Shadowrun.DnD5 'DNA/DOA'

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Davos's slashed into the creatures hand, cutting it deeply but the creature simply howled and stab at Juno again. The second stab was too fast though and the adapt missed with the follow up...

GM: Normally I would say Ready is just one attack but I kind of want the Enhanced Actions (from Adapt powers, cybernetics and spells) to be slightly better/different. I will re-read that though and it might not work in the future.

So first attack hit deals 9-2 hardness, in slashing damage bring it down to 2 HP. Being insane and having a target it can hit it continues attack. On Davos's second attack he missed.


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Juno took another pair of shots at the bloodied mutant trying to hard to stab her to death and with her second round caught the creature in the face, blowing large chunks of it's brain and skull back into the room beyond as it fall flat onto the floor. She then jumped back off NTensity and out of range as the second one stabbed fruitlessly into the room but with no change of hitting anyone..

GM: [sblock=Results and Rolls]As Juno is not partially sticking out of the door, she can only she a small part of the mutant, so I am giving it 3/4 cover (+5 AC or 18) against her attacks. Not using deadly aim though and with Crafty Action she can take the Disengage as a Bonus action, so she can still fire twice; Ranged attack, damage if she hits: 1D20+8 = [6]+8 = 14
2D8+7 = [1, 3]+7 = 11
1D20+8 = [9]+8 = 17
2D8+7 = [4, 8]+7 = 19
, hmm she missed by one. I hate spending player's Karma Points when I NPC them but this kind of seems like a good idea. Her second shot only missed by 1 so no matter the roll she would hit and kill Mutant one.[/sblock]
Actions? Remember its 1/2 your Move to stand. Davos can use a Ready action to attack Mutant Two but only once (as that is all its doing, one "stab") but again at Disadvantage (no Cover bonus though so still AC 13)

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Flipping over and looking up, the troll swipes one of his huge arms upwards, trying to grab the thing by its stabbing wrist and yank it to a stabby, bullet-riddled death...

[sblock=Gtapple 1]Grapple vs Mutant (using Ntensity's 5' Reach) : [/COLOR]Tug of war: 1D20+5 = [5]+5 = 10; 1D20+3 = [15]+3 = 18[/sblock]... but meets only air.

"F***. Bessy! Revenge against those that ate you!"

And suddenly, yellow police tape erupt from NTensity's outstretched hand and snap around the mutant's forearm, pulling down on it with all the weight of a grinning troll, the rest of its body slamming against the far side of the door.

"Kill it now?" Ntensity 'suggests' from the floor.

[sblock=Graplle 2]Counting that as Help Another(?)

Tug of war 2: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18 +1 Karma vs the mutant's 18 = Success. (phew: Those guys are way too lucky on their rolls!)

Anyways, I'm suggesting that here the Grappled condition eliminates both the disad on Davos' attacks against it AND the need to use a readied action to attack it? Fluffy and Sovereign might even be able to get a shot in?[/sblock]


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The mutant's arm, somewhat grabbed by NTensity allowed Davos to slash at it twice. The first missed as the adept did not want to cut the troll's arm off either but his follow up attack hit and drew blood. The creature beyond the door howled with insane rage and struggled against the shaman's grapple...

GM: I am fine with saying that grappled, the mutant does not impose Disadvantage BUT it does have cover. Normally I would give 3/4 with just the arm and NTensity in the way but as it is also somewhat held, its going to be only 1/2 (or +2 AC, for 15). Davos can attack it twice so first missed, second hit. Damage 10-2 is 8 HP (bring it down to 32).
Then Escape from grapple check: 1D20+3 = [12]+3 = 15
NTensity needs to make an Strength (Athletics) check, he can use his spirit to give him advantage, and get at least a 15 or the mutant escapes his grab. Next round if the grapple is still in place same thing. NOTE though that not only does the mutant have a 15 AC but ranged attacks are at Disadvantage.


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NTensity holds onto the mutant's flailing arm just barely, as the creature howls in rage!

GM: OK Davos can attack twice, no disadvantage vs. AC 15. Other can make ranged attacks at Disadvantage (without Precise Shot feat) vs. AC 15 also.


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Cursing under her breath, Juno came in hot, drawing her combat knife as she went. Her augmented reflexes let her move in a blur, delivering a stab, followed up by a knee strike that could break a normal man's arm, then a downward swinging slash and a final kick that thrust her back away from the mutated troll again!

(To avoid disad, coming into melee. Moving 15' gives advantage on attacks. Two knife attacks, with an extra Unarmed attack on each. After rolls, I believe that's 4 hits for a total of 32 damage. Juno then Crafty Actions to disengage and finishes movement back 15')

Knife Attack: 23 [1d20=17] or 15 [1d20=9] for 5 [1d6=1]
Unarmed Attack: 21 [1d20=15] or 18 [1d20=12] for 9 [1d6=5]
Knife Attack: 25 [1d20=19] or 16 [1d20=10] for 9 [1d6=5]
Unarmed Attack: 14 [1d20=8] or 22 [1d20=16] for 9 [1d6=5]

[sblock=Orokos roll]Martial Arts Attack Sequence vs Troll: 4#1d20+6 23 21 25 14 4#1d20+6 15 18 16 22 4#1d6+4 5...

Note - there is a die roll before this on Orokos where I didn't enter the correct codes, and it only rolled one set of d20's 4 times. Rather than try to fix it by manually rerolling a bunch of dice, I just figured I'd roll the whole sequence again with the right codes.[/sblock]

[sblock=Oops, forum die roller can't take what Juno can dish out]Knife 1 [roll0] or [roll1] for [roll2]
Unarmed 1 [roll3] or [roll4] for [roll5]
Knife 2 [roll6] or [roll7] for [roll8]
Unarmed 2 [roll9] or [roll10] for [roll11] )[/sblock]
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Davos slashed the mutant once but barely missed his follow up (and coming close to NTensity's arm!) and then Juno fast drew her dagger and stepped up to stab the creature twice and solid karate bone-breaking chops prove to be too much for the monster and its howl of rage turns towards pain and its body goes slack!

GM: I think that I have written up the Wire Reflexes and other extra action too only be a single attack, I am not sure if the Martial Arts follow up attack would be allowed even though its a free BUT maybe. I'm going to allow it but we might need to think about it going forward
Davos dealt 12HP and missed
Juno dealt 3, 7, 7 and 7 damage and thats enough to kill it



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GM: Should probably be in OOC but for Davos's attacks remember he is using Two Weapon Fighting. This allows him to make a second Attack with a Bonus Action. Then with his Enhanced Reflexes he gets to make a 'Weapon Attack' for free so he should be able to make 3 attacks a round.
For Juno she is using Martial Arts Expert that allows her to make an Unarmed attack for free whenever she makes a Melee Weapon Attack. With her Wired Reflexes she just to make a second 'Weapon Attack' in the round. I am iffy if the free Weapon Attack should include the free extra Unarmed attack is all.

When the mutant's movements finally stilled, NTensity was able to realease the body and if slumped back onto the floor in the other room. Sovereign pilled up "Well that was exciting. What now? Want me to re-open the MagLock?"

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3 rings to bind them all!
"F***ing arctic," agrees 'their' troll, rising from the floor with a thumbs up (there are actually two pairs of near-perfect footprints decorating his overly-wide back now)... "Thanks, G.B.S., I'll burn some cleaning fluid 'nyour honor." And: "You a'right?" That last directed towards Juno and her wounds.

Only teeny, tiny thing that hadn't gone quite to plan...

OOC: I think Diggs has a drone repair kit in his gear; could he use a torch or pry bar from that to help unstick the door once its un-maglocked?

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