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Rise of the Necromancer IC

Comforted that someone has taken a leadership role (that way he can't be blamed for failure), Kaleban dishevels his clothing (well, further dishevels them) and staggers off to speak to the guards as a drunken person.

"'Scuse me, gents, but izzis da way t'the Cow'n'Fiddle?" he slurs to the guards while pointing down the road in the opposite direction of Djahakar's sneaky route toward them.

When Djahakar is in place (or if the guards try to hurt him or otherwise cause trouble) he picks one of the two further from Djahakar and grumbles with red glowing eyes, "KNEEL!"

OOC: [roll0] and then later, the Command spell (dc13 Wisdom save or kneel.)

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The guards looked at each other with a tired expression, as Kaleban approached he could hear one of them talking under his breath, “Another drunk? This one is yours.”

The other guard walks up to Kaleban and puts his hand on his shoulder, “I think it is time that you head on your way friend.”

As he looked more closely at the man his hand tightened on his spear and was beginning to raise it when Kaleban told him to kneel, a command the guard obeyed.


The guard on the to the west stayed at his position (to your left as you are approaching) the guard on the east moved 15 feet south towards Kaleban and is kneeling before him.

The kneeling guard is surprised for the first round so will sit it out of combat. Initiative everyone.

I know Creamsteak has some family things this week so I will NPC if he is unable to post, as a general note I will keep his moves to cantrips and simple attacks unless needed.

West Guard: 1D20+1 = [17]+1 = 18

East Guard: 1D20+1 = [4]+1 = 5

Insight check: 1D20 = [16] = 16

Guard Wisdom ST: 1D20 = [3] = 3


Kaleban stops leaning on his staff (which he was using like it was a drunken walking stick) and spins it around into the face of the guard.

OOC: [roll0] and [roll1] with [roll2] for being "prone", dealing [roll3] bludgeoning damage (to subdue, not to kill)
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In an instant, the massive creature melts into the shadows and approaches the guards surreptitiously. From his hiding place, he raises his nose to the sky and smell the air, catching all the scents present here. Those guards are easy target, too bad we'll not get the chance to taste their blood. Grabbing his two handaxes, he juggles a bit to put them in a subdue position. As he watches Kaleban slowly approaching, he synchronizes his action and throws his axes with all his strength.

Initiative: 2D20.HIGH(1)+2 = [6, 14]+2 = 16
Stealth: 1D20+4 = [10]+4 = 14

My intent was to take the West guard (the one who stayed near the entry) by surprise with a Surprise Attack thanks to Kaleban diversion. But for that, he must be surprised (no shït). In your description, he is not. So I put the numbers here for the glory of it and let you decide what exactly happens.

Action: Throw handhaxe on West guard, subdue
To hit: Handaxe: 2D20.HIGH(1)+6 = [7, 3]+6 = 13
Damage: 1D6+6 = [4]+6 = 10

Surprise Attack: (if not knocked out)
2D6 = [6, 5] = 11

Bonus Action: Throw handhaxe on (if not knocked out) West guard (else) Est guard, subdue
To hit: Handaxe: 2D20.HIGH(1)+6 = [14, 7]+6 = 20
Damage: 1D6 = [6] = 6
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Kaleban swings his staff and lands a solid blow across the face of the guard bloodying his nose. Before the other guard could react he was blindside and knocked to the grown by Djahakar’s hand axe before the Gnoll turned and threw his second axe at the other guard knocking him out as well.

Fradak, the WG was alerted to Kaleban but your stealth beat his PP so the sneak attack damage would count. I forgot you were using the bugbear statistics for the Gnoll I was scratching my head on how a ranger would have a sneak attack.
So both guards are down but no one appears to be alerted to your presence, the gate is still locked however.

Kaleban obviously needs some help dragging the unconscious guard out of sight. (He tries, muttering to himself, "Put your backbone into it,
" while pulling an arm and getting nowhere.)


Djahakar moves toward Kaleban, sniggering.
He picks up his axe and slaps him in the back. "Hehe, do you even lift, Wacky?"

Then he heads to the crypt. There, he drags the guard out of sight, picks up the other axe and searches the guy for a key. If he doesn't find it, Djahk starts studying the gates, searching for a weak point where to insert his crowbar.
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Letting go of the handle of his greatsword as it seemed his assistance wasn't needed anymore.

That went smoother the i though. he said as he walked past Kaleban.

let's keep this pace up before others show up


Throwing the key ring to Kaleban, "Here, try the keys."

Djahakar puts everything else back in place, "Reign would not have taken the silvers..."

If the gates are open (crowbar if not), he enters the crypt and hides the equipment (spears, shields...) inside.

Then he drops some rope on the ground and start to tie/gag/blind the first guard. Looking to Lothoc, "Tie the other one, and make it tight."

Something attracts his attention outside the crypt. Djahakar raised an ear, looking trough the night then yelps briefly two times and waits. A few seconds later, a short but massive wolf-shaped dog comes out the bushes.

"Bones, stay here and get me if something moves out there. Good girl. "

The dog sits panting, happy to be useful. When everyone is ready, Djahk takes the guards on his shoulders.

"I keep those ones with me, in case they want to try something stupid. Now, close the gates. You never know who might sniff around here.

Ok, Scaly, you go first. We better move fast."
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After Lothoc binds and hands the other Guard to Djahakar, Don't drop him Fluffy. he says with a little smirk. He then proceeds inside the Crypt and lights a Torch ((Assuming its pitch black inside)).

He then takes a quick look around to see if he finds any triggers for Traps or Alarms.

OOC: Perception Roll: 7
I dont see Jack xD
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The crypt is dark and stale air greats your nostrils. There are several unlit torches attached to the walls every thirty feet or so. There are several doors that are unlocked by the keys, but the crypts are empty.

There was a door on each side around five feet in. You can see a bit further and the crypt head straight back with more doors every 10 feet.

Well as it is supposed to be a Heirloom i guess that it would reside quite a bit into the Crypt. Though i will agree, I don't like this lack of information. Everyone stay sharp

Lothoc then ventures deeper into the crypt

Halloween Horror For 5E