Radiance Monster Hunter (IC)


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"Indeed!" Trebuchet agrees, wholly unironically. "We should have come here long ago, pard-ner!"

He cocks the giant sword back, ready to swing it!

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Forged Fury

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[IC] Radiance Monster Hunters

Giuseppe looked around wildly at the clearly insane big people around him. Who in their right mind would welcome encountering undead? He backed away from the group, looking for a firing position behind cover. Mumbling to himself, he said, "I guess they-ah didn't get the briefing on discretion..."

OOC: Giuseppe is backing away from the soon-to-be melee.


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Grynm draws out his strange scythe and chops through a set of boards that were nailed over the door. He its with enough force that one of the double doors opens slightly. He then can push it fully open. Inside the team are greeted only with darkness...

GM: Initiative AND Perception rolls from characters please.
Unseen opponent [roll0], [roll=Stealth]]1d20+18[/roll]

Characters actions? Nothing seems to be coming "out" to greet you...

Forged Fury

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[IC] Radiance Monster Hunters

Giuseppe held his rifle at the ready, keeping the big folk between himself and whatever was coming.

OOC: Initiative = [roll0]
Perception = [roll1]


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Like Giuseppe, Lane stepped quickly back behind her larger and more violent companions- in fact, it was all she could do not to simply take off entirely. She was not, after all, very fond of this kind of confrontation...

Sliding the ritual knife back into its sheath, she reached under her coat for the tiny pistol she carried. then she paused, and reached instead into her satchel...

[sblock= OOC]
>Perception 1d20+14= 29 (low-light vision)
>Initiative 1dd20+2= 13
-Rolls: http://www.coyotecode.net/roll/lookup.php?rollid=156185

>Planned action: Draw and activate a sunrod, possibly toss into the warehouse


First Post
GM: Lane (and anyone who gets a 23 and has some way to see in the dark) sees the following...
[sblock=Image] meca=thing.jpg

She sees two of them clinging to the walls or on some crates in the warehouse[/sblock]



Summer Street
Thurs May 6, 1889/9:27 AM

Perception: 1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12
Initiative: 1D20+2 = [12]+2 = 14

“Imps and undead. Bozhei moi!” Moradin muttered as he drew his shotgun and held it ready as they opened the door. He didn’t see anything when it opened, but he tensed, waiting.

Swift: Draw shotgun

DR: 4 (Chain shirt)
FORT: 18
REF: 16
*Dwarven Resistances: +2 vs poison and magic.
*Earth Anchor: +5 vs Bull Rush, Charge, Grapple, Trip when on the ground.
*Bear’s Endurance: +5 vs attacks that cause fatigue or exhaustion.
*Trap Sense: +5 Reflex vs traps.
Vitality: 16/16 Wounds: 11/11

Special abilities:
*Identify (1h, 1 vit): identify all properties of a magic item
*Piloting: +10 1/day
*Resist Energy (5m, 1 vit): +10 DR vs a specific energy, or +2 DR vs all energy types

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