See Live Action D&D Cartoon Characters In This Car Commercial

A Brazilian commercial for a new Renault car has used some iconic imagery from the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series, depicting the characters of Hank the Ranger, Eric the Cavalier, Diana the Acrobat, Presto the Magician, Shiela the Thief, and Bobby the Barbarian with real actors. Scroll down for the actual commercial.








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The Originals



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Here's the translation until someone makes proper subtitles:

Sheila: Do it, Bobby!
Bobby: Arrrrgh!

(Cave crashes)

Bobby: Uniiii..?

(Venger comes flying)

Hank: It's Venger! Run!
Sheila: Do it, Eric!
Eric: Arrrrgh!

(Car stops near party)

DM: Time to return home, kids!
ALL: Let's go.

(Car pursued by Venger)

Venger: Fools! You'll never escape!
Hank: Go, go, go, go, go!

Eric: Presto, do something!
Venger: Noooooooo!

(Car goes through portal)

Narrator: Leave the impossible behind.

ALL: We're back!
Bobby: Wait... where's Uni?

Narrator: New Renault Kwid Outsider, the Compact SUV.
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During conversations about a future live action D&D movie or series I have always pooh-poohed the idea of a new version or continuation of the D&D cartoon. I really wanted to watch it when I was a kid, but for whatever reason, like us only having one TV channel on at a time between all of our TVs, I never saw it and I lost interest.

...Give me a live-action D&D cartoon series now, gods damn it.


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I.....think their add failed.

I don't want their car, I want to see a live action D&D cartoon movie produced by Renault.

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