D&D 5E Metathread - Survivors, Polls, and Brackets, v2.0 (OH MY, OH MY!)


This is a new incarnation of the Survivors metathread, created because I cannot edit the original. Below is a list of the Survivor threads that have ended on or after April 3, 2020, followed by the contents of the OP from the original metathread. Finally, there is a link to the original metathread; it had some good suggestions in the posts that I will keep in mind.

So, then, as with the original, this is a collection of prior survivor threads, brackets, and polls started by the dear, departed Lowkey, and, for unknown reasons, carried on by me. Let's see if anyone notices anything.* Disclaimer: these are posted out of fun and interest, and these are not meant to prove anything, they are obviously not representative samples, etc. Without further explanation-


Survivor Giants (A-L)
Which giant (A-L) is the coolest? Frost Giant gives all its challengers the chills!

Survivor Plants
Which piece of greenery dominates the scenery? Shambling mound can boast the most compost!

Survivor Elementals
What elemental is most essential? Efreeti incinerates the competition!

[Items below this point were completed before April 3, 2020, and are in the original metathread. They are repeated here for convenience.]

Survivor Constructs
What construct cannot be Derrida'd? The stone golem, dude!

Survivor Aberrations
What aberration beholds victory? AYE AYE AYE says the Beholder!

Survivor 5e Artifacts
What 5e artifact is the one? LUM LUM LUM LUM LUM LUM!

Survivor Core Classes
What core class wins this time around? Rogue STEALS the vicotry!

Survivor Core Races
What core race wins this time? The Dwarf will eat ur Haggis!

Survivor (Non-PHB) Feats
What (non-PHB) feat de-FEATS the rest? Fey teleportation, of course!

Survivor Celestials Survivor Celestials: COUATL WINS!
What celestial is the good-est of them all? The Couatl snakes its way to victory!

Survivor Dragons
What dragon will eat the party? This dragon is BACK IN BLACK, baby!

Survivor Throwback Polearms
What is polearm makes you a polearm master? The GLAIVE is the pointiest stick!

Survivor Outer Planes Races
What outer planes race rules over them all? THE MODRONS MARCH ON!

Survivor Ninth Level Spells
What ninth level spell is the capstone of magic? Meteor Swarm!

Survivor Named Wizard Part Deux Survivor Named Wizards Part Deux: GIVE BIGBY A HAND!
What named wizard reigns supreme? Give Bigby a hand!

Survivor Final Championship Magic Items!
What magic item wins the final, one year, uberchampionship? The Portable Hole? Yeah, Portable Hole.

Survivor Magic Items (Misc. S-Z)
What magic item (S-Z) will endear you to Vecna? Tome of Stilled Tongue!

Survivor Magic Items (Misc. I-R)
What magic item (I-R) is the holiest of them all? The portable hole!

Survivor Magic Items (Misc. D-H) Survivor Magic Items (Misc. D-H)- HORN OF VALHALLA WINS!!
What magic item blows (D-H)? The Horn of Valhalla!

Survivor Magic Items (Misc. A-C) Survivor Magic Items (Misc. A-C)- BAG OF TRICKS WINS!!
What magic item (A-C) has it in the bag? Bag o' Tricks!

Survivor Magic Jewelry (Part 2) Survivor Magic Jewelry (PART II)- SCARAB OF PROTECTION WINS!!
Which magic jewelry (part 2) bedazzles? Scarab of Protection!

Survivor Magic Jewelry (Part I) Survivor Magic Jewelry (PART I)- AMULET OF THE PLANES WINS!!
Which magic jewelry (part I) bedazzles? Amulet of the Planes! All the planes, except the 737 Max, I guess?

Survivor Magic Clothing (Part II) Survivor Magic Clothing Part II- HELM OF COMPREHENDING LANGUAGES WINS!!
Which magic clothing (part II) wins? Um.... Helm of Comprehending Languages? Really?

Survivor Magic Clothing (Part I) Survivor Magic Clothing Part 1- Robe of the Arch Magi WINS!!
What magic clothing (part I) do you not leave home without? Robe of the Arch Magi!

Survivor Magic Weapons Survivor Magic Weapons- MACE OF DISRUPTION WINS!!
What magic weapon (non-sword edition) smashes the orcs? Mace of Disruption, y'all!

Survivor Magic Swords Survivor Magic Swords- FROST BRAND CHILLS THE COMPETITION!!
What magic sword slays the rest? Frost Brand is the coolest of them all!

Survivor Potions Survivor Potions- POTION OF VITALITY WINS!!
What potion remains unquaffed? The potion of vitality!

Survivor Rods and Staves Survivor Rods & Staves- STAFF OF THE MAGI WINS!!
What rod or staff is .... hehehehe... the best? Staff of the Magi!

Survivor Wands Survivor Wands- THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!
What magic wand will defeat Voldemort? Wonder, that's what!

