RG: The Hunt for the Blue Palace


the magical equivalent to the number zero
@JustinCase , you don't have any armor. However normal clothing articles and your yoke does not take encumbrance. Your yoke increases your carrying capacity by 4 but takes 2 hands to use.
Alright, so what do I write down? Armor 0, carrying capacity 16? And does the skill Fist Fighting do something to the numbers on the Unarmed attack chart?

I'm still trying to figure out the basics. :)

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Dusty Dragon
So a fighting skill (sword, fist etc) is added to your skill check when doing an attack. It's an opposed roll (skill + fighting skill (if any) + 2d6, vs the same for your foe). Whoever wins hits the other, rolls a d6 and consult the damage chart for his or her weapon. You have more chance of hitting with your fists, but your hook does more damage.

Encumbrance: Your lantern + oil, knife and hook take 1 encumbrance each. I don't think the rations do, and I'm pretty sure a few coins don't.


Dubi Gan

Skill: 6
Stamina: 14/14
Luck: 8/9

Background: Venturesome Academic
You spent the last few years in the academies of the Yellow City, in theory reading about magic, but in reality devouring travel journals and philosophical treaties. But you do know a spell, that's good enough right?

Money: 8 silver pieces and 50 rupees
• Reading Glasses in a sturdy case (you cannot read without them).
• Sword of your Father: You grew up in the yellow city, but your father is from the far reaches of Sugh and of a fiercer demeanor. Once he learned of your decision to search for the Blue Palace yourself, he declared that it was time, and gave you his sword (imagine a chef's knife with a 20 inch blade...)
• Shield bought at the market.
• Bundle of Candles and Matches.
• Writing materials.
• Journal.
Generic equipment: knife, rucksack, lantern and oil
6 provisions, lovingly prepared by your worried mother.

Advanced Skills
2 Evaluate
2 Astrology
1 Healing
1 Spell – Sleep
1 Sword Fighting
1 Sleight of Hand

You may Test your Luck to recall facts
that you might reasonably be expected to have encountered relating to the
natural sciences and humanities.

SLEEP: cost 2 stamina to cast, skill test (6+1) to cast successfully.
The wizard convinces a target to forgo wakefulness for a time, causing them
to sleep until woken unless they successfully Test their Luck. Remember:
fighting is loud.


Dusty Dragon
@wingilbear what gender is Frog Froth? Most are hermaphrodites, but you could have chosen differently... I can't remember if I asked before, so I thought this would be a good place to record the answer :)

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