TSR NuTSR Declares Bankruptcy


NuTSR, owned by Justin LaNasa, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which will liquidate the company's assets.

NuTSR's gross revenue so far for 2023 is $621.93 according to the documents filed in North Carolina. This is balanced against total liabilities of just over $384,000.

The company made the news over the last couple of years, emerging in 2020 when then-owners Justin LaNasa and Stephen Dinehart registered the defunct TSR trademarks and launched the new venture with the involvement of Ernie Gygax, one of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax's sons. Over the following months, NuTSR generated controversy after controversy, attempted to sue D&D publishers Wizards of the Coast via a crowdfunding effort, and in March 2022 eventually found itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit from them.


As a consequence of the bankruptcy petition the current lawsuit between WotC and NuTSR is on hold, postponed until March 2024. NuTSR's website is still active.


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The bankruptcy filing has now made its way into Lanasa's SLAPP against @tenkar. However, instead of just letting it drag things out, Tenkar's lawyer has filed a motion to continue the suit despite the bankruptcy.


IANAL, but the motion looks to be well written, and backed up by case law. The basic summary is that the case can still go a head because Tenkar hasn't tried to get damages from NuTSR, he's only attempted to have the suit dismissed. Note that this is very different from the WotC case, where WotC has counter-sued NuTSR (and the DHSM, and Justin personally).

As with @DLIMedia, I will be continuing other updates on this in the other thread, where the Lanasa v Tenkar case has been followed closely.

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I think that’s a very generous interpretation of Ernie’s actions in this.

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I only worry about the TSR museum. If that guy has done wrong actions it is not my business, but if the mesum is important for the History of TTRPG and D&D then here it should become Hasbro business.

Maybe Hasbro should recover the TSR Brand, not to make money, but to avoid this could be done by others and these could cause some damage against the prestige of the brand.

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