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Been listening to the postumly released videos from Static X.

I’m told the new vocalist (Ethan Dope?) sounds a bit like Wayne Static so I’m not sure which parts are Wayne’s last recordings and which Dope is doing.

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Back to work... The Cult is definitely born out of old metal. They were around long before they hit it big and opened for many AOR acts in the late 80s. Fire Woman was the hit that launched them to fame which was in the same vein as Gn'R. New but not quiet grunge. Stripped down but not naked and left wanting. They were part of the last true metal warriors of the 80s that were able to eek out an existence through grunge. Not many acts were able to do that.

Huh I see another chapter in the works...
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Just dropping by with this early '80s memory. I would occasionally see this gorgeous, tiny (about 5'-nothing) creature around our local shopping mall, the Bramalea City Centre. Later in life she started singing Torch Songs and showed that she actually had one hell of a voice.


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