Survivor Magic Rings Survivor Magic Rings- Feather Falling FLOATS TO VICTORY!!
What magic ring rules them all? Erm, Feather Falling? Woot!

Survivor Monster Types Survivor Monster Types- DRAGON WINS!!
Which monster type wins? It's not called Dungeons and DRAGONS for nothin'!

Survivor 5e Undead- 2018 Halloween Edition Survivor Halloween 2018 5e Undead- Wraith WINS!!
Which 5e Undead wins the first 2018 Halloween Battle Royale? Feel the WRAITH OF KHAN!

Survivor Appendix E (5e) Authors Survivor Appendix E (5e) Authors- Ursula K. LeGWINS!!
Which Modern, 5e, Appendix N author reigns supreme? Ursula K. Leg .... WINS!!!!!!

Survivor Appendix N Authors Survivor Appendix N Authors- LEIBER WINS!!
Which Gygaxian Appendix N author survived the most brutal of survivor threads? Leiber lived!

Survivor D&D Computer Games Survivor D&D Computer Games- Baldur's Gate WINS!!
What D&D computer games scratches that nostalgia itch? Baldur's Gate (of course)!

Survivor Fey Survivor the Good, the Bad, and the Fey- SPRITE WINS!!
What fey is the feyest of them all? Give that Sprite a Coke!

Survivor Blood War Survivor Blood War- DEMOGORGON WINS!!
What demon or devil reigns supreme? Demogorgon, that's who!

Survivor Elves Elves Elves Survivor Elves, Elves, Elves- WOOD ELF WINS!!
What elf out-elves the other elves? Wood Elf takes 'em to the Wood Shed!

Survivor Ultimate Subclass Survivor Ultimate Subclass Edition- BATTLE MASTER WINS!!
What subclass reigns supreme? The Bowel Movement Battle Master!

Survivor Iconic Cities Survivor Iconic Cities- GREYHAWK WINS!!
What is the most iconic city in D&D history? The Free City of Grognardhawk!

Survivor Subclass (Other Casters) Survivor Caster Subclasses (Best of the Rest)- CIRCLE OF THE MOON WINS!!
What other magic-y subclass is the bestest? Circle of the Moon shapechanges for the victory!

Survivor Subclass (Gish Edition) Survivor Subclasses (Gish Edition)- IT IS OVER!!
What subclass is the gishiest of gish? Um, something or other oath-y.

Survivor Non-Magic Subclasses Survivor Subclasses (Non-Magic)- BATTLE MASTER WINS!!
What is the non-magiciest of the subclasses? Battlemaster!

Survivor Cleric Domain 5E - Survivor Cleric Domains- LIFE DOMAIN WINS!!
What is the Master of Cleric Domains? The Healbot ...erm, Life Domain!

Survivor Iconic D&D Villains 5E - Survivor D&D Villains- IGGWILV WINS!!
Who is baddest of the bad? Iggwilv!

Survivor Iconic Monster 5E - Survivor Iconic D&D Monster- BEHOLDER WINS!!
What is the iconic monster of D&D? The Beholder sees all!

Survivor XGTE Feats 5E - Survivor XGTE New Feats- WOOD ELF MAGIC WINS!!
What is the best feat in Xolo's Guide? Wood Elf Magic de-feats the rest!

Survivor XGTE Subclasses 5E - Survivor XGTE New Subclasses - SHADOW MAGIC WINS!!
What is the best archetype in Xolo's Guide? Shadow Magic cast a spell on y'all!

Survivor Adventure Paths 5E - Survivor Adventure Paths- TOA ANNIHILATES THE OPPOSITION!!
What is the best Adventure Path to date? Tomb of Annihilation annihilates the opposition!

Survivor Capstones 5E - Survivor Capstones- BARBARIAN WINS!!
What class has the best capstone (20th level ability)? The Barbarian gives out a mighty YAWP!

Survivor Outer Planes 5E - Survivor Outer Planes: YSGARD REIGNS SUPREME!!
What outer plane should you visit? Valahalla!

Survivor Legendary Monsters 5E - Survivor Legendary Monsters: EVIL DRAGONS WIN!!
What legendary monsters roasts the party? The RED DRAGON (the rest of the chromatic dragons too, I guess).

Survivor Campaign Settings II 5E - Survivor Campaign Settings II: Blackmoor Wins!!
What is the greatest campaign setting the second time around? Blackmoor!

Survivor Iconic Greyhawk Characters 5E - Survivor Iconic Greyhawk Characters: MORDENKAINEN WINS!!
Who is the Greyhawkiest character ever? Mordenkainen Winsenkainen!

Survivor Worst Spells 5E - Survivor Worst Spells: FIND TRAPS IS THE WORST!!
What is the worst spell in 5e? Find Traps couldn't find the trap!

Survivor Volo's Races 5E - Survivor Volo's Races: LIZARDFOLK WIN!!
What Volo's PC race is the greatest? Lizardfolk will eat ur face!

