D&D 5E Perfect spell designs

Considering Magic Missile is almost exactly the same as when it first debuted, I think it deserves a mention.

For 5e specifically, Cure Wounds - Adding ability score modifier and being able to upcast it gets rid of all the variations we used to have and makes it continually viable. No more memorizing Cure Serious Wounds and Cure Light Wounds

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Polymorph is perfect in my opinion. It's totally worth the (level 4) spell slot. It's often fun and generates laughs at the table. It can buff your party or nerf the opponents and it can be used in and out of combat. 10/10.
I don't agree on polymorph. The 5E version is a shell of what it once was and I'm not fond of its 5E mechanics to boot.

I really like Invisibility. The "spells and attacks break it" and concentration requirements keep it from being some sort of combat win button, but aren't an unreasonable limitation on the many creative applications of it. It's easy to understand and basically does what it says on the tin. The upcasting for multiple targets makes elegant use of 5e upcasting mechanics. Basically any time I see it cast there's about a 80% chance that memorable shenanigans are in the offing.

But I would wouldn't call it perfect because the wording fails to stipulate whether things you pocket while invisible become invisible, and that's something most groups that use it frequently will also run up against. It might also benefit from some language reminding players that they can still be sensed in any other way. I had to disappoint my first 5e group when they used the spell for the first time, via an invisibility potion, and the very first room they snuck into was full of dogs, who smelled them instantly.


And I, for one, welcome our new polymorph overlords. I got sick of 3.5 polymorph abuse.
Oh yeah, the 3E version didn't get it right either. Its one of those spells I want to enjoy, but the mechanics have just never matched what it should do, in any edition.

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