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[Proposal] - Healing's Word back as Divine Power


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Hehe... man with that ruby embedded in its forehead I'd be hunting them like crazy!

Edit: BTW... go and google image Carbunkle. I double dare you ;)

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Er, we have five active judges:
- renaug1 Yes
- evilbob Yes
- TwoHeadsBarking Abstain (so far)
- stonegod No
- Karin's Dad No

This is deadlocked. THB has the tie-breaking vote: Whatever way he votes (if he so choses) decides the issue unless Evo or one of the other absent judges re-appear.

Did I mention that Knoepf says YES?

Just trying to add a little humor here...what?...not funny?



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Wait... you drink Coke at 8am... I mean 6am MST... that's funny ;) :D

Then again, I love coffee... mmmm... so delicious....

Technically, it was Pepsi Max this morning (zero calories). Otherwise, it would be Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi. Lost 12 pounds in the last month. Hope to keep that trend going somewhat through the holidays.

Took me 2 minutes to clean off the laptop screen. eeeewwww

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