D&D General "Red Orc" American Indians and "Yellow Orc" Mongolians in D&D


I thought Smarties were those sour multicolored candies in the clear wrappers.
These are what I am familiar with as well.

but apparently these exist as well


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I certainly remember those stories, well enough to recognize how little DnD resembles them, whatever Gygax and Arneson might have intended. Part of the problem with the Paladin class in earlier editions is that it attempted to graft the tropes of chivalric romance onto a game that was never really designed to support them. If it was, "Lawful Stupid" behavior would be rewarded, instead of regarded as disruptive to the game.
Ho... do not start me on the lawful stupid that started to exists because people were bending the rule to play the strongest class and when the DMs realized the class was really powerful, especially when there were two or more in a party, these DMs started to gâte the class with nonsense with alignment rules that were not there in the first place. It went even to the extent of a farcical nonsense when the UA came into existence and made the Paladin a super class with the Cavalier... DMs added even more stupid alignment ruling that should not have seen the day.

It took me quite a long time to convince quite a few DMs to abandon the lawful stupid way gating the Paladin. The Paladin was supposed to be rare but for some reasons they were in almost every group. And sometimes in multiple itterations! This is what led to the lawful stupid. This has nothing to do with what inspired D&D. Lawful Stupid should be an entire thread on its own.

It was used to discourage people to play a great class but this class was supposed to be rare, not the common sight it had become.


Don't you remember the tales of knights in shinning armor roaming the countries to right the wrongs and protect the innocents and to fight dragons where ever they maybe? And what about Lancelot du Lac? Pelenor? And so many others? This is more what inspired Gygax and Annerson than old Westerns.

Again, westerns might have had an influence on a scenario or two, but not the whole game.
I'm just going to strongly disagree here.

Considering how badly D&D does any of those types of stories, perhaps you think that Gygax and Arneson failed to understand the source material?

Thomas Shey

I'm just going to strongly disagree here.

Considering how badly D&D does any of those types of stories, perhaps you think that Gygax and Arneson failed to understand the source material?

Or, more likely, they were just kitbashing it into the D&D framework that's never really handled anything but its own style of story. That's what happens when you try to build a single game system to handle a wide variety of fantasy with different assumptions about what works and what doesn't, and force the pieces together.

Since I've never seen the show, a question: I've seen a few images of the Mandalorian pushing Baby Yoda around in a pram and I was wondering if there was supposed to a homage to Lone Wolf and Cub?
I had to look that one up, but I would say "yes, probably*". The Western has always been a close cousin of the samurai story, and the central character's Bushido-like code is important.

But there is a lot of sand in the Mandalorian.

*Edit: yes, definitely, confirmed by Jon Favreau.


Huh! I've never seen those chocolate ones.
I've never seen those sherbet sour ones. I have, however, seen "Love Hearts" sold in suspiciously similar packaging, shape, and variety of colours. Perhaps the only difference between Love Hearts and those is that Love Hearts typically have a heart shape and pithy word or two embossed on them.


Can we at least all agree that the pure chocolate M&Ms are terrible and the only edible sort are the M&Ms with peanuts?
I'm going to have to ask you to stand next to the.... No, never mind the firing squad.... It's for the greater good.

Regular M&Ms are the sad lie provided to gullible children who have never experienced the joy of real candy.


You can't just drop NECCO wafers on people like that. Those are, in my estimation, much better than M&M's, but an acquired taste. You have to ease people into NECCO. Was sad when they closed down the NECCO plant in Revere (believe it is an Amazon delivery station now)

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