D&D 5E New WotC Survey! Learn About A New D&D Product!

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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Mind Mage
Based on this thread, it sounds like the NDA question has been removed for anyone who did the survey recently... they probably just showed the NDA stuff to the first people who did the survey, and once they got the response rate they wanted, removed it.
Probably, the feedback about the NDA was counterproductive. But I am glad it is gone.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Just use different browsers. Lots of people also routinely use a VPN anyway, otherwise half the internet is geolocked from them. And the latest Apple OS pretty much does all that by default anyway, with their current focus on privacy and restricting data sharing.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
For those who have not seen the NDA stuff, I found these images on imgur. Looks fake, I agreed to NDA so will not confirm if real or not.

Edit: If mods want to take this down, feel free, I am not super familiar with the forum rules on this sort of thing.
I haven’t broken an NDA myself. It’s your call whether you you have or not. We’re not here to enforce NDAs. :)


What did everyone think of the phone call that you got shortly after watching the video?

I mean, Seven Days sounded super cryptic and I have no idea what that has to do with the overall survey experience.

Oh well....guess its nothing.
Could you PLEASE share the link with someone terminally ill so we do t have to go through another big "thing"?



Seven Days was that the time travel sci fi series from a few years back where a test pilot travels a week into the past to attempt to stop some cataclysmic event using limited intel?
Edit: Oh yes it is!

It is not a surprise or a spoiler if somebody says WotC could be thinking about their own virtual tabletop software. My suggestion is some "DLC" could give as "gift" cosmetic elements for some online videogame: Fortnite, Roblox or Re-Core.

Other suggestion is an virtual tabletop to play "Hero-Quest", but I would add a "free-mode" where the AI can't controll nPCs but only showing reactions (you have activated a trap, or the chest is opened) and the movement of the nPCs. This is to allow playing with total freedom with your own house rules. Some DLCs for this virtual tabletop would be "crossovers", to promote franchises by other companies, for example videogame studios, or comic publishers.

I wonder about something like the NFC figures or the physical cards of Magic: the Gathering with codes to can play these in the online videogame.

I remember something about Hasbro's plans with NFT (Not Fungigle Tokens).

My advice is selling some physical product for collectors, for example miniatures or cards with a NFT.


It's interesting, the DDB folks have been hinting in their Dev Updates that they have big things in store they can't talk about yet. But it's obvious that it is with regard to a major upgrade in their 'virtual play space' sometime this year (DM tools etc.).

It's quite possible (even likely?) this is a separate thing entirely, since DDB obviously was poised to move in that direction already. So, whatever WotC is doing, DDB was going to be going there anyway. But who knows. Maybe they are related or it's a partnership.

I'll admit I'd be frustrated, given investment in DDB, for this to be an entirely separate and competing platform. I really hope it's some sort of partnership. But I have no idea.

And no, I haven't seen the video. Never got the option. So I'm guessing based on the hints in the thread.



New Publisher
As for content you pay for on a VTT (speaking about my experience with FG, Foundry, Roll20, and more).....I'd certainly buy pre-made adventures if there was a VTT I supported that sold them.....I would not pay for fancier "minis"...I won't be paying for ANOTHER VTT unless it is 2.5 or 3D and that fully supports not playing on the VTT (that is, I want what DNDBeyond does, plus a VTT). Otherwise, I'll just stick with my current VTTs and go back to pencil and paper (though that sounds painful, creating a PC from scratch and doing all the math).

Ok so I more or less found what was announced, and now I'm just confused as to why I wouldn't have been shown that content, given I'm a forever DM. Did they remove that content from the survey when they removed the NDA...?


To be fair, the last time around, WotC's digital offerings were stellar. For all the hoopla about Gleemax and whatnot, what you got for a very nominal subscription fee was freaking fantastic. Every single 4e official publication, in a searchable format for what, 6 bucks a month or something like that? Later on they did try a VTT which looked very promising.

I'm going to wait and see on this, but, if it's the same deal as 4e? I'll drop Fantasy Grounds like a bad habit in an instant.
Based on my experience with how WotC handled the 4e thing once 5e came I would be very cautious about getting another subscription for a WotC product. Maybe if it turned out very convenient and also allowed me to easily export a pdf or similar of my character. I currently have multiple 4e characters on my computer that I will never be able to view again...

Maybe I should also start looking into how I would do to export my Roll20 character sheets in case I had to find a new platform with just a couple of days available.

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