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D&D 5E Medieval D&D Character Sheets

I saw these mentioned over on Geek Native. On Etsy, BadgersBunker is selling these character sheets for £2.95 -- D&D 5E character sheets with a heavily stylized medieval look.


A custom unique character sheet for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.
The sheet consists of three pages - the main page with all the key information, a second page with a lot of extra space for abilities, features and inventory and a third page acting a spellbook, fully dedicated to known and memorised spells, spell slots and spellcasting stats.

The charsheet comes in two versions - one is form-fillable, which you can fill in on PC in any pdf reader (acrobat, foxit, etc) and then save and print. The other file is without fields for those who prefer to fill in their character sheets by hand.

The character sheet is designed in high medieval style, with hand-drawn icons for visualisation and is sure to spark awe and discussion around the table as well as add a touch of atmosphere and roleplay.
Besides beautiful design the sheet adds a lot of extra functionality in a neat and easy to reference way:

All your key stats that you need most commonly are collected on page 1 and are easy to find and reference thanks to visual cues and icons.
Skills are grouped by related attribute, which makes it very easy to calculate the skill bonus.
All the information needed for skill checks and saves is located in one place.
There are three slots for armor class - with shield, without shield and natural AC. No need to recalculate your AC whenever you're caught without a shield or armor.
A large space to track HP allows a lot of pencil scratching and erasing during a session.
Page two features a prominent section for equipped items - no longer search your huge inventory for the ability of that magical weapon you're wielding - list it separately!
A separate space to keep all your one-use items. Never again forget you had that potion or scroll!
A large space for assorted inventory with slots for ammunition and money.
A HUGE space for feats, abilities, effects etc.
The spellcasting sheet features all the info you need to cast in one place - your spellcasting ability, save DC, attack bonus and all spells as well as total and expended spell slots.
Remembered spells are easy to mark and track.

2 files: 1) form-fillable and 2) plain
Each file is 3 pages: 1) main sheet 2) inventory and feats 3) spellcasting
The pdf are formatted for standard A4 (US legal) paper.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Ah, but the real question is Classic Latin or Church Latin :D There are differences in pronunciation, spelling, and usage. Given "medieval" I would think Church Latin. Of course we could go with Romansh. Think 6th Century legionary Latin with German inclusions, still spoken in Switzerland. or even another medieval romance language... but no Romansh is at least identifiable as Latin :)

Definitely church Latin would be more Medieval, with lots of ligatures, abbreviations and other elements to make it impenetrable to even the average modern reader who has some Latin familiarity. Classical Latin would be more appropriate to a Renaissance character sheet (or, of course, an Ancient one).

Historically Sardinian was reckoned to be the spoken vernacular closest to Latin, but it was never a major vernacular for writing.

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