MCDM starts work on its RPG Monday!

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Because special dice need someone to manufacture them (unless you're going with clumsy workarounds like "1-2 are blank, 3-4 is an advantage, 5 is a success, and 6 is an advantage AND a success"), and are usually quite expensive (due to small series) and subject to often being out of stock (like Star Wars RPG dice are at the moment). If your goal is to make the game "aggresively open" and presumably easily available as an alternative to D&D, you don't want to require specialized tools to play it.
Does he mean proprietary dice or Zocchi dice? Those are freely available to anyone who wants to make them, I believe, and with DCC on the market as long as they have been, there's a good variety of them on the market now.

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B/X Known World
Eh. I agree that's not ideal. I hope that's not it.

That said, MCDM loves new systems for their own sake. -- it was what made me jump off of the Flee, Mortals Kickstarter -- so "hey, we love FFG's dice; let's do that" wouldn't be a complete shock.
Yeah. I passed on FFG Star Wars because of the dice. And I'm a dice goblin. I'm willing to have a look at MCDM's game because it's Matt Colville but I'm generally not a fan of unique dice.


B/X Known World
The story Matt tells about Star Trek, Last Unicorn, Decipher, and rapid prototyping is kinda awesome. He's hoping to run a combat by the end of next week. It starts at about 1:12:00 in the video.


A relatively lean document that sets a core mechanic and shared language would probably be best. Something that makes it easy to transition from one game built on the engine to another, but not limiting. Some of that previously promised modularity.

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