D&D (2024) Playtest 7 survey is now live.


Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
No kidding, and it doesn't get 100% because those like me don't vote the opposite of how they feel. ;)

Right. They need the negative ratings to know whether the concept is good and needs improvement or whether it should be scrapped. That's why it's so freaking important for people to vote correctly and not the opposite of how they feel. If we took your advice then there would be the positive overall rating and also the positive individual ratings, so why would they try to improve on something that passed so overwhelmingly?
Right negative INDIVIDUAL ABILITY ratings, not overall. You said you were voting negative overall. IF it gets positive overall, THEN they look to the individual ability ratings to see if there is a disconnect between "i like the concept" and "I dont think this is working as presented."

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