D&D General One Piece of Art IX (Wildcard)- What NON-D&D Art Inspired You to Love D&D?

I still haven't gotten to actually play yet, but when I think about playing this painting is what always comes to mind.

A Bad Roll by Kadrion on Furaffinity


I love the mixing of the game and the fictional universe in it, and the atmosphere of fun and comradery at the table is how I hope my eventual gaming experience will be like. Even the poor dragon looks more annoyed than angry at this turn of events.

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The High Aldwin
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Artist: unknown
Source: Time Bandits (1981, dir. Terry Gilliam)
Oeuvre: Map of the Universe prop (and the film itself, of course!)

Rationale: The Map is the ultimate macguffin in a movie that is, to little-boy me, the most gonzo D&D thing that's not actually D&D.

Loved Time Bandits! I was close to the same age as the kid in the movie, and it came out in the same year as Dragonslayer. ;)



This cover from Dunsany’s classic. For me, as a young teen in the late 1970s, it showed a more whimsical, romantic fantasy to go alongside the Elric and Conan stuff and they all melded in my D&D gaming.

Real Partha did a miniature which I always assumed was based on this cover painting, so maybe it inspired them too?



I’ve managed to find something for all the previous threads but this one has honestly got me beat. I can’t think of any non-D&D art that made me love D&D.

It’s the D&D art that made me love D&D.

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