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D&D 4E Reply if you love 4e


After reading all the 5e threads and how 4e isn't Classic D&D, etc etc, I'm feeling rather pessimistic.

I want a good old fashioned cheerleading thread. Yeah, it's not constructive to have an overly gung-ho echo-chamber that overlooks faults. But sometimes you just need a pep rally to shoo away the rain clouds.

So post here if you really enjoy 4e, regardless of whatever issues you have.

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I lurvs me some 4e. It brought the joy of DMing back to my games. Not only do I love 4e, my kids do too, and that is by far the best benefit.

Don't let the naysayers bring you down. It's a great game and lots of fun to play.
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I love 4e, and love it even more after taking a sabbatical for some Pathfinder. Nothing against Pathfinder. I love the books and APs, and I do love creating Pathfinder characters. But I find it extremely frustrating to play.

But 4e is just so much more fun for me to actually play on either side of the screen. :)


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4e is my favorite edition of D&D, hands down. There's piles of PCs I'd love to have enough time to play, it's a dream to DM for, reskinning monsters means I can easily grab exactly the tool I need to terrorize my players in whatever way I fancy, and the players get enough toys to keep surprising me at every turn.

I love how streamlined the rules are at the table - we rarely look things up. I love building my PC one level at a time without needing to look 7 levels ahead.

I'm putting together a PBeM using Labyrinth Lord, but there's no other edition I'll play face to face.


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4e is a good game.

Sadly it is not D&D (IMHO, of course).

Mod Note: Well, then, you don't really need to be in this thread, do you? ~Umbran
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Sadly it is not D&D (IMHO, of course).
You could say that anywhere and you choose to do it in a thread about being positive? A thread I complained about people saying that very thing? Why would you threadcrap like that?

That's like asking for a compliment and the response being "Well you're a good cook but you're a horrible person."
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I've played every edition of D&D since 1979, and I enjoy 4e very much. I love being able to DM without having to keep 3 books open around me. I love how easy it is to reskin and retool monsters. I love not having one character be able to overwhelm every encounter by itself at high levels. I like other editions for other reasons, but I am very happy with 4e.

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