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D&D 4E Since the announcement of D&D Next, are you still buying 4E product?

Are you still buying 4E product?

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Tempted to buy the Undermountain Adventure when it comes out; however not much looks worthwhile.

Ironically an Undermountain adventure closed out my 3.5 collection as well in 2007.


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First Post
You don't have an answer suitable for me:

"Yes, I am still buying roughly the same proportion of 4e stuff as before the announcement."

I don't buy everything; I buy what I like. (I'll pick up Heroes of the Elemental Chaos first chance I get, for example.)
I agree.

For me, living in a country that is technically on a lower standard of living, I've been generally very picky about what 4e books I bought just CAUSE a $20 to $30 book is a really large purchase that counts as a week worth of groceries for me.

"I'll continue to buy everything" and "I'll be more picky" suggest a false binary distinction between 'sustaining a habit' and 'being choosy' in which the former has a purchasing pattern of 'catch em all' and the latter exists only as a response (to economic changes and/or the imminent edition).

At worse, it implies that the 'default' condition for personal investment in the edition is the total product line purchase.

That being said, I'll continue to buy 4e products when I see what I like. Which by the way, is almost always in clearance stores carrying excess inventory from American book chains. I'm not just being cheap, but most FLGSs here don't even carry anything other than miniature games and CCGs anyway.


David Jose
So this is kinda interesting. Of the four game stores I most commonly frequent, the two closest to the universities have actually marked an increase in 4e sales since the announcement. They both bought short expecting a drop in sales, but have been stuck having to do a bunch of special orders to meet the slightly better than average demand.


First Post
It looks like they're bringing back all the suck to D&D5. They aren't just doing this on the players side, but for DMs too, so the more I hear about it, the less interested I get.

This is why it's imperative we sustain our edition of choice via blogs, forums, and grassroots projects.

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