[Rant] It's Springtime!!!

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Ok, so everyone here in the states is sure to be aware of how much MORE winter weather we've gotten than usual. I'm sure some parts of the states haven't, but at least here in the midwest, it's been pretty bad.

A few weeks ago, my wife was scraping the ice off her windshield, when her scraper broke. Being the good husband, I gave her mine, thinking I could just nip down to the store later on and get a replacement.

Now this is during one of the worst ice storms we've gotten in a long time. For the past several years, we've gotten one ice storm each winter, maybe two. This year we had four, and each one of them followed right on the heels of the last. We'd just get the roads clear, and we'd get snowed in again. So, since I'm going to be going out to get an ice scraper, I figure I'll just grab some more rock salt while I'm out, makes clearing our walk a lot faster.

Wal-mart doesn't have either. Nor Krogers (a long shot, but they usually stock a little bit), same for lowes, home depot, ace hardware... So I finally go to O'reilly's, they at least will have the scraper I need. The guy walking out of the store as I walk in bought the last one.


This search for a new scraper has taken three or four days by this point. So I give up. I go to Amazon and order one. An ice scraper! from the internet! I pay as much in shipping as I do for the scraper!

So they give me a delivery estimate: Feb 28-March 4. Today is the 11th, still no scraper. I've contacted Amazon and the vendor. We're working on it. I'll either get my money back, or they'll ship another, no big deal, except it keeps snowing! So, since it seems to be taking so long, I give up again and decide I'll find a scraper when the stores restock. There's been a lull in the storms, the roads have cleared, the normal panic must be over with. Still no luck.

I was in my old home town this past weekend. They just opened a brand new Wal-Mart. I stop there. No joy. When I ask one of the workers, the response is: "No, we don't stock any winter supplies right now, it's spring."

What?!?!?!?! You mean that isn't snow and ice out there right now, making it hard for me to get in and out of my house, making it difficult to see out my windshield to drive!!!

All-right, there's a rural king nearby. The farmers have certainly got to have more common sense about these things, I'll finally be able to get what I need. Same story, they don't stock winter supplies anymore.

What the H E double hockey sticks is this!!! I mean sure, right this moment as I write this, today is 60 degrees and not a trace of snow in sight, but a week ago it did the same thing and then buried us again! Just because it's march doesn't mean we wont need an ice scraper! A simple ice scraper!

Man, by the time I find one, it'll be summer, and the scraper itself will melt!

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Not your screen monkey (he/him)
I've had a couple instances when I noticed all of the scrapers were gone, but we're pretty well stocked on them in most places, particularly the local grocery. Maybe Cheesehead stores are better winter suppliers than Flatlander stores?

Tolen Mar

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Maybe it has to do with your state getting more snow year round. :)

And if nerfherder is getting the warm weather, he needs to give it back to us!


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I seem to recall we had two or three scrapers in the cars, and then in the family car, we had the nice scraper with the covering so you weren't getting your hand/glove wet. Very nice.


Winter weather for you maybe. Here is Adelaide, Australia we are going through our longest heatwave on record. So far we've had 9 consecutive days with the temperature reaching 35 degrees celsius (95 degrees fahrenheit) or higher, with several days over 40 degrees celsius (104 degrees fahrenheit).

The weather bureau have forcast that the temperature will stay up above 35 degrees celsius until at least the middle of next week, possibly longer. If it does it will be about 16 days in a row of 35+ degrees celsius. The previous record was 8.

Thank god I work in an office job and have air conditioning at home. Last night I had pre-season training for lacrosse. Spending 1 1/2 hours doing sprints in that heat was not much fun at all, especially when you are as unfit as I am! :D

Olaf the Stout

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nerfherder said:
I guess this isn't the right thread to discuss how unseasonably warm it's been this winter in the UK...? ;)
Unless you want to discuss what it feels like to have gone through an earthquake and aftershocks. ;)


Positively balmy up here. But I bet you could still get scraper and salt around here. Wasn't too long ago that March came in like lion, last couple years, not so much.

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