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[OOC] Quickleaf's Rime of the Frostmaiden [closed for now]

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I think one way to deal with these lulls is to have more conversations between PCs.

If there's just NPCs to talk to it seems like things slow down and people don't know what to post.


I'm good with meeting with the Dain, and getting on our way.

I was thinking about whether meeting with Drizzt might be helpful or harmful for our party. He could be a guide/mentor, or he could be a foil, tough to say. Jack would be skeptical of Drizzt's intentions, just due to preconceptions about the underdark, so that's why I haven't made any post that would lead in that direction.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Let's avoid celebrities :)
We can go after short refresher, if only to remove extra layers of clothing in some room.
Quickleaf, feel free to advance, just mention we're not dressed in winter gear ( I think even if the halls are cold, they are not that cold


Drizzt? Who said anything about Drizzt? 😏

Yeah, I agree that some more interaction between PCs will help, but I know that can't be forced. It'll happen when it's right.

Gotcha. Thanks for sounding off and letting me know. I'll move us along to your meeting with the Dain.


Just a few notes for you @Quickleaf as we get started with the dungeon crawl, given that we haven't taken a long rest in a while:
  • Jack has 2x lvl-1 spell slots left (all his other spell slots are spent)
  • Jack has 1 sorcery point left (the other 2 are spent)
  • Jack's Tides of Chaos ability was used against the yetis. In case you're feeling generous, or tricksy, this feature does include the following note: "Any time before you regain the use of this feature [i.e., before a long rest], the DM can have you roll on the Wild Magic Surge table immediately after you cast a sorcerer spell of 1st level or higher. You then regain the use of this feature."
  • Jack has 12/12 HP and all 3 hit dice remaining (he relied on party healing to recover from his wounds)
  • Jack's cantrip "Icy Touch" is a reskinned version of Chill Touch which does 1d8 cold damage, not necrotic damage. We texted each other about this in May of last year, and I can copypasta over to a DM here if that's helpful for you.

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