Shadowrun.DnD5 'DNA/DOA'

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Delay until after Juno.
[sblock=If the vent grill is still clogged up with mutant afterwards, then]Aw, screw it!

NTensity raises his meaty fist right up to the vent ceiling - the max it can go -, but his muscles keep bunching and bunching as if he was *still* cranking up the power... and then slams down against the thin bottom, blue sparks dancing!

Actions: Casting Ram Mag3 vs the bottom of the vent please... Is there a chance for him to actually miss? Just rolling damage for now: Making an entrance: 8D6 = [1, 3, 5, 5, 5, 2, 1, 6] = 28 bypasses object resistance, ignores ballistic and 1/2 base hardness. Hopefully that's enough to open a hole in the aluminum big enough for the others to drop through if they want to?[/sblock][sblock=If they can exit through the grill instead]Let Davos pass,
then Athletics: Make like a worm: 1D20+5 = [15]+5 = 20 crawl and monkey his way down to the floor with grace :)[/sblock]

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Even with her enhanced reflexes and cybernetics, Juno felt a wave of panic and disgust break over her. Her breath caught in her respirator, and she immediately realized that if this thing hit her, the suit would be compromised. But who the drek thought they'd run into...into...whatever the fresh hell THIS was??

Fortunately, her training didn't fail her. As her mind grappled with keeping control, her body knew exactly what to do without being told. She braced a leg against the wall of the vent shaft and brought up her Ares Predator to a two-handed shooter's grip. A red dot appeared on the creature. Well, infra-red really, you'd have to have enhanced optics or trollsight to see it, but it was there.

Then came the sound. Not a thunderous echoing gunshot, but a thick PAP. Two in rapid succession, though not so quick as to be a 'double-tap.' She was just fast on the trigger.

(Two pistol attacks; not at disadvantage due to the 'light firearm' designation. Using Deadly Aim for -2 to hit, +4 damage, included in the roll.
Atk 1: [roll0] to hit, for [roll1]
Atk 2: [roll2] to hit, for [roll3]

Note - if the first attack kills it, she doesn't use the second bullet. :))


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NTensity’s cursed mutter turns into an incantation that blows a large hole in the thin metal of the vent allowing an excellent view of the floor below. At almost the same instant, Juno blows a hole in the head of the monstrosity before her. It pitches back violently and it falls with a solid thud on the floor below, brains and blood spilling outward. Davos easily made it back to find a large hole in the floor and can easily jump down if he wanted. Diggs and Fluffy both hold their fire as the creatures head quickly disappeared after the cyber-ops shot and Sovereign points his pistol down the hole the troll shaman had just made…

As the ringing in the teams ears starts fading more growls and roars can be heard down the hallway…

GM: Round 1
Mutants -20
NTensity -18
Juno -16
Davos - 8
Diggs - 3
Sovereign -3

[sblock=Rolls and Results]For NTensity, remember Armor Class is not just hitting something but also being able to dealing damage. I am fine with giving the troll advantage on the attack but the AC would normally be 12-15 I would think. Check here for striking objects. I’m am not going to worry about it this time but next you still need an Magical Attack Roll to hit, but inanimate objects might be at advantage. You still succeed. 28 is more than enough to smash though the thin metal. You can use you Athletics check to move down to the floor if you want to next round or you could try and Acrobatics check DC 10 to jump down to the floor as your move action. Failure deals 1d6 damage (hardness applies) and you fall prone.

Juno only needs the first shot to kill the mutant (HP 22 with 2 hardiness verses bullets)

Davos can jump down through the hole NTensity create and ‘Ready’ his action if he wants. He needs an Acrobatics DC 10 to jump to the floor without hurting himself (as part of his move) and to not be prone or he can spend his action to make an Athletics DC10 check to climb down to the floor.

Diggs and Fluffy can ‘Ready’ their actions also. Diggs can make an Athletics check (DC 10) to spend an action to get down to the floor. Fluffy is going to need help as ‘wheels’ don’t do climbing.

Sovereign is taking the ‘Ready’ action to shot anything hostile look the pops up in his line of sight, through the hole that NTensity made.[/sblock]
NTenity still has a move action left.
Juno still has a move action left.
Devos has his Action still and some movement left.
Diggs and Fluffy have their full round still

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
OOC: @jonathonhawke: The hole NTensity made is 15' closer to Davos' original position, hence the remaining move, I think.

"Welcome back," tuskily smiles the troll to Juno -- although all she can see is his eyes crinkling under the mask. "Thought we'd lost yo-" Then the weakened vent under him suddenly cants down with a jolt, slidding him right through the hole he just made! "Whoa, whoa whoooa, Aaw crap!"

Acrobatics Making an entrance too: 1D20 = [11] = 11

For all that NTensity seems none the worst for wear as he stands up after a landing roll, dusts dust off his duster as he pulls out a pistol-gripped, sawed-off Remington Roomsweeper from its fold, softly thumps Davos on the shoulder (if he's down here) and looks around.

And *then* his gaze falls on the mess the latina lady just made on their nice lobby floor...

"That -!" Back to whispering: "That is NOT a f***ing bargheest!"

(Eyes a bit whiter around the edges than they should be.)

OOC: Which corridor are the howls coming from, GK? And is there something on the south wall we couldn't see before from the vent?


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GM: Devos can make it to the hole in the vent with just movement so he still has his action. The howls are coming from the eastern hallway (around the corner).

EDIT you can only see the hallway from the floor. Those looking down through the hole in the vent system can see just below them and unless she sticks her head out through the vent opening Juno cant see the hallway either
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GM: NTensity is strong enough and tall enough that, as an action, he can get Fluffy down to the floor. Just waiting to see about Davos and Juno then...


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Juno works her way over to the hole and drops through as well, keeping her pistol in hand, just in case.

Acrobatics [roll0]

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