Level Up (A5E) Mounted and/or versatile and thrown traits


I love the extended weapon traits in this system, it makes it that little bit more interesting to pick a certain weapon over another. Though I have some nitpicks with things like a warhammer having the breaker trait, while axes and picks have certain materials added to their traits (meaning a warhammer is just as effective at destroying trees and stones as an axe or war pick respectively), but I have some questions about the combination of Mounted and/or Versatile with the Thrown property.

The trident has the following weapon traits: Mounted (1d8/1d10), thrown (20/60), versatile (1d8). I can imagine the damage in the Mounted brackets are for one-handed or two-handed wielding respectively (as it is versatile d8, and mounted increases damage die). The question is: How does this work when the weapon is thrown?

Versatile: This weapon may be wielded with one or both hands. If wielded with both hands, it deals the damage listed in parentheses [d8].
Mounted: This weapon deals the damage listed in parentheses when you are wielding it while mounted [d8/d10].

1. Can versatile weapons be thrown 2-handed to increase the damage of a thrown trident from a d6 to a d8?
2. Do thrown mounted weapons still get the damage increase from d6 to a d8 when thrown while mounted?
3. Can a trident be thrown 2-handed while mounted to increase the damage die to a d10?

Assuming the answer to all these is 'yes', although it would look ridiculous in cinema, balance-wise this doesn't pose any problems in my opinion. I am however curious what is the intended interaction between these traits.

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Interesting. The O5E version of Versatile specifies "when used to make a melee attack". LU does not.

Humans (and by extension humanoids) are just not built well for throwing things with two hands, unless using a long tool (like a lacrosse stick). We tend to get LESS accurate and throw with LESS force. (This is also true of the "Kirk Punch" - it would be worse than a normal punch, not better).

I'd be inclined to stick to O5E's version, myself. Mounted on the other hand, I'd be inclined to allow it. I can see how a competent rider can use a mount's momentum to fling an object with extra force. Not quite as much as they could in melee, but with practice, I can see it.

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