Survivor Core Classes 5E - Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!!
What core class is the greatest? Fight, fight, the dying of the light, Fighter!

Survivor Classic Modules 5E - Survivor Classic Modules: THE SINISTER SECRET OF SALTMARSH WINS!!
What classic module should you convert to 5e? Try running the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (U1 through U3) for the n00bs!

Survivor Armor 5E - Survivor Armor: ELVEN CHAIN WINS ELEVEN!!!!!!!!
What magic armor is the best? Not twelve, but elven chain!

Survivor Swords 5E - Survivor Swords: FLAME TONGUE WINS!!
What sword is the best (non-Katana edition)? FLAME TONGUE licks them all!

Survivor Languages 5E - Survivor Languages: DRACONIC WINS!!
What language should you learn? Kobold ... err ... Draconic!

Survivor Artifacts 5E - Survivor Iconic Artifacts: Sword of Kas WINS
What is artifact will survive to betray you? The Sword of Kas!

Survivor Cannon Fodder 5E - Survivor Cannon Fodder: Gruumsh smiles, Orcs win.
What cannon fodder survives the hobomurder? Orcs!

Survivor Undead 5E - Survivor Undead- VECNA LIVES!!
What undead lives ... um ... survives? Vecna (lich)!

Survivor Conditions 5E - SURVIVOR Conditions: Paralyzed is the condition you're in.
What condition reigns supreme? Paralysis!

Survivor 1e Rulebooks 5E - SURVIVOR Rulebooks- UNEARTHED ARCANA WINS!!
Who was the greatest 1e rulebook? Unearthed Arcana? Really? I have lost all faith in humanity.

{Survivor Threads from May 3, 2016 - October 20, 2016 Lost in Great Enworld Outage!}

Survivor Named Wizards
5E - Survivor Named Wizards- TENSER WINS!!!!!!!!!!
Who is the greatest Wizard to have a 5e spell named after them? Tenser!

Survivor Schools of Wizard'ing 5E - Survivor: Schools of Wizard'ing - UPDATE- ILLUSION WINS!!!!!!
What is the greatest school of magic? Illusion!

Survivor Campaign Settings 5E - Survivor Campaign Settings- Birthright Wins?
What was the greatest official campaign setting ever? Birthright! Wait, really?

Survivor Feats 5E - Survivor Feats: UPDATE- MOBILE WINS!!
What is the greatest feat? Mobile!

Survivor Background 5E - Survivor Background: SOLDIER WINS!!
What is the greatest background? Soldier!

Survivor Alignment 5E - Survivor Alignment: LN imposes order!!
What is the greatest alignment? Lawful Neutral!

Survivor Core Races 5E - Survivor Core Races: HALF-ELF WINS
What is the greatest core race? Half Elf!


Bracket- Races & Classes Summary
5E - Bracket Challenges Wrap-up
Who wins the bracket challenges? Humans (over dwarves), and Wizards (over fighters)!

See also-
5E - Human v. Dwarf FINALS!!
5E - FINALS! (1) Fighter v. (1) Wizard


Single core class elimination
5E - Survivor 5e- What Core Class Needs to Go
What core class should be eliminated? Warlock!

Favorite Race 5E - My favorite race- what I play, what I want to see
Human wins.


Best Armor
5E - Best Armor in D&D
What is the best armor? Plate.

Must-have Monster for 5e MM2 5E - Must Have Monsters for the 5e MM2
What monster needs to be included in the next monster manual? The xvart.

Cellphone Use at Table 5E - Cell Phone and Electronic Etiquette at your 5e Table
Most people reported never or only occasionally using cellphones.

Use of Feats 5E - Ruminations on Overpowered Feats and Crafting New Feats
Most people reported use of feats.

Do you Opimize 5E - How cognizant are you of the rules of the game?
Results are hard to parse; most people responded in the middle two categories.

Favorite Hitting Class 5E - Today is a good day to die!!
Barbarians win out as the go-to class for hitting stuff, although Champion + Battlemaster would have won.

Favorite Way to Organize Abilities 5E - Best way to order abilities?
SDCIWC easily wins out over the grognards.

What Would you Least Like to Happen at your Table 5E - BardTales- Woeful Table Tales + A Poll
Having two people argue disintegrate v. wildshape just edges out a Kender named Jigglypuff in Darksun.

Favorite Die 5E - Dice- Rankings, Guide, Ruminations, Poll
Yeah, the d20 won. But the d12 came in second, which is totally winning.

What Game System did you come to 5e From 5E - Why do you play 5e? What game did you come from?
3e/PF edged out 1e/2e/OSR and 4e.

How do you handle ability checks in 5e 5E - Ability Checks in 5e- How often do you use them?
The slight winner was that you roleplay for advantage/disadvantage/other effects, then roll.

Original metathread:

*Other than, apparently, I will catch any potato thrown in my direction.
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