favor, Expeditious Retreat, Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith, Wrath
2nd (2/2 remaining)(DC 15): Silence, Weapon of Awe[/sblock]

Artur Hawkwing

First Post
Qik said:
"Is you alright, Miss Audra? Was up early!"

Audra is dressed fully, thankfully, and seems to be somewhat back to normal by the time the Half-Elf approaches her. She gives him a kind smile in return for his concern.

We of the Order of the Diamond Heart can be a bit...strange...in that we do not have a set time to meditate. We meditate when we need, or when there is something which isn't clear to us. This morning was just such a case. At those times, the most peaceful place one can find is usually best and I learned on my last trip, that atop a box or barrel on the deck is best. That way I don't slide around with the waves, and at the same time, the serenity of the water helps to relax my mind. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if there is any of that Dwarven Ale left. I'm a bit parched.

As she walks by she puts her hand on the Half-Elf's shoulder in a comforting, friendly gesture as she, indeed, heads off to find the Ale, an probably Fulgrim as well.

jbear said:
"Audra, never knew you were starting a trend with that wet look,"

Audra leans over to respond to the joviality of the Inquisitor.

I didn't set it so much as perfected it. I even seem to do it in my sleep now and again.

She nods in mock conspiratoriality to the Inquisitor, returning the good natured wink, though the circles around her eyes do little to hide the fact that sleep has been at a premium for the Monk. She turns her attention back to the Captain and the visitor.

OOC: Ignore the roll below, was looking at Marcus' sheet, not Audra's. I need to put more bookmarks between those two :p
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Elenka catches Captain Renlow's eye and smiles in conspiratorial collusion.

"Ah, our translation! You all will find it exceedingly interesting."

She grins and says nothing else about what is to soon come.

• • • Elenka Danyllova • • •

[sblock=MiniStats][size=+1]Elenka[/size] Human Summoner 5
Initiative: +2 Perception: +7

AC: 16 (12 touch; 14 flat-footed) [20 w/Shield]
HP: 37 Current: 37
CMB: +4 CMD: 16 Fort: +1 Ref: +3 Will: +6

In Hand:
1st level: 4/5 remaining.
2nd level: 2/3 remaining.
Rod of Extend: 2/3 remaining (3rd lv. or lower)
Special: Summon Monster 3 6/6

[size=+1]Drevezh'Korol[/size] Eidolon
Initiative: +2 Perception: +5; Darkvision 60 ft.

AC: 20 (12 touch; 18 flat-footed) [24 w/Mage Armor]
HP: 38 Current: 38
CMB: +9 CMD: 20 Fort: +5 Ref: +3 Will: +4

In Hand: --
Conditions: [/sblock]


First Post
From her perch atop the railing lining the ship's bow, Allebasi demurs, "So aren't you going to introduce me to your friends, Phineas?"

"I'm afraid not, m'lady: we've urgent business ahead of us."

Allebasi shakes her head. "You know, Phineas, one of these days I'm going to start insisting that you keep me proper company if you want to make use of my passageway. A girl begins to feel used..." she pouts.

"You know me: all work and no play,"
Phineas chuckles. "I'll be sure ta stop and linger on me way back. Just need ta figure out what to do with Nevil first."

Allebasi shakes her head. "Have a little faith in people, Captain..."

"Ordinarily I do. But we both know you're outside the ordinary, Allebasi."

"Oh Phineas," says Allebasi, leaning back over the railing, "it's when you say things like that that I know you truly care." With barely a splash, the woman slips back into the water. After a few moments, another surge of water clears the debris ahead, and Renlow gives Nevil the signal to steer the boat into the tributary that has been opened up.

A half hour of travel later, Captain Renlow gives the order to throw over the anchor, and he and Nevil busy themselves preparing for what's to come. Just as they seem to finish, Allebasi reappears on the nearby bank. "See you soon, Captain," she says with a wave. "And rest assured that I will take you up on your promise for company." With that, she begins to chant.

"Here we go, folks. Hopefully Elenka gave you a fair warning!"

The water underneath them bubbles and churns, and then gives way completely: with a rush, the ship drops. The group catches sight of a ring of ancient stone and glowing runes as the pass by it, falling further. Then, with a *whoosh*, the water seems to return, pouring down on the ship and drenching everyone. It appears Audra's trend is indeed catching on.

The ship pitches for a moment, but then steadies. As everyone recovers their footing, Captain Renlow gives the ship a once-over to make sure all is intact. It seems to be so. The dwarven captain laughs heartily. "There now, folks! Looks like we made it in one piece, ship-shape!"

[sblock=OOC]Apologies for the delay, folks. Not to mention the use of "ship-shape" - I couldn't help myself.[/sblock]


Fulgrim's beard is drenched with water, his eyes wide as he rushes to the rail of the ship, hanging his head over the rail as he retches over the side. He spends a moment steadying himself on the rail before turning, a little paler to the others "Me, not likin' dis way 'o travel!" Fulgrim states.

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