Official Class/Race Satisfaction Survey

Tell Wizards of the Coast how you feel about the Dungeons & Dragons!

Wizards of the Coast has launched another survey. This time, they’re gauging satisfaction with classes, subclasses, and races in the game.

We’re launching a survey to understand how you feel about D&D 5th edition. Which classes are hitting the mark, and which could use more support? What parts of D&D make you the happiest, and which ones would you like to see us polish a bit more? Your feedback provides purpose and direction to our efforts.

Click here to take the survey.

The survey may take up to 18 minutes to complete, depending on how many areas you choose to provide feedback on. If you need to pause the survey and come back later to complete it, click the "save and continue" bar appearing at the top of each page after page 1.

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Mr. Wilson

I found it interesting that on my survey there was only 1 spot to explain your thinking (although since I said no spells were OP, there was probably 2).

I did mention the big 5 feats (GWM, SS, CBE, Lucky, Resilient) as being OP compared to the rest, but made the argument that the other feats should raise in value to be comparable to those 5.



Thanks for the heads-up.

Unfortunately, it didn't ask what spells/feats we thought were UNDERpowered.

I can't remember my "compare this class to this class choices" but I did rate some subclasses low - Berserker, Beastmaster, Wild Magic. I tried to think of subclasses I don't see people choose often.

I rated one spell as broken - Healing Spirit. It's the only spell I've seen that made the game boring.

I rated GWM and Sharpshooter as overpowered. Not broken, just overpowered compared to other feats.

I went with Healing Spirit, too. A player recently broke that out in a game after combat, and it was immediately clear how poorly designed for out of combat use it was. I give most spells and feats a lot of leeway because I think the terms "overpowered" and "broken" are overused. But that spell just does too much compared to much higher level spells.

One's mileage may vary, but the last time someone used Healing Spirit in the game, every other PC just ignored it. That group isn't always so good at coordinating, so I can't say it surprised me.

While there are definitely some spells that are better than others, in my experience, most of the times a spell has seemed broken, it’s been because the player has misread or forgotten parts of the description. Like the player that thought Thunderous Smite maintained beyond the first attack, or the one that thought they could cast Fly on six people (when they weren’t at the level to do so)

I rated one spell as broken - Healing Spirit. It's the only spell I've seen that made the game boring.

I would chime in that more feats would be welcome. More options is better than fewer and there are few feats for those games that use them, which I think is many. I'd like to see more feats and more more specialties especially on classes with options almost no one takes like the Monk of Four Elements.


Mike Mearls has clarified on Twitter why they don't have many fillable fields:

"For those asking - we're using this survey to find soft spots in the game, and will follow-up with more detailed surveys with open-ended responses. We like to use those when we expect to do a deeper dive."


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
The "which class is more powerful" drove me crazy because it didn't have a tier component. Many start slow and get more or vice versa. Heck, how do you compare to 9th level spells.


Possibly a Idiot.
The "which class is more powerful" drove me crazy because it didn't have a tier component. Many start slow and get more or vice versa. Heck, how do you compare to 9th level spells.

Paladin VS Wizard was such a hard decision because of this. Nothing has quite as much impact as a Paladin in the first half of the game, but after that point...


I forgot about Healing Spirit. We limit it to once per round which is what I think was the intention of it and also fits in to the power level of a 2nd level spell. So I forgot that it is actually overpowered and also awkward in play to abuse it.


First Post
Add me to the 'forgot about healing spirit' camp, since none of my players know about it. As for the rest, I put GWM and SS as the OP feats (no surprise there I'm sure), and hold person, banishment, and feeblemind for the spells. As far as classes go rangers, sorcerers, and fighters got the brunt of my ire while paladins/wizards were probably the most satisfied. Races were pretty okay across the board, none I was really enamored with and only halflings as a seriously unsatisfied option.


I listed healing spirit as broken as well. I houserule that the caster needs to use their reaction to trigger the healing. It’s an easy resolution to an incredibly poorly written spell. How did that wording make it past QA???


In the campaign I DM, the class that’s broken is the Druid. 6th level Druid effectively has 160 HP due to two shape changes into giant constrictor. Grapples, does mean damage. She never ever goes down in battle. I really don’t like the Moon Druid class.


Odd, I distinctly remember someone saying that the results of such surveys were useless as they're just from a vocal minority that should be dismissed...

Rated things as dissatisfied that I would otherwise have been satisfied with, like the Hexblade and the new Ranger subclasses, because they should of been part of the core class.


Mind Mage
I suspect the designers are in a ... modality ... that they care more about whether the majority of players are satisfied than whether the game is actually balanced or consistent.

If there are some aspects that are off, it seems necessary to inform the larger community about the difficulties, to encourage players to notice and understand the issues, rather than finetune the aspects directly.

I was surprised when WotC announced that the upcoming printing of the core books would even have errata at all.

Since the team is biting the bullet, and publishing core books with errata, I hope they use the opportunity to make some meaningful updates that can help the longterm usefulness of the core rules.

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