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Shadowrun.DnD5 'DNA/DOA'


First Post
NTensity is the first to leap out and land surprising light on his feet on the floor below followed quickly by Juno, Davos and Diggs. As the team starts taking up position around the lobby three more of the mutant looking things round the corner roaring in rage or madness. Spotting the team they throw themselves at the heroes!!! The troll, the adapt and cyber-op all find themselves fending off the mandible biting of the creatures. These creatures are covered in gore and filth and their stench can be smelled even through gas masks. And while they are quite violent in the extreme, their attacks are clumsy the three runners are able to hold them at bay...

GM: Round 1
Mutants -20
NTensity -18
Juno -16
Davos - 8
Diggs - 3
Sovereign -3
[sblock=Rolls and Results]The mutant things rush at NTensity, Juno and Davos (in that order)
Bite attack, damage if it hits then toxic (poison) follow up: 1D20+3 = [2]+3 = 5
2D6+2 +1D6 = [5, 4]+2+[2] = 13
1D20+3 = [12]+3 = 15
2D6+2 +1D6 = [2, 5]+2+[5] = 14
1D20+3 = [11]+3 = 14
2D6+2 +1D6 = [3, 1]+2+[1] = 7
, ALL missing ;)

Everyone needs a new Constitution save DC 10 or gain the poisoned condition. If you are wearing Gas Masks you have +4 to this roll AND advantage on your check. [/sblock]
TEAM's actions? Remember that you are at disadvantage to fire a ranged weapon if your target is in melee combat with an ally.

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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"That is NOT a f***ing bargheest!"
"And neither are those!"

NTEnsity has barely time enough to raise his shotgun *halfway* before he's got a faceful of rage-beast to contend with. Too close!

"F**k!" A forwards kick into the mutant's squishy chest - thank you f***ing combat boots! - allows him enough space to back away AND lift his shotgun all the way this time!

Action: Disengage and back away, opening the way for Diggs and/or Fluffy to fire at the thing un-hindered.
NTensity will use Parry as a Reaction if attacked next round.

Behind the mask: 2D20.HIGH(1)+6 = [14, 6]+6 = 20

Davos slides his swords from their scabbards with a "shing".
[roll0] Action
[roll2] Bonus Action
[roll4] Extra Action

If he drops his target, he will move to the next.


First Post
GM: If NTEnsity moves back and somewhat under the hole in the vent above him, Diggs, Fluffy and Sovereign will all be free to attack the mutant at no penalty.

For Davos, Filter plugs add +4 to your Con save verse inhaled toxins, not that you needed the bonus. On Davos's 3rd attack will kill the mutant he is facing (Hardness 1 vs. his attacks; 12, 6 and 11 damage =29 total)


First Post
It's not as bad this time. She's expecting it. The creatures come seething out of the darkness, but she keeps her cool and squeezes off more shots with her silenced Predator. Or rather one shot, one kill. Another head exploded.

The Ares pistol didn't have the raw dakka that automatic weapons did, but with Juno's aim, the devastating effect of that large-caliber bullet was abundantly clear.

Constitution save vs DC 10 (w/mask): [roll0] or [roll1]

[roll2] atk for [roll3] dmg and [roll4] atk for [roll5] dmg if the first shot doesn't put it down. Firing on the one attacking Juno, so no disad, I believe.

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