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D&D General "One or More NPCs Associated with a Pre-Published Setting have Appeared in a D&D Campaign I have Run or Played In." (a poll)

"One or More NPCs associated w/ a setting have appeared in a D&D campaign I have played in or run."

  • True.

    Votes: 60 63.8%
  • False.

    Votes: 34 36.2%


Moderator Emeritus
By now you know the drill, simply vote if the following statement is true or false for you. . .

True or False: "One or More NPCs associated with a pre-published setting (Elminster, Mordenkainen, Dalamar, Drizzt, Tika, Khleban Blackstaff, Bigby, etc. . .) have appeared in a D&D campaign I played in or run."

Once again the statement is too long for the title and poll question field - so the above is the full version.

Have at it.

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Not your screen monkey (he/him)
Age of Worms - in the next chapter, when we pick up in the fall, the group's going to meet Tenser. So, technically not true yet, but soon.


Moderator Emeritus
I honestly can't vote in my own poll because I may have played in an FR game where we met some famous Harpers, but that was nearly 30 years ago and it is hazy AF. I might as well vote false, b/c it certainly hasn't happened since.


Golden Procrastinator
Yes, for example, the PCs in one AD&D GH campaign did quite a bit of work for Melf and something for Mordenkainen as well. In my recently concluded Dragonheist game, the party interacted a bit with the Blackstaff and, at the end, they briefly met Laeral Silverhand


Strahd, from Ravenloft in a non-I6 adventure, several times as either the primary antagonist or driving events. Letters from/to Mordenkainen in another campaign. Ran a convention PvP dungeon being overseen by Ivid V of the Great Kingdom, as execution entertainment for his nobles (think Running Man/Hunger Games in a dungeon).

Also have done some of the Dragonlance modules, so several there.

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