[Oct] What Are You Reading?

New month, new thread.

For me, I've got Soul Music and Going Postal by Terry Pratchett(looking to pick up the new one, Thud, too) and the new Star Wars book The Unseen Queen by Terry Denning.

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Just starting "Marque and Reprisal" by Elizabeth Moon. I'm itching to read a novel again. Last month was all gaming stuff.


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Just finished Shadowmarch by Tad Williams, and now I'm reading Robin Hobb's new book. I think it's called Shaman's Crossing, but don't quote me on it, I just started it yesterday.


Still waiting for Knife of Dreams, so I'm reading Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold for now. I just started it, but it's interesting so far.


Still on George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. Started it late last month and haven't had ample time to finish it. I'll try to read another 50ish pages tonight. I'm pressed for time these days. I should be reading it right now, actually.... :p


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Coincidentally I've just finished reading Going Postal this week. Pretty good (as usual for Pratchett)!

I am currently in the middle of reading:

- The Pyrates, by George Macdonald Fraser (who has written the many-volumed Flashman series). A pastiche of swashbuckler books and films, a fun romp so far that winks at various swashbuckler stereotypes and so on. Fun stuff.

- The Deer and the Cauldron, by Louis Cha. Chinese martial arts novel - in English translation, 3 volumes. I'm in the middle of the second book. Also, unexpectedly, a sort of sendup of more serious stories. It's about a young lad named Trinket who gets wrapped up in adventures involving the Triad societies, Imperial politics, evil martial arts cults, and a hunt for 8 copies of a certain sutra. However Trinket is a shameless good-for-nothing who is no good at martial arts, and who lies his way out of everything! He's a bit annoying, but overall it's fun.

- (gaming) From Stone to Steel, a d20 book about weapons at different levels of technological development. I got a review PDF from the publisher, so I am trying to devote time reading this so I can write my review before too long.

- also, a book about how mythology was used for politics at Olympia and Delphi in ancient Greece.


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I'm rereading Wheel of Time in advance of Knife of Dreams. After that, I've got the first of Weber's Honor Harrington books, and Jacquiline Carey's Banewarrens sitting unread on my bookshelf, and Gene Wolfe's The Wizard should show up in a few weeks from Amazon.

Unfortunately, football, fall TV, and PBP games has made the WoT reread progress more slowly than I expected (I was figuring on about two books/wk, and it's been much closer to one).

Elf Witch

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I am reading The New Adventure Novels set in Dragonlance for young readers I am on book five Dragon Sword. They have been a nice fun read.

I am also reading The Spiral Dance by Starhawk a book on Goddess worship.

As sooon as I finish the Dragonlance books I am going to read Tanya Huff Smoke and Shadows


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I will soon be finishing Ursula K LeGuin's "The Left Hand of Darkness"

Its pretty good, although I had thought and somewhat hoped that the story would center on the fact that the story takes place on a world with human beings who are at times male, at times female, and some times neither, but it seems to be more focused on other issues..


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DungeonmasterCal said:
Divorce papers.


I am reading the Crossroads to Twilight, or something like that, by Robert Jordan. This is in preparation for the new Jordan novel due out in a few weeks. By far this is the most boring Jordan to date. I am about halfway through and it has been almost all Perrin Aybara. Thank goodness! He is such a deep and diverse character that I really like! I hope you can sense the sarcasm from that last statement because I am laying it on pretty thick. He was a cool character in the first 3 books or so but now he is like a block of wood. A block of wood that loves his wife, sure, but still a block of wood. 400 pages in and no Rand? The main freaking character around which the entire storyline is built and he is a no show in the tenth novel?

I can't wait until they are done and over with. I have invested a lot in the story and overall they have been pretty good but these last few novels have been a chore at best.

After this I will read the next Jordan then I am heading into some old Feist. The Magician series.


Current Hardcover:

City Of Splendors (New Greenwood/Cunningham Waterdeep novel). So far, pretty good. Not so great that I wouldn't recomend waiting until the Paperback comes out in a year or two.

Current Paper Back:

Just finished The Dragons' Return (Anthology for Monte's Arcana Evolved, which was very good with one notable exception).

I'm just getting ready to start Valnir's Bane, a Warhammer novel. So far I've really enjoyed the Warhammer line of fantasy novels.

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