Malvoisin's Savage Tide, Act 1 - There Is No Honor


Under Col's direction, Eyvi works enthusiastically at the bloody task. In fact, Col has to stop him several times from severing too many limbs and arranging the corpses in crudely suggestive poses. By the time the job is done, he is covered head to toe in dried blood and filth, even after a good scrubbing with sand and seawater, it is clear that his clothing is destined for the scrap heap as soon as possible. "We shoulda taken another set of clothes from the baths," Eyvi grumbles as he laboriously rows the corpse-anchored boat back from the island.

After dropping Col off with a promise to be at the Drunk Bear by mid-day, Eyvi rows back out to sea a ways, hauls the corpses back into the boat and covers them with a scrap of sailcloth. Making for Shadowshore, he starts yelling as soon as the boat is moored. "Watchman, to me! Murder! To me! Help! Murder!" When a guard finally arrives, he throws the sailcloth aside and says, loud enough for the assembled crowd to hear, "I found these bodies a few miles up the shore. Look, isn't that the jacket Col Tobinson was wearing a few days ago?"

When the crowd presses forward to gasp at the mangled bodies, Eyvi slips to the back and ducks into an alley. After rounding a few corners, he stops and takes off his soiled tunic and trews. Clad only in smallclothes, he takes a roundabout route to a clothing merchant to buy a new outfit, glaring at anyone who looks like they're thinking about talking to him.

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Rhun said:
Anar takes another sip, and then the garrulous rogue continues. "So you think that northman Eyvi has ever met the frost giant jarl?" Anar chuckles. "He looked something like a frost giant himself, what with those cold eyes and the near white hair!"

"He might not have met him, but he could easily have been one of his bondsmen housecarl warriors that accompanied the Jarl. If he was three times as tall as he is and had blue skin that is. They favored axes as well."


First Post
"Ah yes, the axe," says Anar, sipping at his brandy as he relaxes. "A savage weapon. Certainly not a gentleman's weapon, but they do have their uses. That one would have been of some good use in those tunnels."

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