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You didn't use Great Weapon Master Properly. With bonus damage, the iterative attacks from critting, and the damage on a miss from great weapon fighting style, a mono-classed Fighter warrior of 11th level is doing 63.86 dpr versus AC 15. The example of the super multi-classed half-orc is doing around 42,56 versus AC 15.

-Fighter (warrior): Str 20, assumed 2 action surges, Great Weapon Fighting Style, Great Weapon Master Feat (-5 to attack included)
normal damage = 23/attack
crit damage = 40.5
miss damage (due to GWFS)= 5
total attacks = 66 (with action surges)
successful attacks (non-crits) (including iterative attacks)= 26.56
crits (including iterative crits) = 11.385
misses = 37.95 (including those from the additional attacks generated by GWM)

dpr = 63.086

I don't know why your second example isn't using the damage increase portion of the Great Weapon Master Feat.

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If they have any brains they'll rework the "you get bonus attacks or bonus dice" powers so that multiclassers can't cherry-pick the levels.

I actually agree. Great Weapon Master Feat, imo, is broken. However, without any feats, just stat bumps, an 11th level warrior with a non-magical great axe hitting an AC 15 beastie, is sitting at 38.5 or so dpr. On action surges he novas at 70.05. This is compares very favorably to anything an 11th level spellcaster can do or any multi-classed character can do.

Overall my point is that Next multi-classing doesn't seem to be the obivious thing. Mono-classing for most classes seems to retain strong viability. Granted there are still some rough spots but overall my impression, both from running a game for characters that have gotten to 11th level and playing in games as a 2nd level and 6th level character, is that nothing can really match a fighter in nearly resource-less single-target ass-beatery.

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