D&D Movie/TV Should the D&D Movie Been Serious or Not Called D&D?

The goal was to promote the brand, and here the movie has worked. No so good as we wanted, but if the next productions are right, the cinematographic universe can see a great future.

Good stories are possible in the D&D worlds, and these haven't to be only for mature audiences, even Ravenloft and Dark Sun can work with a +13y rating. D&D needs a new generation of players, and then family-friendly space is necessary. If players wanted "mature content", there are titles as "World of Darkness".

Not all the movies of Star Wars need this in the title, but the first movie had to be "Star Wars".

* I feel a lot of curiosity about a novel set in Cerilia/Birthright, not a style too close to "Westeror/Song of Ice & Fire" but "A court of Thorns and Roses" or "Throne of Glass". What about a retelling of "the Iron Throne"? It could be adapted for Paramount+.


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