Star Trek Picard season 2 (spoilers maybe unmarked)


Picard season 2, bloating of a 2hr(maybe) worth script time.

Entire season should have been a (bad)TNG double feature length episode.

Well, they atleast gave Jurati some meaning in this series, otherwise completely useless character.

Raffi is still annoying, ah and we got our space ninja elf Elrond back, yaaay....

This series should have been Picard, Rios and Seven with Q and Guinan as deus ex machina
I enjoyed the season, more than the first one, but one thing they do struggle with is finding enough interesting things for the secondary characters to do. I feel like the only reason they wrote out Elnor was because they were already having trouble stretching the material to accommodate the other characters.

Adding a stronger B-plot that played more to the motivations of the other characters would have gone a long way towards helping the season, giving them more well-rounded plot beats and taking up some time that was otherwise devoted to filler, especially around episodes 7-8.

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I felt like the last ep was a lot of predictable, and certain outcomes. of course, Cigar guy was gonna stay. Elnor would return. The queen in the iron mask would be Jurati. The day would be saved at virtually no cost. Q was helping Picard the whole time.

On that last, think on that a bit. He wasn't helping Soong.

He was helping Kore escape AND get her to Wesley. Not quite so chanceful...


Morkus from Orkus
The Borg Queen makes a useless army of Stormtroopers. How do we know they are Stormtroopers...well, easy: they can't hit anything. Shoot off hundreds of rounds...hit nothing. Guess she somehow fixed the nano probes?
I didn't think they were useless. And they did hit Rios in the arm. I'm biased, though, one of the final two Borg soldiers was a guy I played D&D with for a number of years. I didn't know he was in it, so it was a pleasant surprise.


Morkus from Orkus

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