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D&D 5E People didn't like the Psionic Talent Die

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Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
I'd rather flip that. TO me, the point is to throw objects at my enemies, not to push them around. This was exactly my issue with the psychic warrior, and the claim that it was "like darth vader". In the OT, Vader doesn't particularly throw people around, but he does throw objects at Luke. To me, a core part of the idea of a warrior with psychic powers is directly using those powers as a weapon. To hit people.
I udpated the beta version. I'll be working on a better ''throw stuff around'' at lower level.

It is new adventures that keep the game fresh, IMO.

Spoilers for Descent into Avernus ahead:

When the climax of the new adventure is handling back a sword and passing a Charisma (Persuasion) DC 25 check, after spending 10 levels walking around uninspired dungeons, facing uninspired encounters, and getting uninspired treasure, I think they are not helping to keep the game fresh either. There's only so much an interesting plot can do.


Some people play the same character for five years straight. Some others don't play often enough to run through even that number of types of characters since 5e began, much less since they picked up 5e themselves. Monopoly didn't come out with new versions for many decades and remained highly popular.

I think your analysis might be correct but your time scale off. For the few going at the speed you're implying, there is third party content. But I don't think the game dies if it fails to keep up with the speed you're implying - I think that speed is a rarity.

Maybe, but I played a Druid like 1 or 2 level tops in a very irregular campaign for less than 2 years and I got tired of it. I tried to play a Trickery Cleric and I gave up on that in like a handful of session because it felt like I had no support to offer my party when that what I wanted to bring to the table (despite the concept sounding cool). I didn't try ALL the subclasses in the PHB and honestly I don't feel like trying a good chunk of them. I'm never gonna play a Wild Sorcerer for exemple, or an Illusionist (I am GODAWFUL at using Illusions).

I might not be in the majority, but I'm not in any way exception. The entirty of the PHB doesn't appeal to me, the entirety of Xanathar doesn't appeal to me (even less so considering all the stuff in there...), I'm gonna run out of things I'm interested in.

I think it would work well with a wilder-type class or perhaps an emotionally-driven psychic barbarian subclass?

Like my idea for a Psionic Barbarian with a contageous rage!!

That's what I thought. The PTD will likely be unique to one subclass. My guess is soulknife.

Or under a different name entirely, but the shrinking and growing dice will return!

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